Waltzing Cheek to Cheek

Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay
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Waltzing Cheek to Cheek

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay (12.00)

Imagine combining one of the strongest card effects possible--fusing two cards together--with another one of the strongest effects of all time, Al Leech's Cheek to Cheek. Now imagine you could do both WITHOUT a table. Finally, imagine that the trick instantly resets itself for repeat performances.

"Without doubt the strongest, most practical version of the fusion plot I've ever seen. I recommend Josh's "Waltzing Cheek to Cheek" to every magician I meet, and I never do a show without it in my back pocket."
—Joel Givens, from the hit book, Session

"A practical, magical approach to a very powerful trick. There's a lot of deceptive magic in one tight routine."
—Tony Chang, creator of Change

"I get GASPS with this trick, and it is the one people WALK AWAY talking about when I perform. It leaves them with a souvenir and a memory they will cherish. What more could you ask for in a magic trick?"
—Andi Gladwin, Vanishing Inc. cofounder

Joshua Jay writes, "I developed 'Waltzing Cheek to Cheek' years ago because I loved Chris Carter's Anniversary Waltz (wherein two signed cards fuse together). My problem was always that it required a double-faced card and a double-backed card be ADDED to the deck, and this was difficult to manage for a closing piece. I also wanted a version that did not require a table. I was able to solve all those problems with 'Waltzing Cheek to Cheek.'"

NOTE: Cheek to Cheek requires a special deck. You probably already have it but if not, it is available inexpensively.

Running time: 15 minutes, 41 seconds.


Customer reviews for Waltzing Cheek to Cheek



I've performed cheek to cheek for years. This is the perfect ?? date night, Valentines, couples trick.
With this effect, you are now ready to help a guy to get engaged. ??
Have you ordered yours yet? What are you waiting for? ?? Stop whatever you're doing and buy this trick. I promise that you will thank me later!



Waltzing cheek to cheek is a great way to perform anniversary wall. The plot is the same as the other variations, but. I believe this is the easy and cleanest to perform. there is not difficult moves to perform, the cards used help you to perform this routine smooth and gives you confidence to concentrate more in your presentation. Joshus is a fantastic Magician and instructor of Magic.the plot is very magical and creates a wonderful magical moment in the spectators hands, does not require a table. The routine is very well choreographed .the video explanation of the routine covers all aspects of the routine...if you get this download you will get access to one of the best routines performed with a deck of cards...get it



An amazing and fun routine. Audience love it





Simply Fantastic Josh!!!
I’ve always loved Doc Eason’s “Anniversary Waltz” but …
Think I’ve just found my new walk-round closer ??????



This is a great trick, a great method too, all you need is half a normall deck, and half double facer cards, plus one seperate double backer, this will make sence once you watch the tutorial on how you use the extra single double backer, how to do the deck set up is, shuffle mixing the double facers into the double backers, now check the deck orientation, one side is now face up, face down, other side all cards are face up, now your set to go, and only once in a while you will need to re set the deck. This is so cool to do, the other anniversary waltz versions are also great to do, this version is equally as good but with a different handaling, and is a lot easier to do, plus before the final reveall, you show the spectator that all the cards are all looking face up.
This is a brilliant routine.



Joshua’s explanation and attention to detail is excellent! However, I believe if there were a checklist/bullet point list of events for this effect, it would help students to better follow and practice the effect. This is such a beautiful and intellectual effect that to perform it poorly is an absolute injustice to its performance potential. Thank you for sharing this high miracle caliber effect!



The Waltzing Cheek to Cheek routine is the best table hopping routines out there. A subtle twist on another classic dual signed card routine ... Thanks !



Wow! There are a number of staple effects in my repertoire right now that I feel naked if I am not prepared to perform them; Charming Chinese Challenge, Clipped (paper), Chicago Surprise, a few others in that league. I have to say I am getting incredible responses from WC2C, and it is just as doable and repeatable/resetting automatically as the ad copy says. Wonderful, and such a value! If you don't mind being really entertaining, you might consider getting this!

VI Monthly


Money well spent. A lot of magic for a set up deck and convenience for walk around situations. Although I love the original Anniversary Waltz, this is simpler and safer to perform. A+.



This is a great trick! This has definitely earned its way into my pocket for walk around magic. Thanks for making this trick available via your website!



Waltizing Cheek to Cheek has everything Im looking for in a card trick it's easy to perform the magic happens in the sepectators hands and they get to keep the playing card. Thank You Josh for making this download available
Erick Olson



Excellent !
The most convincing triumph routine packed with a fusion finish.
Strong effect, and most important : instant reset !
One of the very rare downloadable magic effects i actually perform.
Thanks Jay !



Excellent combination of effects. I open my card set with a "Drunken" Triumph and do a classic version of Anniversary Waltz when appropriate. This will fit in perfectly whenever I perform for a couple. Well done.


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  • hank asks: Regarding waltz cheek to cheek, do you sell a double face deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We do! https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/magic-accessories/double-faced-bicycle-deck/
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