Whack Your Pack

Magic download (video) by Paul Harris
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Whack Your Pack

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Magic download (video) by Paul Harris ($3.50)

Don't let the laid back presentational ways of The Master of Astonishment, Paul Harris, fool you.  Whack Your Pack is a phenomenal routine with great dramatic tension built right in.  It is also a great framework on which to build so many different themes such as, gamblers, martial artists, gun fighters from the Wild West, hypnosis, and many more.  The energy level can be played up high, or just as casual and laid back as you see Paul doing it.  We highly recommend this download for the flexibility in presentation which it allows.

Paul Harris' Whack Your Pack is probably in the repertoire of almost every professional magician. If it isn't, it definitely will be after they've checked out this download!

Whack Your Pack (aka Reflex) is one of Paul Harris' best card tricks. It's pitched as a game between the participant and the magician and just when the participant thinks they've won, the magician changes the rules on them in a completely impossible way.

Running time: 1 minute, 56 seconds.


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Easy impromptu routine, any deck, shuffled deck, no gimmicks. This is very easy to learn and a real winner.

Whack Your Pack by Paul Harris