You Do It (Download Bundle)

Magic download (video) by Creative Artists and Nguyen Ngoc Tu
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You Do It (Download Bundle)

36.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Creative Artists and Nguyen Ngoc Tu (36.00)

SPECIAL OFFER: When you buy "You Do It", you will also get two other brand new downloads from Tu, for free.

"You Do It" is an effect by our very own Tu. If you have ever contacted our customer service department, the likelihood is that Tu has got back to you. He is a hardworking, and highly skilled magician who lives in Vietnam.

With any deck of cards (it can be borrowed if you wish), you have a card selected. There is no force. You then have the spectator mix the card back into the deck. Magicians, prepared to be fooled by how fair this procedure is!

You request that the spectator cuts off any amount of cards from the deck. This amount, you explain, will tell you exactly where their selection is.

They cut off 15 cards, for example. You count down to the fifteenth card in the packet on the table and find their card!

There are two principles taught in this download that you will be able to apply to many effects. If you enjoy fooling magicians, this effect is a must have.

What is most striking about his magic is how distinctive it is. It feels raw and unvarnished. Don't let that lull you into a false sense of security. We are always inspired by how Vietnamese magicians take old, outdated methods and bring them into the 21st century.

You will also get these two downloads, for free: Scollectro - A visual collectors routine which begins with a transposition with a single selection. The Queens end up finding the matching four-of-a-kind.

Back 'N Forth - The Kings and Aces keep switching places. Just when you think this effect is over, it will take you by surprise.

Includes video download and instructional PDF. Video is over-dubbed in English (native speaker). Running time: 10 minutes

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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  • Peter asks: Do you need to be able to do a farrow shuffle for this trick

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: You will need to do a faro shuffle for this trick. In fact, there is a version that you don't need to to the faro shuffle but faro is better I think
    • 2. SGKYDUYEN answers: I'm Tu, and I confirm this trick will work everytime. When the customer count the cards, you don't need to cut exactly in the middle and the faro does not need to be perfect. You can film a video of your performance and email to I'm happy to look into it for you.
    • 3. Ayoub answers: This is the worst effect I bought on this page, I threw 30 dollars in the trash, this game is that you should know how to make a farro mixture. But the problem here is that when the viewer is counting the cards, you should cut the cards you have exactly in the middle, if you have more than one card left over from a group, because the trick fails. and if you are missing a letter from a group. The trick fails the same. you cannot cut in half exactly, you will always have a letter left over and or you are missing one. which at the time of making the farro mixture, will never work out for you. I have tried a new deck and it does not work, it is very risky, apart it costs 30 dollars, I do not recommend it to anyone, do not throw your money in the trash, it is not worth it. I have looked for a thousand ways to do it differently and it doesn't mix farro and it doesn't work.
    • 4. jose answers: I agree with Hectoe, it depends on the number that the spectator takes you'll have to do a faro-in or out to the trick works. Also the trick doesnt well explained. It's my impression. Thanks
    • 5. SGKYDUYEN answers: Hi Jose. Does the trick work for you? Hectoe said the trick won't work for him. If you have any problem, please email we will be happy to help.
    • 6. SGKYDUYEN answers: after a few days and we haven't heard back from you. I really want to help you so I check the wholes purchase list and I can't find any "you do it" order under your name. I assume that you may order under a different name so please email to We are always happy to help.
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  • John asks: Where do we find an explanation for the advanced version?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: In your account area.
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