Three Blank Monte

Magic download (video) by Jon Armstrong
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Three Blank Monte

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Magic download (video) by Jon Armstrong (11.96 - normally $14.95)

A true gem directly from Jon Armstrong's working close-up magic set. "Three Blank Monte" offers an intriguing and entertaining new approach to the iconic "Three Card Monte" street scam and card trick.

Instead of using Aces and Queens, "Three Blank Monte" creates a much stronger personal connection by using a signed blank playing card as the money card. It also solves one of the biggest problems with the "Three Card Monte." Instead of simply ending on an underwhelming "you win" moment, "Three Blank Monte" surprises them with a shocking Card to Wallet they'll never see coming. They will be smiling from ear to ear and get a special souvenir to remember their experience.

See a full performance of "Three Blank Monte" in the trailer above.

This magic download is a wealth of information. Even if you've never performed this type of effect, you can still perform "Three Blank Monte." It offers the basics of how to do the "Three Card Monte" while also diving into all the specifics of this exciting multi-phase routine. You'll be able to feel the excitement in the air as you methodically increase the impossibility of each phase and progress toward the kicker ending.

You can download "Three Blank Monte" right now and start learning right away, or save a ton of money by grabbing it as part of the complete "Jon Armstrong Close Up Card Magic Download Bundle".


Customer reviews for Three Blank Monte

VI Monthly


That is a great routine. Not only a great version of Three Card Monte, but also a routine where the card to wallet makes total sense. The moment I saw it I felt it would be something I would like to perform. Jon explains everything in detail, even the reason why it makes perfect sense to use blank cards for this routine.

VI Monthly


I am a huge fan of Jon Armstrong. This is for a variety of reasons: one, his explanations are full of small but important things that one gains only from lots of experience; two, his effects are not pipe dreams, they are things that Jon has done thousands of times; three, he is a genuinely nice guy. I once was having a problem with a move he had taught in a lecture. I wrote him about it and he called me to help me work through it! Would Criss Angel to that?

As to this effect, it is fantastic. Monte routines can be tricky, particularly when the magician is always the winner. Jon has thought this through carefully and deals with it both in the performance and the explanation.

One of the problems with some Monte routines is that if a Bicycle deck is in play, the cards cannot come from that deck (because of the border). It is always a small issue as to why the cards need to be changed for this trick. Jon solves this in a magnificent way. These are not just cards from another deck, they are not “playing cards” at all.

As to the routine, there are things that can be done with the double blanks that make the trick look like real magic. Even if you never do this routine, the instruction is still worth it.

VI Monthly


Excellent routine and instruction. Highly recommended.



Absolutely brilliant! I was looking for something to perform that isn’t cards or coins so thought I’d give this a try, even better than I was expecting! The teaching is excellent, a lot of valuable subtleties taught as well. Highly recommend!



Amazing. I'll be adding this to my set immediately. I've used the Stand Up Monte, Color Monte, Ultimate 3 Card Monte, and studied the Monte con itself, but this one combines both the Monte and the magical elements. Presenting the Monte as a magical effect is challenging because the Monte premise is based on a con. The moves of the operator aren't as important as the operation itself. When the Monte is presented as a magic trick, the trick is to make each flip (or guess) as easy to follow but still leading to the transposition of the Monte card. No actual Monte operator would perform how magicians demonstrate the Monte. In an actual Monte, the cards are tossed the same time every time (or that's what it looks like). The double blank cards are a brilliant idea because it leads to multiple presentations, ease of handling, and makes it look more original and impressive. Instead of using blank cards, I use billets. Oh, BTW a CTW prop is used for this routine but it's not absolutely needed for a finish (watch the trailer).

I will be using this in conjunction with Micheal Skinner's Ultimate 3 Card Monte in my own unique opener. The U3 Monte is a classic and straightforward magic presentation and this blank monte includes more elements of how an actual monte game would look like (except with blank cards). Overall, one of the cleanest, most direct, and original Monte ideals I've seen in a long time. Also with some great subtle tips. A well deserved 5 out of 5.



Amazing, kept repeating till I finally got it. Well taught.



A very well-explained tutorial for a great spin on the street hustle classic. A great multi-phase routine with strong kicker. I'm excited to incorporate it into other billet / blank routines. One note, however, you will need to c-to-wallet to present the trick as shown in the performance.




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  • Jason asks: This trick requires sleight of hand?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, it does. Well worth learning, in my opinion.
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  • Robert J asks: You say this trick involves sleight of hand. How difficult would it be? Intermedite? Higher?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Intermediate and up.
  • Kevin asks: Hi, this effect looks awesome. Can you utilize a regular wallet?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does require a card to wallet but if you are able to load a normal wallet, go for it!
  • Steven asks: Can you use single sided blank cards? Bicycle on the back, blank on front? Or do they need to be double blank?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These work with double blank cards only
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