Accumulator Deck

Trick by David Penn
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Accumulator Deck

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Trick by David Penn (36.00)

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Accumulator Deck - magic
Accumulator Deck Accumulator Deck Accumulator Deck Accumulator Deck Accumulator Deck Accumulator Deck

Cut to a thought-of card and then find another thought-of card at a freely-named number with this groundbreaking effect.

When Wayne Fox and David Penn first introduced the "52-1 Deck", it was a huge hit. Many professional magicians around the world adding it to their working repertoire, including Dynamo. "The Accumulator Deck" takes this original idea to new heights.

"David has created not only an incredible piece of magic but also a utility that is genuinely going into my shows. It's brilliant on every level." Marc Spelmann

Now, you're not only able to cut to the spectator's thought-of card, but can even have a second person's thought-of card appear at a freely-named number between 1 and 52.

What Happens

You spread the cards and show they're all different. A participant is invited to remember a red card, and another participant remembers a black card. Someone then names a number between 1 and 52.

Without the first person even telling you what card they chose, you're able to cut to it. You then count down to the named number to find the second card. A true card magic miracle.

How Is "Accumulator Deck" Different than "52-1"

The design is completely different allowing you to turn over any card and show it at the number that is named. You also are still able to perform the original "52-1" effect if you'd like.

"Accumulator Deck" is printed on high-quality Bicycle Playing Cards stock.


Customer reviews for Accumulator Deck

VI Monthly


If you liked the 52-to-1 deck — and you probably did — you are going to love the Accumulator Deck. The tweak that allows for the additional ACAAN effect is of a subtle, why-didn't-I-think-of-that nature with a real impact. Yes, I do think the Accumulator Deck is actually an improvement on its 52-to-1 cousin. Of course, with the expanded effect, increased effort and a steeper learning curve are involved, so there's that. But I think it's worth it.The 52-to-1 deck came with the WORST instructional video I've ever seen. The explanation with all the added badinage takes over an hour to cover an effect the essentials of which could be conveyed on a single double-spaced page. That video is downloadable, although I would hope you wouldn't have to watch it more than once. As Walter's review, posted here before mine, points out, this video is NOT downloadable — a LONG TIME pet peeve of mine. At least this time David Penn reins in his verbosity, although the video itself contains several text corrections to the spoken monologue, which adds unnecessary confusion to an already fairly complex explanation. And again, there is NOTHING in the verbal explanation that could not have been better conveyed with the printed word and a couple of illustrations. And so, like Walter I'm docking The Accumulator Deck one star for the sub-par video and the fact of its non-downloadability. The trick itself is GREAT!



Very good implementation of an existing clever idea (52-to-1), which enhances that illusion by adding ACAAN element to the overall trick. Potentially VERY powerful illusion with stunning reaction (see the trailer). The instructions are good, but not as good as many that have been produced by the Vanishing Inc team, for example. Minus one star for the fact that these video instructions are available ONLY on a Vimeo link, and cannot be downloaded. If Vanishing Inc could get permission from David Penn to have a downloadable copy made available in VI account for those who purchase from VI... that would be a benefit.
Note on the difficulty of the trick: It seems like simple card handling, but be aware that the method does require some audience manipulation that is not dissimilar to certain mentalism techniques. You'll need to prep the audience with some purposeful banter that seems natural, then ask a couple of leading questions and accurately gauge nonspecific answers.


Community questions about Accumulator Deck

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  • Tyson asks: Is the deck able to be examined or shuffled?

    • 1. Jack answers: Presuming this has a Similar method to the 52-1 deck, the deck can’t be examined or shuffled. But the routine itself has is structured in a way that no one wants to examine the deck. I’ve done the 52-1 deck for over a year, and no one has asked me to examine the deck. If you want it to be examined, you can switch the deck for a regular.
    • 2. Guy answers: Giobbi teaches deck switches! With all the gimmicked decks available, a deck switch is more important than the gimmicked deck!
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  • Mark asks: How easy...or difficult this trick to perform? How reliable is it? I.e., can you confidently arrive at the thought of card 100% of the time?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's very easy to do but you'll have to put some work into the deck to my it reliable every time.
  • Don asks: Does the Accumulator Deck allow for spreading the cards wide, without the spec. picking up anything odd about the spread, like repeating groups of cards etc.? As always, thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, you can freely show the cards.
  • Ken asks: I cannot find the Vimeo video that is listed to learn this trick. Any ideas??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please email our Support Wizards and they'll help you out.
  • Eric asks: Does the deck come red

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Deck comes in Red
  • Eric asks: Last question I own the 52 to1 deck if I purchase this right now will I be more happy with this one ..honest opinion

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Both are very similar so if you're happy with 52 to 1 deck, you will also be happy with Accumulator Deck.
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