Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions 1 - 4

By Alex Elmsley
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Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions 1 - 4

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By Alex Elmsley

All 4 DVDs or downloads for DVD $120.00 or download for $99.95 (SAVE $39.85) | Also available individually

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The problem with magic “legends” is that, so many times, they don’t live up to the hype. Ours is the first generation of so-called video magicians, and we live in a world where we have access to lots of footage of all our favorites. But going back thirty years, legends were made of hearsay and session stories. And many of the greats were never recorded in their prime. We’re so, so, so happy that, in 1998, Louis Falanga captured Alex Elmsley on tape. Elmsley IS worthy of the hype, and then some. He is clearly not in his prime, yet the magic he performs looks FLAWLESS, and he exudes the energy and wisdom of the legend he clearly was. These four DVDs are essential viewing for the close-up student, and anyone unfamiliar with the genius of Alex Elmsley stands to be fooled badly by his principles.

The sheer wealth of extraordinary card tricks on these four DVDs makes it a great value. On all four volumes you will see tricks that were groundbreaking in their own time and continue to spawn variations today: “Between Your Palms,” “Diamond Cut Diamond,” “Dazzle,” and a dissertation on all the early Elmsley count material.

Does Elmsley still have chops? Hell yes. Just watch his insanely clean (and difficult) rear-palm card to wallet, or his fan steal. He was such a gifted technician and creator. And although he isn’t a strong force of personality, his charm and wit come through well.

Watch for his Cups and Balls. Whether or not you use his method, you’ll love the ingenuity that went into his bizarre final load, in which he pours TONS of loose salt from all the cups. Also watch for “Dazzle,” an early and maybe the BEST PACKET TRICK OF ALL TIME. And for the best two-deck effect ever invented, look no further than “The Red and the Blue.”

The big marketing push for this set passed us by more than a decade ago, but Vanishing Inc isn’t about selling the newest stuff. It’s about equipping you with t

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Also available individually as hard copy or downloads:

Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions #1


Four Card Trick, New Four Card Trick, Interview - Early Days, Twisters Flush, One Poor Lion, Separating the Men from the Boys, Interview - The Professor, Power Poker, Spectator Aces, Economy Class Departure, Interview - Vernon and the Ghost Count and Dazzle

Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions #2
Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions #3
Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions #4

Customer reviews for Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions 1 - 4



I got the 4 disc set. To me it is a great bargain. I believe, that no matter what your skill level is. you can learn things here. A true master, A joy to watch more than once. What a classy guy. Well worth the price.



I bought the DVDs from L&L and they are great. And, contrary to what some people seem to believe, you really get to see all four of them! :-)


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