Anniversary Waltz

Trick by Garrett Thomas and Doc Eason
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Anniversary Waltz

19.95 usd

Trick by Garrett Thomas and Doc Eason (19.95)

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Anniversary Waltz - magic
Anniversary Waltz Anniversary Waltz Anniversary Waltz Anniversary Waltz Anniversary Waltz Anniversary Waltz

Doc Eason calls Anniversary Waltz "the strongest card trick known to man." This modern day classic has an emotional connection. The effect it creates is so powerful that women have been known to cry after seeing it. Now, Doc and Garrett Thomas team up to bring you all of the touches on the classic that every magician should have in their working repertoire. 

But, what's most important to a great performance of Anniversary Waltz is the cards; the correct cards. Cards designed specifically for this effect have never been available. Well, they are now! Doc and Garrett's new Anniversary Waltz deck includes: Ace of Hearts / Two of Hearts; King of Hearts / Queen of Hearts; plus plenty of contrasting cards with abundant signature room, so you can perform the effect for non-special occasions.

Doc Eason's reputation needs no adding to. Neither does Garrett Thomas' but suffice it to say that both of these gentlemen are absolute masters of bar and restaurant environments. To watch them perform if like slicing butter. It looks effortless. The audience are left knocked for six and the memories which they keep stay with them forever.


  • Special cards, chosen to maximise the impact of Anniversary Waltz
  • Online, downloadable instructions

Customer reviews for Anniversary Waltz






Garrett's performance is quite nice here. I really enjoy the ability to perform this fairly quickly and in your own hands. Then with the formalities complete you can let the moment before the discovery really breathe - cementing that moment, where the cards are in their hands, as the thing they will remember when they think of the 'how'.



I’m so happy I bought this… I’ve done anniversary waltz for years, but the different cards that come in this set just make perfect sense. I am loving how much harder the effect hits with such a simple change.



This is a really really good trick I use it exclusively in my close up walk around but I perform at a lot of weddings and this is perfect one of my little tips for this 1 is doing the trick and right and write when you're done pulling out a little frame is little frame and having both the front and the back is in the back so you can display it on both sides you can pick these up at Hobby Lobby So that's like a little tip but yeah you should get this trick a Doc and Garrett they know what their doing what they're doing. You can also go get some baseball card protectors those are also a nice thing to give away once the trick is done you've put the card inside of it so there are a lot of things you can do with this particular routine



Doc Eason and Garrett Thomas, what more can you want when you got these two powerhouses instructing you. Such a great effect. This should be a staple in every magicians repertoire



A great card trick, you receive everything you need, so you can continue to be able to do loads of the anniversary card tricks, comes with just over an hour of video play time, comes as a download, including a demo, followed by different variations on how too.



So glad I bought this this is great.


Laura Bautista

We are facing a beautiful routine, with a presentation and a totally emotional finale kicker that will surely leave the spectators' mouths open. The cards provided are wonderful and the instructional video will guide you during more than an hour along the Anniversary Waltz. Of the two versions presented in this video, I stick with Doc's, mostly because I am unable to follow Garret's instructions (if there are any) or clearly understand what the subtleties of his variation are. Ignoring this aspect, I believe that the routine and handling that Doc proposes is powerful and forceful enough to present a round show. Be careful with the angles to avoid exposing the unwanted side of the card!



As much as i like this trick, I am supprised and dissapointed that Garret Thomas version in my opinon is impossible to follow his teaching, and his methods for this trick, and this version i would of liked to of learnt, as Garrets version is ment to be a simpler version.


Community questions about Anniversary Waltz

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  • Kenneth asks: Are the cards bicycle back design, thanks Kenny

    • 1. Evan answers: Looks like they're Mandolin backs.
    • 2. Grant answers: The gimmick comes with one option to use blue-backed Bicycle cards and one option to use red-backed Bicycle cards.
    • 3. Garry answers: The two double backers you receive are: 1 Red back & 1 Blue back Both are: Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards. Hope this is helpfull.
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  • Johan asks: Is it possible to order a refill of the cards ?

    • 1. Dottore answers: Search for double faced decks in the store.
    • 2. Ernest answers: You CAN just purchase a deck of double faced cards, however some of those cards in the regular double faced deck are unuseable for anniversary waltz, AND there are some combinations specific to this deck.
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  • Stanley asks: How many cards are included?

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    • Vikram Singh asks: Same question, how many cards does it come with? That should be in the description..

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get a deck of 52 gaffs.
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