Trick by Paul Harris
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Trick by Paul Harris (34.95)

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"This is the best blank deck routine I've seen - the reactions I've been getting from AVALANCHE are some of the strongest I've ever had!"
- Paul Romhany

Paul's JOYOUS new EXAMINABLE Gimmicked Card Case starts off with...


Instantly transform your cards into an examinable BLANK DECK... with NO DECK SWITCH!

EVERY pro we've shown this to has replaced their old Blizzard with AVALANCHE... as it's the easiest, most convenient, most direct Blizzard effect you can do.

(We even give you a full deck of blank cards!)

And there's even MORE SECRETS buried in your AVALANCHE...



Do an absolutely perfect worry-free force... with the deck held by the spectator! She just hands you ANY card from the normal deck... and the deed is done.


Drop the spectator's card onto the deck... and the card is instantly gone! It's really genuinely completely freaking no longer in the deck... which can be immediately examined.


After you've vanished her card... the spectator SCREAMS... when she discovers her card in her pocket or under a phone!


No double lifts, no palming, no extra anything. Simple display the card... drop it onto her hand... and now it's a different card!

* The AVALANCHE Gimmick is completely self-contained inside the card case... which can be fully examined inside and out when in the "locked" position.

* Use the AVALANCHE case as your normal everyday card case. It looks and feels like a normal case. No reset needed... so it's always ready to Astonish.

* No extra bits or pieces to add or ditch. It's all secretly built into your AVALANCHE case.

No card skills required. Anyone can learn to AVALANCHE in under 3 minutes!

AVALANCHE: Complete with self-contained examinable card case, tutorial download and a full deck of blank face "Blizzard" cards.


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Customer reviews for AVALANCHE


Laura Bautista

Paul Harris has done it again! More than a trick in itself, this is a tool, a gimmick that you will carry everywhere, totally examineable and clean for the laymen, which will allow you to force in an incredibly simple way. It seems incredible when you see it in the box, but as soon as you start "playing" with it, you will realize its infinite possibilities!



Wow! Talk about devious. I was actually floored when I saw the explanation. Not only was it so creative, but it motivated me to carry this around as much as possible to work this through with people! I will caution that you need to be careful with things when you store it away, meaning how you place things in your pockets etc. but! If you can figure that out you’re golden. I appreciated two gimmicks as well



I love this gimmick and flexibility in how you can use and leave it in plain sight. Some online reviewers commented on it being a little difficult to explain why you are doing a specific move, but I have found that to be no issue.

I have several specific cards I wanted to use as the force and made my own gimmicks very easily.

You can use the card box as a regular card box and use the gimmick anytime you want for just the right moment. I highly recommend this as part of your standard working card routines.



This was one of the first magic gimmicks I ever baught, I have ordered some really awful magic gimmicks this the lastb but this certainly isn't one of them.

This is a brilliant idea and has so many different routines you can perform with it. The gimmick is excellent quality and I can't see breaking unless you are really rough with it.

The tutorial video is also excellent and covers lots of different uses you could use this for.

Anybody looking for a great affect without any sleights should buy this immediately.


Community questions about AVALANCHE

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  • Jose asks: Is there any chance that this trick will come out with refills?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sadly that would be a question for the manufacturer, as we have not been made aware of any upcoming refills.
  • Drew asks: So I noticed that the plastic wrap is still on the deck he is using. Can that be removed or is that part of the trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can be removed.
  • chris asks: does it come with an instructional video and how long is it

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: It comes with an online instruction video and it's 1h31m
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  • Larry asks: I didn't know that there was anything that needed to be refilled until I saw someone ask that question. Whatever it is that needs to be refilled, how long will the original last until I need a refill? Anything you can tell me about this will be much appreciated. And if refills aren't going to be provided later, can I make my own?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You shouldn't need any extra materials for this if you take care of your gimmick but if you find that you do, you can remake the gimmick with materials we already sell.
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