Bicycle Gaff Index

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Bicycle Gaff Index

14.95 usd

Deck of cards (14.95)

In stock.

Unlock an endless world of card magic potential with the "Bicycle Gaff Index" featuring 56 gaffed playing cards manufactured with premium "Bicycle Rider Back" stock.

You'll receive the full deck of gaff cards as well as a more than 1.5 hour video featuring 15 amazing routines you can do with them. This will also inspire you to use the "Bicycle Gaff Index" to create your own routines.

What is included in the "Bicycle Gaff Index Deck"

  • 13 Red backed double index cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings)
  • 12 Blue backed double index cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings)
  • 12 Half/half cards (horizontal, vertical and diagonal separation)
  • 4 Red backed double index cards (Aces)
  • 4 Red backed double index cards (Ace/2)
  • 2 Blue backed double index cards (Ace/2)
  • 3 Double index and double face cards (Jacks/jacks, Queens/queens and Kings/kings)
  • 2 Double index cards with blank back (Queens)
  • 2 Cards 4 different indexes (1 red back and 1 blue back)
  • 1 Red backed double index card (2 of hearts/ 2 of diamonds)
  • 1 Domino card

A sneak peak at some of the routines you'll learn:

Your audience chooses two cards, which are then merged together. Once the audience has examined the card, you will magically separate the two cards back to their original form.

You introduce a prediction card with a different colored-back and allow your participant to choose a card. It doesn't match your prediction. You then take his prediction card and insert it partially into the deck so a part of it sticks out. This card then visually changes into your spectator's chosen card and can be handed out for examination.

The Thinking Card
You present 5 cards to your spectator and ask them to mentally select one and memorize it. After a magical gesture, a card is erased and becomes blank. It is exactly the card thought by the spectator.

You start by showing a completely blank card (face and back) and then ask the spectator to name the Queen of their choice. Impossibly, you're then able to transform the blank card into their chosen card on the face. Finally, you then magically print the back of the card that you can give to the spectator to examine.

Oil and Water
You shuffle the deck and take out 3 red cards and 3 black cards. These cards are alternated to mix the red and black cards. Magically the red and black cards will separate. After doing the same experiment a second time, you end with a kicker finale featuring a full-deck separation.

4 in 1
You have your audience freely select four cards and reveal they've managed to impossible choose all of the 4s from the deck. A blank-faced card with a different back is then introduced and placed on top of the four cards. After a magical gesture, the card is then revealed to now have all four different indexes of the 4s printed on it (one in each corner).

Instruction video is in English and French.

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Customer reviews for Bicycle Gaff Index



Purchased for a ‘rainy day’…these aren’t my ‘thing’ but…definitely worth the investment, I’d rather make the purchase and have them as ammunition in my collection than put off buying and they then become listed as ‘Out Of Print’, ‘No Longer Available’ etc..!



This was my first purchase from Vanishing Inc and I'm so pleased with the actual product and the service I received. It is proving to be the first in a long list of things I have bought here! The actual cards are, of course, very good quality with a good range of different cards (different index cards, double faced, different backs, half cards etc) that can be used to create a variety of tricks. In addition there is a very informative video with a variety of tricks available that can be performed with these special cards. The video is available in both English and French and as it arrived in my download area I was able to watch it before the cards had even arrived. I am very pleased with the Bicycle Gaff Index cards from VI and would recommend them.



Great Gaff deck! It's definitely more practical for my style than other gaff decks out there, the 10 of hearts + 7 of spades is the card I've used the most so far! Great for making card-to-pocket / card-to-wallet easier while just knowing a basic force.



Very high quality and diverse selection of mis indexed cards. I got these for the effects derscribed in Eugene Bergers latest books. The provided tutorials are actually very good and provides some great ideas in terms of how to use the Gaffs. There are some real magician coolers. I can recommend these cards. Get creative!



Great Gaff deck with many options card in it. Great to have.



This is a great collection of gaffs for any magician/mentalist.
The collection of effects all make good use of the gaffs, and there’s no limit to the possibilities for the creative mind.

I initially bought this so that I could have a spare set of cards for Alex Marsh’s take on the princess card trick, but have made great use of some of the other gaffs.

I’ve also put some packets together for my son to perform.

This is a well priced deck, and I highly recommend it.


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  • Yashwardhan asks: Are these poker size or index size? As need poker ones like the V2 Bicycles Gaff deck but they have been out of stock for a long time.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These are poker sized
  • Rodney asks: Does it have the gaff cards for three card monte?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes!
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