Bicycle Special Letters Playing Cards

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Bicycle Special Letters Playing Cards

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A special deck of custom cards featuring 39 letter cards and 17 gaff cards that unlock a whole new world of card magic and mentalism potential.

"Bicycle Special Letters Playing Cards" are made from premium Bicycle Playing Cards in red or blue. Each deck comes with a nearly 1.5 hour tutorial explaining 10 amazing routines you can perform with this special deck of playing cards

You can also use this deck to create your own routines. It's great for custom revelations like names, cities, countries and more.

Each "Bicycle Special Letters Playing Cards" comes with:

  • 26 Cards with letters from A to Z
  • 11 Cards with the most used letters (A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U, V)
  • 2 Cards with specific letters (ß, Ñ)
  • 3 Cards with symbols (S, O, ?)
  • 5 Cards with revelations (Piano, taxi, sandwich, animal, panda)
  • 4 Cards with special characters (#, @, &, ?)
  • 2 double face cards
  • 1 Card with 2 merged letters
  • 1 Card "Vision Test" with 3 hidden revelations (Vodka, piano, sandwich)
  • 1 Special Card: 26 on 1

Here are some routines you'll learn

Taxi: The cards with all the letters are shuffled and the spectator selects 4 cards and forms a word with the chosen letters : the word Taxi. You collect the 4 cards and after a magic gesture they are transformed into a drawing representing a taxi.

26 in 1: You present your spectator with the set of cards with the letters and then the spectator chooses a card. You then reveal the prediction you have in the case to show that the letter on the spectator's card appears on the prediction card. But this card contains all the letters from A to Z. After a magical gesture the card is transformed to show only the spectator's letter.

Coincidence: The magician places 3 cards face down on the table and then gives the spectator a card with a question mark on it, which he places on top of one of the 3 cards. Then you show the spectator a deck of cards consisting of the letters of the alphabet. The spectator then selects 5 cards which are turned face up. You reveal that the spectator's chosen cards exactly spell the Greek letter under the question mark (e.g., Omega).

Vision Test: You present your spectator with a card with letters of different sizes on it for a vision test. Then 16 cards with different letters are put on the table face up and face down. The spectator will then collect the cards as he wishes by turning over the cards of his choice. All the cards are collected face down and the spectator is asked to write a word with these letters. The completed word appears on the vision test card that was visible from the beginning.

Video instructions in English and French | Running time approx 1hr 25mins


Customer reviews for Bicycle Special Letters Playing Cards



These are actually something of a ‘Must Have’ in my book…they bring an awful lot to the ‘Table’…create and invent effects/illusions or the added bonus of an educational option to your ‘routine’…even investing in 2 decks of these is incredible value for money and very worthwhile..!



The "Bicycle Special Letters Playing Cards" are a great choice for anyone who loves playing cards and wants to add a unique touch to their collection. The cards feature special letters that add an extra level of fun and creativity to traditional card games. The cards are made from high-quality materials and are built to last, ensuring they will be a staple in your collection for years to come. Overall, the "Bicycle Special Letters Playing Cards" are a great investment for anyone who loves playing cards and wants to add a touch of personality to their games.


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  • Richard asks: Are the letter cards marked at all? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The cards are not marked
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