Bold and Illogical Card Moves

Book by Justin Higham
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Bold and Illogical Card Moves

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Book by Justin Higham (20.00)

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There’s a price to pay for everything in card magic. A move may be technically perfect and logical, but require a positioning of the body or special choreography to get into it, thereby creating limitations. It may need years of practice and still never achieve 100% deceptiveness.

Many of the moves in this new book are comparatively easy and need no special angles or setting up. The price to be paid is not years of practice, but boldness and confidence in the performer, an understanding of human nature and psychology, and an ability to engage spectators effectively by talking to and entertaining them – superficially known as 'adding patter and presentation.'

Featured are finesses on the Beveled-Riffle Force by Sav, including a 100%-burnable (but illogical) Prophecy Move and a force where you blatantly hand them the top card of the deck; Illogical Forces by Joseph Barry; an Illogical Convincing Control; a Fake All-Around Square-Up; a way of forcing a card on yourself; Bold Glimpses; applications of the Illogical Dribble Force; Ace-cutting methods; Fake Removals, including a method by Will Houstoun; Bold and Illogical False Shuffles; a variation on the Losing Control; and even an Illogical Coin Switch by John Carey.

Some of these moves vary and extend previous ideas from The Complete Illogical Dribble Force, Prophecy Moves and Effects, and Non-Automatic Card Tricks, but none have seen print before apart from the briefly-redescribed Illogical Dribble Force.

  • The Bevelled-Riffle Force
  • Finessed Bevelled-Riffle Force (Sav) (2 handlings)
  • As a Prophecy Force
  • The Non-Force Handling
  • Biddled-Riffle Prophecy Move (Sav)
  • Biddled-Riffle Top Force (Sav)
  • Variant Top-Card Force
  • Collins/Prophecy Move
  • A Couple of Finesses
  • Face-Down Illogical Riffle Force
  • Illogical Riffle Prophecy Forces
  • Face-Down Riffle Glimpse
  • Bluff One-Ahead Sequence
  • Face-Down Riffle Reverse
  • How Perceptive
  • Illusory-Removal Deck Switch
  • IRF/IDF Plus Gilbreath
  • Pseudo Memorisation Plus
  • Prediction-Modification Ruse
  • IRF Finesses
  • Thumb-Off Glimpse
  • Illogical Dribble Force
  • Multiple IDF
  • IDF Jokers
  • IDF Ace-Cutting
  • Randomised IDF Count-Down
  • IDF-o-Matic
  • Unimpaired Prefiguration
  • Illogical Control Notes
  • Slap Handling (Joseph Barry)
  • Finessed Side-Jog Handling (Joe Barry–Will Houstoun)
  • Illogical Self-Force
  • Named-Card Stab
  • Illogical Spread Control
  • Illogical Convincing Control
  • Mock Pass Notes
  • The Face-Up Pass
  • Spread-Cross Force (Joseph Barry)
  • Illogical Undercut Force (Joe Barry)
  • Stepped-Undercut Force
  • Pseudo Swivel-Strip Shuffle
  • Swivel-Strip Red-Black Shuffle
  • Illusory Swivel-Strip R-B Shuffle
  • Illogical In-Out Shuffle
  • False-Count Shuffle
  • Slice Load
  • Easy Spectator-Cuts...
  • Bold Thumb-Off
  • Pseudo Top-Card Removal (3 versions)
  • Fake All-Around Square-Up
  • Plunger-Action AASU (as shown by Vernon)
  • Swivel-Turnaround Glimpse
  • Packet-Reversal Glimpse
  • Relay Revelation
  • Reverse IDF Prophecy Move
  • Packet-Reversal Glimpse Variations
  • Illogical Coin Switch (John Carey)

54 pages, saddle-stitched A5 printed booklet with card covers and 150 photos.


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