Bullet Party Book

Book by John Bannon
20.00 Possibly discontinued.
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Bullet Party Book

20.00 usd

Book by John Bannon (20.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.

Vanishing Inc. Magic Exclusive!

Bannon's back; locked and loaded with twelve card tricks and moves. High caliber card magic in 126 pages and three chapters.

First, "Bullet Party," the next installment in Bannon's "fractal card trick" series. High impact packet magic that ends clean and examinable. Follow the Ace and ignore the Jokers—if you can—before the bullets start flying and all four cards change. Complete with subtitles.

Second, "The Bullet Catcher Routine." Five unusual Ace routines to be done together or separately. Produce. Re-produce. Assemble. Change. Disassemble. You won’t look at the genre the same way again.

Third, a cache of false cuts and shifts, impromptu card tricks, and a significant revision to Bannon’s faux-poker fractal matching trick, "Poker Pairadox."

Bullet Party: A fractal blast. Follow the Ace and ignore the Jokers—if you can—before the bullets start flying. Complete with subtitles.

Bullet Catcher: Cut-the-Aces-from-a-shuffled pack. Fire when ready.

Drop Target Aces: Aces, buried alive, return with a vengeance. The future is here.

Four Shadow Aces: Classic Ace assembly, shaken not stirred. Smooth and sophisticated.

Flipside Assembly: An Ace assembly too weird for words. Approach with caution.

Big Fat Bluff Aces: Aces assemble, change to Kings, then disassemble—or do they? Low cost, high bluff, all fun.

Box Jumper: An illusion. Her card (lost in the deck) changes places with your card (in the card box). Presto.

Fat City Revisited: Fine-tuned card sandwiches. Maximum efficiency.

Poker Pairadox: Redux Classic stacker made fractal. Looks and smells like Texas Hold 'Em poker—but it's not. Instantly resets.

Question Zero: Ask not the thought-of card. Or anything else for that matter.

Elias Multiple Shift: Bannon's handy touch on a classic sleight.

Crocodile False Cut: In the hands, no table required. Fast, false and user-friendly. Snap.

Flytrap False Cut: False and fabulous!


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Aint no party like a Bullet Party! Everything john does is amazing!


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