Card Artistry

Trick by Justin Flom
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Card Artistry

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Trick by Justin Flom (From $25.00)

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Card Artistry - magic

Justin Flom's "Card Artistry" is an unexpected revelation of a selected card in which the magician turns the deck into a famous painting (or if you prefer, a brain-scan image).

It's the rarest kind of magic effect: it captures the imaginations of both magicians and audiences. Evoking a comparison of magician as artist, the performer "paints" his deck of cards into a four-by-four card mosaic of the Mona-Lisa. The spectator's selection appears in the painting! Inspired by a great Chris Kenner effect, "Card Artistry" is full of touches by professional performer Justin Flom.

  • Includes custom printed USPCC playing cards
  • If you can shuffle a deck, you can perform "Card Artistry"
  • Includes high-quality instructional download
  • Can be used with any poker-sized deck
  • Supply your own close-up pad

You may have seen Justin Flom's Soldiers Deck of Cards video on YouTube. This video recieved several million views and is one of Justin's presentations for this trick. Those cards won't be available, but the brain scan and Mona Lisa are!

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Customer reviews for Card Artistry



Justin Flom's debut effect is off the charts when it comes to audience reaction. Hope more card sets beyond Mona Lisa and Brain Scan will be available soon. Instant classic!



I really really like this! Each version allows for so much presentation & fun, I look forward to seeing what Justin Flom brings out next.



This is such a great effect! Straight forward,clean,commercial,and just awesome!



I ordered this as soon as I saw the Soldier's Deck video on YouTube. What a great performer! Justin--you are an inspiration! I'll definitely be using this trick in my shows!



I have long been a fan of Chris Kenner's routine, which is why my draw dropped when I saw this version of it. What a smart, visual and interesting end to a routine. I purchased this direct from Vanishing Inc. and it arrived within two days. I intend on using it in a show this coming weekend. Excellent production values and stellar magic! This is the kind of release that only the Vanishing Inc team are qualified to handle!



Love this trick! You need a bit of space to do it, but it looks so surprising, and much more commercial and appealing than the other regular card versions. Great work!



This effect is great! I was a little worried with the sleights you would need to use to pull the trick off, but there are very little. The sleight of hand you do have to know is very easy to master. There are no switches what so ever.
P.S. You can add on to the trick and make it your own. You can take the concept and even might make something cooler.



Comes with a good quality set of monalisa cards, you can purchase Xray cards as seperate, these are also excellent quality set of cards too.
The video production is nice and clean, comes with a demo, and a very easy to follow tutorial, were he explanes the deck set up, followed by the routine, with some usefull tips, as long as you can do a basic farro shuffle then its very easy to do.



I love the type of effects that you use cards but the routine doesn't look like a card trick. This is a very different and unconventional routine to present to your audience. They will love it. You literally create a piece of art in front of their eyes. Totally recommend it!



Not much I can add to the existing reviews.

If you want a card routine that feels different and ends with a punch, I can't think of much better.

A staple in my virtual and table top shows.



Card Artistry is very visual, very magical, and easy to perform. It is different from any other type of card magic you will perform. I highly recommend it!

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VI Monthly


Awesome ...need more visuals...loved the head Xray..... great to offer an x-ray of a baby scan. Describe surfaces that grip the card for easy painting.



I can't give this a great review simple because the set of cards are slightly different then what's shown in the video. I tried this out on my wife who thought it was really neat but instantly knew what I did because of the inconsistencies in my deck of cards. Now I've done alot of tricks for her so she knows exactly what a deck should look like. Maybe most people won't notice but I'd be surpised if they didn't. Other then that it's a beautiful trick and very nicely made.


Community questions about Card Artistry

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  • Scott asks: Do I need to be able to faro well. I am not good at doing a faro shuffle. If it is just not effecting bottom stack I will be fine but fine it hard to interlace

    • 1. Tony answers: Perfect faro is not nescessary but I suggest you practice it. It's not too hard and useful move
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  • Marlon asks: Can the card be different every time?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes it can.
  • Tony asks: I recently purchased this trick a while back and I was wondering if the refills have a white border edge on the cards as shown in the video? Cause I’ve performed this before and the audience always sees that the cards are a different color cause there is no white border edge. I was wondering if you have some in stock that have that?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sorry, no white borders are available.
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