Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz

Book by Darwin Ortiz
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Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz

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Book by Darwin Ortiz (54.95)

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Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz is a wealth of extraordinary material from an internationally renowned magician.

Darwin Ortiz is unquestionably one of the top card men in the world today. In this book, he offers you the chance to learn the routines that have earned him his living and his reputation. He discusses and explains all of the psychological insights, presentational angles and performing tips that could only have been gained from years of professional performance.


  • Introduction (Paul Gertner)
  • Foreword
  • Part One: Impromptu Miracles
  • Part Two: Presentational Showpieces
  • Part Three: Gambling Routines

Pages 187, hardbound with dust jacket


Customer reviews for Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz



An old book but there are so many good things to come across in it. If you’re newer to magic and weren’t false dealing your way through a deck of cards back when Darwin was out killing it, then you should really get a copy. This is one of my two favorite books by him. The routines still hold up 30 years later and they’ll make you better with a deck of cards by taking the time to go though them.



This is the best book by Darwin Ortiz in my opinion. It has some awesome killer material. My favorite routine ever is psychotronic card. It gets such strong reactions and is not that difficult. The gambling routines are awesome too. I preform a trick called the sting and it’s absolute killer routine. The phantom card is a killer routine from the presentational showpieces section. I preform that one a lot too. If you are into card magic and have some experience from before I highly recommend this book. And if you’re really into card magic I recommend any book by Darwin Ortiz and his student Jason Ladanye. Pick up any book by them and you will find something you love and preform all the time :)



Darwin Ortiz has always been a good/excellent instructor. In Cardshark he doesn't disappoint. The book covers some difficult card magic but with his instruction you can understand it immediately.
There are drawing that help you along. On some of the effects there are performance suggestions. Some of the card effects do require practice but like all good card magic you need to practice. This book will get you going in the right direction. Then it will be up to you to become a good card magician.
In Cardshark Darwin has provided excellent material for your next card act or card session.



Superb. Packed with killer card miracles designed by a master at the top of his game. Some stuff is *very* challenging, other stuff is achievable for most intermediate card handlers. There's even a self-working trick. The Signature Effect is one of THE great signed card effects, while Kartenkunste, Time and Again and Mr Lucky would be highlights in any magic book.



If, like me, you’re a Card College graduate (or dropout, but let’s assume you picked up a few things!) you’re probably looking for some next steps. Look no further - Darwin Ortiz already made waves with Strong Magic and here he puts his money where his mouth is with some of the most finely-crafted effects in card magic.

Will everything become your next go-to trick? Probably not, and some require items like mullica wallets and the destruction or signing of cards, so aren’t suitable for everyday. However the thinking behind the tricks is perfection, and you will learn so much just from the structure of these routines.
?That said, a few of the impromptu miracles will go right in your repertoire with little work. One of them is so good I’m surprised it isn’t pasted all over the internet being performed poorly by generations of other magicians. Their loss is your gain!

The late, great, Harry Lorayne may have pushed for all who would listen to ‘read the good stuff’. Well I’m sure he’d agree his old friend Darwin Ortiz has certainly earned that level.



This book is excellent, I’m so happy I picked it up.



Great book. Not seen this available for years! It says it’s a first edition so not sure where these have suddenly popped up from but if you enjoy card magic order now before it’s gone again. There’s a lot of excellent material in here, even things you won’t use for whatever reason are fun to learn as the effects are so strong. Highly recommend.



A must have for card technicians. Purchase a copy now before this quickly goes out of print again.



This is a must have for every serious card magician. With the routines in this book alone you can entertain audiences for ages. One major thing I love about it is that there are impromptu and non-impromptu things in it. Also you will find Gambling routines and "normal" magic routines. Darwin is a legend, so it will take a while to practice this material, but if you are an intermediate or advanced card handler, this is a must have in your collection.

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A great collection of card routines including tricks as well as gambling demonstrations. Not for beginners. Yet, an important addition to your library as you become more proficient in your card handling technique.


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