Deadly Marked Deck

Trick by Daniel Meadows and
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Deadly Marked Deck

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Trick by Daniel Meadows and (65.00)

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Deadly Marked Deck - magic
Deadly Marked Deck Deadly Marked Deck Deadly Marked Deck Deadly Marked Deck

So easy to read, you could do it with your eyes closed!

The "Deadly Marked Deck" is a custom-designed deck of normal-looking playing cards with special markings that allow you to identify any playing card at your fingertips without even needing to look at it. You could even be blindfolded if you'd like.

And now, new versions are available to suit any performer! You can now get the Deadly Marked Deck in either Red or Blue Bicycle Playing Cards or Bee Playing Cards.

The markings on these special marked playing cards are incredibly easy to read and don't suffer from any of the same issues plaguing traditional marked decks of cards. You can learn the basics in just about 10 minutes.

Here's the best part, the "Deadly Marked Deck" system adds no noticeable thickness, meaning they will be invisible to anyone holding the deck. If you meet a fellow magician or layperson that knows how to use the "riffle test" to search for markings, well, they'll pass that test with flying colors too.

Imagine how much stronger all your favorite card magic and mentalism routines can be with the "Deadly Marked Deck". Combine it with your favorite memorized deck stack and you'll truly have a license to kill.

Each "Deadly Marked Deck" is crafted with a high-quality genuine Bicycle deck of cards using a meticulous process that takes over an hour per deck. As an ADDED BONUS, you'll also receive special Deadly Locator Jokers for use with Daniel Meadow's mind-boggling effect "Equilibrium"—which is taught in detail in the included instructions.

"The DMD is an incredible tool and is light-years ahead of anything similar. Thanks to the brilliant design they are surprisingly easy to read; I think it took me about 90 seconds to achieve 100% accuracy and that was learning from scratch. Finally, if you have previously avoided MDs due to eyesight problems your prayers have been answered and a whole new area of card magic is now open to you thanks to this ingenious deck. Highest recommendation." Mark Elsdon


Customer reviews for Deadly Marked Deck



Wow... These are very cool. The system is easy to get a "feel" for. It only took a few minutes to get the hang of them. I got them in red Bicycles. The locator Jokers were a great bonus, as I can see them coming in very handy. Using these cards with any memorized deck stack will leave people gobsmacked, for sure. This deck opens up so many possibilities for the mentalist or magician to create unforgettable experiences for their spectators.


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  • Gonzalo asks: Are they only readable by touch? would you able to know value and colour? thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes they are only readable by touch and you'll be able to know the value and suit.
  • Michael asks: Do these decks come sealed or open?

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    • David asks: Looks great! Are the cards likely to last a long time or is it an effect that could wear out? Only asking as it's not the cheapest deck Thanks

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These will last as long as a normal deck, I wouldn’t used them for everyday use
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