Trick by Juan Luis Rubiales
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Trick by Juan Luis Rubiales (20.00)

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Debajo - magic
Debajo Debajo Debajo Debajo Debajo Debajo

Meet your new favorite card routine, “Debajo”

“Debajo” is Spanish for “under”. In this amazing trick, 4 objects end up underneath four named cards.

Vernon often said that a good trick could be easily described. Let’s see…

You make 4 straightforward bets. You remove and table 4 cards. And you ask your spectator to guess which each card is. You bet a couple of coins, then 20 bucks, then your house.

Not only do the four cards exactly match what the spectator guesses, under each card is the item you decided to bet. A quarter, a half dollar, a $20 bill and finally your house key.

Seems like a Vernon pleaser to us!

Clear, strong miraculous magic that you will love performing.

  • Special gimmick included
  • Can be adapted to any poker sized deck
  • Detailed video instructions

This uses a super special prop that will last you indefinitely. It makes the trick very easy to do. It’s also 100% surefire. Each and every time. It can be incorporated into any deck of cards very easily.

Also, you’re not limited the the objects described here. If you would like, you can use any other object that can be concealed under a card.

This is a 3 minute masterpiece with 8 different magical hits. Each one more impossible than the last. You could use it as your opener, a mid way trick or even your closer - it’s that strong and that flexible.

Having something that creates such a strong punch that is so easy to do gives you the freedom to concentrate on your performance. It’s a wonderful way to get your personality across to your audience - and to get a feel for them to because of the high level of interaction.

This will go straight from the packaging into your show. It’s that good. Enjoy performing it as much as we do.

Includes gimmick and online instructions.


Customer reviews for Debajo





VI Monthly


I almost didn’t buy this as my “Magicians ego” kept shouting in my head, “you know the method, just replicate it yourself!” I’m so glad I didn’t listen to myself. The gimmick provided is far better than what I would have gone up with and the instruction on the download is fantastic, with plenty of subtlety and ideas that truly elevate this far beyond “just another card trick”


Laura Bautista

Perhaps somewhat imperfect, this routine has a couple of drawbacks. On the one hand, the gimmick is somewhat difficult to handle hidden and on the other hand, being a routine based on named cards by several spectators, you will need some technique -and luck as well-. The principle on which it is based is very simple and it should not be difficult to perform and you will only need to add the four coins.


Community questions about Debajo

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  • Jack asks: What is the learning time for this trick. Degree of difficulty?

    • 1. Dean answers: Hey Jack, Minimal skill, but very powerful effect. Less than 15 min to learn... maybe less than 5.
    • 2. David answers: Well, if you watched the video you should already know how to do the “trick” portion. You’re just buying a gimmick that will help you load the objects under the cards. As Penn and Teller would say, “I feel like you got ahead of yourself, at least once...” And that last bold open move, wow.
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  • Jon asks: You didn't answer about the degree of difficulty. Rate from beginner to pro. Jon

    • 1. David answers: Technically, it’s a beginner trick. You need to be a good actor to make it work.
    • 2. Carlos answers: The method is clear: staying ahead of the audience. The prop, I can imagine something that works, but at 18 plus S&H is a bit excessive, me thinks. You have to be good at misdirection on that crucial moment before you start revealing what's below the cards. Very clever user of the method!
    • 3. Anthony answers: I would not consider this a beginner trick. Sure, the method is simple enough for a beginner to quickly master, but the level of showmanship required to properly present the effect is at least intermediate. Here's the question: How would you rate your audience management skills? If they are above average, then you'll be able to perform this with sufficient practice. If they are below average, then work on them. That doesn't mean you can't invest in this trick to use as a reward for reaching your audience management goals!
    • 4. Carlos answers: Ops, forgot your one question. It's beginner, if you have the acting skills. Can be done without the prop, but very much less impressive. And the spectator could shuffle the cards all they want.
    • 5. John answers: Debajo can be utilised with Paul Gordon's Muldoon Match for an alternative method of card reveal.
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  • Thom asks: How close can the audience be for this? This would be a great opener for my Bunco show but it’s rather close-up!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They can be right up close!
  • Javi asks: Can the objects be produced in any order?

    • 1. John answers: It's best to produce them in order. To produce objects in any order will be clumsy, fumbly, and awkward.
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  • Billy asks: I live in Canada can I use a 5 cent a 25 cent and a 2 dollar with the gimmick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You certainly can!
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