Demi Deck

Trick by Angelo Carbone
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A stunning, magician-fooling illusion you can carry in your pocket. Your new favorite opener!
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Demi Deck

69.95 usd

Trick by Angelo Carbone (69.95)

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Demi Deck - magic
Demi Deck Demi Deck Demi Deck Demi Deck Demi Deck

A brain-busting close-up illusion that fooled our entire team. This quick, easy, and amazing visual effect is destined to be your new favorite opener.

"How utterly fooling. I haven't got a clue. You are brilliant! Well done!" Derren Brown

“Demi Deck” is an incredible creation from Angelo Carbone, one of the most prolific and respected creators of magic. His ability to come up with truly stunning magic with diabolic methods is unrivaled. “Demi Deck” is no exception.

At its core, “Demi Deck” is a cut and restored effect that uses an entire deck of cards. It’s like a pocket-sized version of the “Sawing a Lady in Half” illusion. The best part though is that it works with any poker-sized deck and ends with a totally normal deck of cards. So, once you’re done, you can jump right into your favorite card magic trick.

You start by introducing a box and showing how a deck of cards fits perfectly inside. There’s no wiggle room or way for the cards to escape. A blade is then pushed through the center of the box, penetrating right through the cards.

After giving the audience a chance to process this bizarre moment, you pop a hinge that allows the box to split in half. The two halves of the deck are shown to be clearly separated before everything is snapped back together. You remove the blade and dump out the cards. They’re completely unharmed and ready to use for your card magic set.

As with all of Angelo’s work, the method for “Demi Deck” is diabolically clever. It’s so easy to perform this visual, surprising, and unusual effect that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression.

  • Easy to do
  • Uses any normal deck of cards
  • No switches needed
  • Completely self-contained
  • Magician fooler
  • Multiple routines taught

The ingenious thinking behind “Demi Deck” has a similar vibe to that which you’d find in a Tenyo trick. But, this is no toy. It is a professional prop for magicians that is a ton of fun to perform. You will never want to leave home without this powerhouse tool in your pocket.

“Demi Deck” by Angelo Carbone is available now!

"Angelo Carbone is one of the most clever creators of magic I know. You will appreciate this trick even more once you see the uncompromising attention to detail that Angelo has put into this creation. It's Incredible!" Asi Wind

"When Angelo Carbone releases a new effect the magic world stands up and cheers, and Demi Deck is an excellent example of the reason why. This is brilliant!" David Regal

"Everything about 'Demi Deck' is genius. The creation, routine, the added convincers, and every other aspect. And the fact that this is real world practical... damn!" Lloyd Barnes

"My brain opened like 'Demi Deck' when Angelo showed me this in front of my eyes!" Tobias Dostal

"Absolutely fooled me and it plays like a grand illusion." Lisa Menna

"Just incredible, one of the most impressive big illusions [to fit] into your pocket! David Copperfield will be jealous!" Mickael Chatelain

"Angelo has just shown me Demi Deck and I am mad. He should have released this sooner so I could have had this in my set sooner! That's insane!" Alan Rorrison

"You can put 'Demi Deck' in the "Fooled me badly" pile. It's the only pile I have for Angelo." Jon Allen

”Demi Deck” FAQ

Is it easy?
Yes, “Demi Deck” is super easy to do. In fact, it’s almost self-working.

Is it practical?
Yes! Very much so. You can, and should, open your walkaround card set with this! It’s easy to learn, resets quickly and fits in your pocket.

What are the angles like?
They’re very good! While it looks great on social media, this trick was designed to be done in real life. It’s very practical and a great trick to perform for small groups or one-on-one. You get the same angle coverage as the Tilt move.

Take a look at this video where the camera moves freely, as the performance is happening.

Does it really work with any deck of cards?
Yes! It will work with any deck of poker size playing cards.

Is the deck examinable?
Yes, the deck is examinable before and after the performance. It is totally normal.

What’s included in the box?
You get the "Demi Deck" gimmick, a metal blade (which has been dulled so you can safely carry it in your pocket), and two gimmicked cards which you can use for a bonus handling, where the deck gets twisted.


Customer reviews for Demi Deck



Trick of the year in my opinion. Had to wait a while because this kept going out of stock and the answer was obvious...its so good. Yes the angles are important but hey in most cases this applies to many magic items...yes practice a bit in front of a mirror until you are even fooled...and you will be. If you haven't purchased yet do it now before again they all wont regret it..well done Angelo.



Just WOW! Clever and well made. A great illusion for close up or parlor magic. You do have some angle management to consider. Maybe not a trick for cocktail party.
Black Jack



If you’re having trouble finding this in stock, there is a reason . It is that good ! Super Visual and leave the spectators in Awe.



A really well made and thought out product. Have performed it several times now and have had no issues with angles even though it feels fairly "bold" when you are performing. The tutorials give you a number of ways to present it which takes in to account when angles could be an issue also. Great opener for me as I go on to use the cards which I take from the case after performing the effect.



Love this trick! The box is surprisingly sturdy and pretty easy to operate, even for a beginner like me. Definitely want to work with this in front of a mirror to check angles, but does not take a lot of time to perform it well. And a cool box to keep my cards in when at a party!



Clever and brilliant!
You will have to practice and learn how to work with angles, but well worth your effort and time.
The tutorial is detailed and entertaining.



Fascinating and brilliant!
It does take some practice and work- especially with angles, but so well worth the time.
The tutorial is detailed and engaging.



Time and again, Angelo has proven himself to be a genius creator of contemporary magic effects. This might just be the pinnacle of his achievements. The gimmick is so well thought out in every aspect that the few minor niggles with manufacturing execution won't stop you from smiling like a small child as soon as you open the box. Your biggest difficulty will be working out how to follow it. It blows spectators away like nothing else.



I’m glad I could order one before they went out of stock (again!). The secret is very fooling and the best part is that is easy to do (as long as you practice a bit). The angles are well covered and the quality of the gimmick is very good. You know you’ll not be dissapointed if it comes from Angelo Carbone.



Giddiness washed over me the first time I handled the gimmick. It is so well made and the engineering is superb. I've performed this countless times already and the reactions are great. The hardest part for me is trying to hide my smug grin.

VI Monthly


This will never see the “junk” drawer! Very well made. I was concerned when I ordered it because I am a left handed card guy, but the angles are even better for the lefty handling they provide. I am excited to perform it soon.



Sawing a person in half has become portable and practical for close-up thanks to Angelo Carbone. In his typically clever thinking, Demi Deck allows you to create the stunning illusion of a deck of cards being cut into two separate pieces, then restored and ready to use for other card effects. The visual is near perfect, and though there are angle considerations, the method is dynamic enough for you to perform this in the real world in a startlingly diverse array of audience conditions. A beautiful close-up illusion.



Great piece of close-up apparatus!

I love the idea of adapting a classic stage illusion to close up use. The thought that went into the mechanics and construction is outstanding, and the workmanship of the finished product is very high quality. I have spent more for less well-made equipment in the past!

Yes, there are some angles and audience management aspects to think about. This is not a "do it surrounded" effect, but after a few minutes in front of a mirror, I was comfortable and used it with friends that evening with great response. I will be using this often.



I love this! It really is a lot like the old sawing a woman in half illusion, except it happens under the spectators nose. I've been practicing in the mirror for a couple days and it looks fantastic. Once you get the angles, which are pretty good, it's very easy to perform. Very happy with this effect.


Community questions about Demi Deck

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • David asks: Is it possible to use a borrowed blade or knife that is thin enough to enter the slit in the black box? Obviously, using a different "blade" would likely prevent you from opening to show that the deck has been split; but could a different blade be used to demonstrate a penetration of the deck?

    • 1. Terry answers: No answers. As usual. Ok so nothing can be studied. Are audiences really this dumb these days?
    • 2. Cayce answers: It is technically possible but not sure you what the benefit would be.
    • 3. Dimitris answers: David please go take a s...wim
    • 4. William answers: I ordered the box (from Penguin, sorry Vanishing but I got an email from them first) but don't have it in hand yet. IF I'm correct in my guess of how the trick is done from watching the video, I don't think you could demonstrate a penetration of the deck with a different blade. You could stick a blade in but I don't think you'd be able to show the other end of the blade sticking out IF I'm correct in my assumption of how it works. I may be wrong but logically I'm only able to envision one explanation for the trick.
    • 5. Peter answers: You might if the blade fits in the slot but I would not suggest using anyone’s knife or blade. Stick with the enclosed blade - it will work fine!
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  • Jaime asks: Can it be performed surrounded?

    • 1. Ronwald answers: As long you properly hold the deck, I’d say angle is close to 180 degrees. If you perform right handed (deck on your left hand), your worst side will be on your left. Certain displays will be more angle sensitive than others but nothing that good handling can’t cover.
    • 2. Alejandro answers: According to the creator, the angles are much more open than you think. But if the question is if there are blind spots, some!!!
    • 3. Peter answers: That would depend on your comfort level. Personally I don’t like people looking over my shoulder and this trick really works best when people can see the front. I prefer eye contact so with that said, the angles are fairly wide.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Mark asks: Can the case be used as a regular case to hold cards? ie used as an ‘EDC’ carry?

    • 1. Alejandro answers: According to the creator, yes, it can be used perfectly as a cover to carry a deck, yes, without a case. That is, only the deck of cards.
    • 2. Peter answers: Yes, it is slightly bigger than a deck of cards but I would suggest putting a rubber band around it to secures the doors if it is in your pocket.
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  • Manroop asks: Can the case be inspected or is this heavily gimmicked?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Angelo Carbone has requested no public discussions of the method. For this reason, please contact us privately at
  • Rick asks: Can a piece of a card be used instead of the metal blade?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It cannot
  • Steven asks: 1) Does it include the trick shown in the demo, which the spectator tells him the card and he has it already selected? 2) Can you show the inside (the part facing the magician) after the deck is cut?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes and Yes!
  • Steven asks: Is this the same principle as screwed deck by Paul Harris?

    • 1. Vernon answers: No, in that one, half the deck is outside the case and always has to be covered by the hand. In this one, the deck is wholly inside the case.
    • 2. Rick answers: Just stick to "NO" for the respect of other creators.
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  • Philip asks: Can the box be handed out, either before or after?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Angelo Carbone has requested no public discussions of the method. For this reason, please contact us privately at
  • Matthew asks: What is the case made out of and is it well-made? Will Vanishing Inc replace if there are any issues (just had issues with quality from Murphy's in the past)

    • 1. Michael answers: I don't have an answer but just wanted to add my own concerns here! I'm close to purchasing but I want to be assured that this is made well, as I too have had unfortunate issues with Murphy's products.
    • 2. Ronwald answers: Just got mine today and it looks pretty well made. Perfect way to carry a deck of cards. Looks like it can survive a few drops but I don’t see why would someone do that just to see how sturdy it is. It won’t get a lot of “wear and tear” while practicing because the way it’s designed it will just do what it’s supposed to do.
    • 3. William answers: Everything's fairly well made, but on mine, the plastic strip that acts as a handle for the blade separated from the blade after a few uses. It'd be easy enough to glue it back on, but I find it's just as effective (maybe even more so) to just use the bare metal blade without the plastic handle, so I didn't bother fixing it. Effect still looks great.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Edward asks: Can this be done with a single card/small packet, or do you need to use a full deck?

    • 1. Ronwald answers: It can be done with a single deck or a small packet but the visuals will be affected a little bit. You can still display the splitting of the deck but it won’t be as cool looking as with a full deck.
    • 2. Ronwald answers: Single card I mean…
    Post an answer to this question
  • Edward asks: Can this be done with a single card/small packet, or do you need to use a full deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You need the full deck
  • Mark asks: Can you do this close up as in the video clips or is there a set distance you need to be away from the spectator

    • 1. Ronwald answers: In my opinion the most ideal is to perform it with the deck at eye level. That’s the safest in terms of angle. I think in the trailer where it was shown that the spectator is also standing in front of you, it will take a lot more practice and really making sure and comfortable at where they’re looking. The worst angle for this directly on top or when spectator is directly looking down at the deck.
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  • William asks: I assume I can use any bicycle deck. I have a deck entirely Queen hearts that could help the patter. OK?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can use any deck.
  • Roel asks: You mailed me a few times that Demi Deck is back in stock again. But when I click on the link it says “Out of stock” ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We had very few available for a short point!, we hope this will be back in stock shortly
  • Richard asks: I keep getting an email saying this is back in stock but it says out of stock when I click on it …

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    • James asks: Do I need to be really good at magic to properly to do this?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Practice will be involved to make it look good but it’s a fairly easy trick
    • Jean asks: Hello,please tell me why you didn’t inform me of demi deck back in stock.It is the second Time this hapens to me

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you selected the “Let me know when back in stock” you should have received an email letting you know
    • Heather asks: Does this effect instantly reset? If not, how complicated is the reset, for walkaround magic?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The effect resets instantly.
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