Dexterity Manual

Book by Justin Higham
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Dexterity Manual

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Book by Justin Higham (20.00)

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This is Justin Higham's largest card book for a decade, and contains an array of moves, subtleties, and effects. Although the format is a technical manual - or rather, a 'dexterity manual' - most items require only an intermediate level of manual dexterity.


The Anti-Gravity Shift – A one-handed pass as featured on Benjamin Earl's 'Past Midnight' DVD, explained here in full detail with eight 'covers', including two by Will Houstoun.

Illogical Strip-Cut Force plus... – Those who liked the Illogical Dribble Force will appreciate the Illogical Strip-Cut Force, Illogical Spread Force, Illogical False Throw-Cut Force, One-Handed IDF and Illogical Riffle Force, all explained here (no knowledge of the Illogical Dribble Force is needed). 

Logical Strip-Cut Force – For those who prefer logicality, Benjamin Earl offers this flexible and deceptive force of one or more cards.

Fake Zarrow Shuffle – For those who haven’t mastered a real one. Two versions are given.

CO2 - A bold, no-palming version of C.O. Williams' popular card-to-pocket.

Biddle Appearance Sandwich – Two buried Kings instantly and visually appear on top of the deck with a selection sandwiched between them – no passes or difficult sleights.

Jungian Poker – A spectator thinks of one of five random cards, and the thought-of card is produced along with its matching straight-flush cards. No large stacks or false deals.

Spectator Cuts a Run of Seven – A 'mega' version of 'Spectator Cuts the Aces' based on Randy Wakeman's popular method.

Digital Poker – A full house is pulled interlaced between the fingers from a shuffled, pocketed deck.

The Magician, The Fool, and The Wheel of Fortune – The names of three Tarot cards are spelt in any chosen order to arrive at three playing-cards, one of which is selected. This matches a tabled prediction.

Off-Center Coincidence – Two selections turn up together as cards are dealt simultaneously from two tabled halves. Nothing special – except the spectator shuffled the deck after the selections were lost.  No palming or crimps.

Pseudo Topper - An impromptu version of Marlo's 'Mental Topper', where a 'mental selection' is revealed along with its three mates.  Can be done straightaway with a borrowed deck.

Intuitive 21-Card Trick – Identical to the classic lay person’s version...except the entire trick is done with the cards face down.

ALSO INCLUDES: One-Handed Slip Pass, One-Handed Pull-Out, Around-the-Deck Reversal, Svengali-ish Convincer, Up-the-Ladder Finesse, Multiple Undershuffle, Deal Shuffle, One-Handed Flip-Over Force, Third-Eye Force, Tilted Fake Removal, Cognitive Transposition, Biddle-Appearance Collectors, Chinatown Bluff, Longitudinal Monte, Mini Faro – Pseudo Centers, Subconscious Culling, Riffle-Shuffle Sandwich, Deal – Count – Spell, Sense of Touch Location, The NoBo Lie Detector (including methods by Kevin Baker), and more.

Over three dozen items in all, 68 pages, 50 photos, saddle-stitched A5 booklet with card covers.


Customer reviews for Dexterity Manual



Ok, this is frankly one of the best magic books i've ever read.The material you get is top notch and his way to write is awesome.When i first opend the book i saw the anti-gravity pass.I think I worked a half a houer before I read anithing else.

Even thou i can do a real zarow shuffle i had fun playing around whit the fake zarrow.Now to the magic. In general magic he teches you effect not only whit cards but alsou one whit coins.In gambling related ther is many good effects but the one i liked the most was mini-faro,pseudo centres. It is a good ceating chapter 5 vaguely psychic my favorit is pseudo topper. I really love the kicker ending. Another thing that i love is that he gives you ten different versions of the nobo lie detector.

Shortly this was an awesome book.
Frome the 12 year old Swedish Magician Jack V



I had the PRIVILEGE of meeting Justin while in London, and can assure you that his easy going demeanor and pure genius pours out in his card work. For years I believed that the bottom deal was an irrelevant sleight, unnecessary in a stand up magician's repetoire. Justin changed my mind. He is incredibly nice, and more importanatly for those who would buy his ideas, he is incredibly good. he fooled my pants right the hell off, and if you decide to buy his effects, you WILL fool the pants off of laypeople, but more importantly, other card nerds.

Buy his material, it will destroy you.

Brett Bishop

PS Will Houston is a second rate magician. :)


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