Double Agent

Trick by Blaise Serra
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Double Agent

24.95 usd

Trick by Blaise Serra (24.95)

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Blaise Serra bursts onto the scene with Double Agent, an advanced and innovative new approach to card magic. Don't let his young age fool you, Blaise Serra is incredibly talented.

With this incredible effect, a Joker (or wildcard) is placed on the bottom of the deck. The spectator is then asked to think of a random, freely selected playing card. They then press their finger against the Joker at the bottom of the face-down deck of cards. When this deck is then turned over, they'll be shocked to see that the Joker has impossibly transformed into the card they thought-of.

Double Agent is a straightforward as it comes. It feels extremely fair since the magician does almost nothing. Since it can be performed with ANY DECK OF CARDS, this is sure to be your new go-to-effect.

  • NO Procedure
  • NO Forces
  • NO Index
  • NO Gimmicks
  • Can be performed with ANY deck of cards

You'll receive a comprehensive 90-minute tutorial covering a variety of different handlings for Blaise's signature Wild Card card trick, including various sleight of hand techniques for different skill levels. Everything you do hides in plain sight. Your spectators will never suspect anything.

This includes a version that doesn't require any memorized deck. Blaise will also reveal the secret to applying the Double Agent technique to his amazing "Invisible Deck at any Number" effect.

Each Double Agent set also comes with a brand new deck of Voyager Playing Cards. However, this effect can be performed with ANY DECK OF CARDS.

With you're purchase, you'll also learn Blaise's take on "Any Card at any Number"—an innovative handling that pushes the potential of this classic card trick to the limits. A card named by the spectator appears reversed at any number they think of.

NOTE: Double Agent requires sleight of hand techniques that will take some practice. However, we assure you that the effort will be totally worth it.


Customer reviews for Double Agent



If you have hours and hours and want to learn a very difficult memory system and sleight of hand, then you’ll like this trick. Although, during the performance I could tell the magician was doing something “fishy” with the deck for just an instant. The good news is, if you do learn this trick, you’ll have a very impressive impromptu trick you can do anywhere with any deck of cards. For most of us though, that’s not what we’re looking for. This one is going right into my “No” drawer, unfortunately.
Thanks to Vanishing Inc. for posting reviews that aren’t great. The magic industry is filled with tricks that sounds great but when you get them, you go “Mehhhhh, no thanks.”
If you want a great card trick that’ll take about an hour to learn and is freaking amazing, go with “Blur.”



You’re paying for a sleight-of-hand instructional video. The sleight is a variation on one you may already know. If you are familiar with it then then you’ve still got a lot to learn. Good luck if it’s entirely new to you – you’ve certainly got your work cut out.

It will also help if you’re already familiar with memorised decks. If you’re not, then you’ve got even more work to do. Oh, and it’s not angle-proof.

This seems like a lot of time and effort for one card trick. Doubt many will persevere with it.


Community questions about Double Agent

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  • A asks: It says you get a deck of cards can this be done with any deck

    • 1. Joseph answers: yes this is completely impromptu
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  • Ryan asks: Is this suitable for left-handed magicians?

    • 1. Jim answers: You might be able to adapt it. That said, I would recommend learning to use your right hand—it will make your life in magic easier. Before you object, let me tell you that I was born left-handed. I trained, and now I am ambidextrous. Spend the effort and time, and it will pay off for the rest of your life.
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  • Rick asks: How difficult is this trick?

    • 1. Dottore answers: Medium.
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