By Doug Edwards
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Doug Edwards is known throughout the world for his straightforward approach to card magic. You will find all sorts of surprises and gems with a pack of cards, but the biggest surprise in Nukes is the non-card material included. Doug has finally released his work on magic with ropes, coins, pens, spoons, and more, giving Nukes a wonderful balance between card magic and tricks with other props. Mr. Edwards has even consented to release some unpublished material from some of the greatest minds in magic and mentalism: Roy Benson, Cardini, Dunninger and Zarrow.

You'll learn a strange book test method Dunninger used for years, a critical detail in Roy Benson’s legendary “Benson Bowl” routine that has never been discussed publicly. Also, we’ll explore a special pack of cards employed by the great Cardini, with unpublished handlings.

You will learn Doug's preferred opening effect, a beautiful and easy Ace-cutting procedure, and a subtlety that will take your Zarrow Shuffle to a new level of deceptiveness. Nukes is the result of years spent writing and decades spent developing the material. It is a fascinating and varied approach to magic, by one of the field’s most dedicated and enigmatic creators.

154 pages | hardback

Contents of Nukes by Doug Edwards

  • Foreword (Joshua Jay)
  • Introduction (Doug Edwards)
  • Instant Glimpse
  • Fan-Tastic Palm
  • The Spread Change
  • The Fingertip Card Production
  • Elevator
  • Aced Out
  • Half Shot Hofzinser
  • The Really Inside Zarrow Shuffle
  • Shove Over Shuffle
  • Vertical Optical Cut
  • Card Expert
  • Showpiece Monte
  • Regular and Complete
  • Make Your Mind a Blank
  • Billy O’Connor’s Instanto Deck
  • Cardini’s Vanishing Stripe
  • Almost Any Card at Any Number
  • Wonder Pen-a-Tration
  • A Rose by any Other Number
  • Safety Bend
  • Dunninger’s Directory
  • Sopper and Cilver
  • Bowl’em Over
  • Blocked
  • Rope Fantasy
  • End of a Nightmare!
  • Kicker Rope
  • Frame to Fame
  • Grabbing Straws
  • Balsa Banana
  • A Mysterious Case
  • Snap, Crackle, Zing
  • Geller Coffee
  • What an Epidemic!
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Customer reviews for Nukes



Great book. Production values are really high. I prefer an A4 sized book as it stays open easier. That said there is are eclectic pieces of magic in the book. The ACAAN is pretty clever as well. Top notch quality and lots of variety. Not just a vars book. Highly recommend this.



First of all, I have to say that VI has become my ‘go to’ destination for magic books. Whether magic history, biography or books that teach effects , this is your bookstore.
Now, Nukes is diverse in effects and contains concepts and variations that can thrill you.
Highly recommended!



Eclectic in content and variety.
Books are the best real magic.
You’ll value this in your library arsenal



Covers a great variety of magic, very easy to read, plenty of visual effects and sketches too.



Doug Edwards collects great magic stuff: Moreover, he also cretes great magic stuff. It's only April and we've got a great contender for Best Magic Book of the Year Award already!



I got it for the Zarrow Shuffle handling alone but got a lot more! The book is easy to read with excellent hand-drawn description of the required moves. I thoroughly enjoyed it!



Nukes is a very fine book by Doug Edwards. It’s a strange variety of effects, predominantly card work (including some nice tips on the Zarrow tipped by Herb himself) but also some magic with all sorts of objects and a bit of mentalism too. A few nice ideas here that I’d consider using but nothing particularly jumps out at me as effects or ideas I really want to use. That being said, if you do buy it I am sure you will get something out of Doug Edward’s latest offering.


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