Dude as I Do

Trick by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media
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Dude as I Do

20.00 usd

Trick by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media (20.00)

Some options in stock.
Dude as I Do - magic
Dude as I Do Dude as I Do Dude as I Do Dude as I Do Dude as I Do Dude as I Do Dude as I Do Dude as I Do Dude as I Do

A mind-boggling full deck coincidence routine from Liam Montier that will leave your audience speechless. Dude as I Do is a wildly powerful effect and true fooler that your spectators are bound to remember for a lifetime.

With Dude as I Do, 26 cards from one deck of cards are given to the magician and 26 playing cards from another deck are handed to your spectator. Both of you shuffle your packets before placing them behind your back. Then, you each grab a random card, pass it to the other person and slip it in your half of the deck without looking.

Upon spreading the packets face-down, it is evident that there is truly just one odd-backed card in each deck. These cards are then turned over to reveal that they are impossibly a perfect match.

While most of the audience will be astonished by this, there will undoubtedly be one person who isn't impressed.

"All the cards are the same" they'll say.

They'll then be quite surprised when you tell them that they're actually correct. All the cards ARE THE SAME.

You then flip over the deck to show that every single other card is exactly the same. Both you and your spectator not only chose the same card, but you chose the ONLY unique card in each deck.

Your audience will never see this amazing kicker ending coming.

  • NO rough and smooth
  • NO sticky stuff
  • NO short cards
  • NO sleight of hand

You won't believe how easy Dude as I Do is to perform. Liam's clever handling makes it essentially self-working. Everything also resets instantly making it perfect for any close-up worker or table-hopping magician.

Two Amazing Versions Are Available:
The Ten of Hearts where the prediction is pre-printed on the tuck box or the King of Clubs where you write your own prediction on the card case (which is slightly more "organic" feeling).

Pick whichever version best suits your style or grab both to use in different situations.

Each set comes with a special deck of cards that does all the work for you and access to comprehensive online instructions.


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