DVD by Vernet Magic and Adrian Guerra
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DVD by Vernet Magic and Adrian Guerra ($30.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Tuesday morning
Euphoria - magic

In 1994, Adrian Guerra (Ramblar) the mnemonica expert won the first prize in Card Magic at FISM in Yokohama.

Since that time he became the most successful professional magician in South America. With these two acts he performs in the most exclusive places and corporate shows. He made his reputation and his living with these wonderful routines.

For over 20 years he has long kept the secrets of his acts, effects and techniques closely guarded until today. Now you have access to all the details of these two professional strong card acts.

ACT 1- Stand Up Card Magic
With this Card act you can amaze an audience from 20 to 200 spectators.
It includes: "Instant catch", "Named card from pocket", "Stop trick in the pocket", "Two cards from pockets", "Impossible ACAAN" and the most spectacular final: "Miracle in the air".

ACT 2- At the table
An entire close up act you can do with any shuffled deck of cards, with a strong opener and the most outstanding finale.
It includes: "Triumph", "Thermagic", "Obedient cards", "The mirage: impromptu pocket index" (only this secret pays the entire price of the DVD), "Total coincidence", "Four of a kind" and the greatest final of all: "Everything in Order".


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Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the May 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Jared Kopf

Vernet has been producing some excellent media lately, and Euphoria is their finest yet. This is completely routined magic built around one of the most potent principles in all of card work. If you haven’t memorized a pack of cards but have been wondering if you should, watching Adrian Guerra’s new DVD might be just the thing to persuade you to take on the mnemonic task.

Euphoria by Vernet Magic and Adrian Guerra