Fully Automatic Card Trick (New)

Trick by Caleb Wiles
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Fully Automatic Card Trick (New)

30.00 usd

Trick by Caleb Wiles ($30.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Fully Automatic Card Trick (New) - magic
Fully Automatic Card Trick (New) Fully Automatic Card Trick (New) Fully Automatic Card Trick (New) Fully Automatic Card Trick (New) Fully Automatic Card Trick (New) Fully Automatic Card Trick (New) Fully Automatic Card Trick (New) Fully Automatic Card Trick (New) Fully Automatic Card Trick (New)

Special offer: Buy today and get an exclusive Caleb Wiles download for free! You can't get this deal anywhere else.

It's rare to come upon a trick that is COMPLETE. With "FACT" you receive a completely worked-through routine: a compelling presentation, a diabolical magic trick, and a deck of cards that does ALL the work for you. What's not to love?

The idea is that a deck of cards is cut and shuffled, and the spectator follows a series of instruction cards that are increasingly fair and impossible. And despite the mixing and the COMPLETE fairness of the procedure, the spectator finds her OWN selection...and then she finds all three mates to the selected card.

What you're investing in with "FACT" is a full routine, ready to be inserted into your show. It has a compelling script, a fun, interactive premise, and a HIGHLY deceptive method. This trick requires no advanced skill, and the special deck of cards contains everything you need to perform, right out of the box. We love Caleb Wiles' magic, and he teaches this clever performance piece in great detail on downloadable video instructions.

Package includes: Gimmicked deck and online instructions.

"That is such a beautiful trick."Penn Jillette

"When I first saw Caleb perform The Fully Automatic Card Trick on Fool Us I was smiling, ear to ear, because it had all the hallmarks of a great piece of magic: engaging presentation, completely deceptive, and unlike anything I've seen before. I'm a big fan of Caleb, and this trick!"
Joshua Jay

Note: The extra blank cards are not included in the second edition


Community questions about Fully Automatic Card Trick (New)

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  • asks: How quick is the reset, and can a different card be selected straight after?

    • 1. Brian answers: Reset takes me about 10 seconds and the spectator has a FREE CHOICE of where to stop. I give them the option of choosing the card that was just dealt onto the table, the one I'm about to deal or the one on top of the packet in my left hand and whichever they choose is the exact one that's used
    • 2. Kirk answers: So the answer avoided is NO !
    • 3. Thom answers: That’s not a NO, that’s a “it’s a free choice of when to stop dealing and they can actually choose which of three possible cards even then.” So that sounds like a YES.
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  • Blake asks: A look at the trailer makes me suspect that this routine as shown would need refills/replacements after each performance. Is that true?...

    • 1. Brian answers: Absolutely not. I still use the exact same deck I bought over a year ago and no cards have been removed or added since day one and will last a lifetime
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  • Alex asks: English is not my first language. Is it possible to customize the instruction cards, or do they all come printed?

    • 1. Ruiming answers: It comes with cards that have English instructions written on, so you can perform it right away. But it also comes with BLANK instruction cards so you can write anything you want on it. I hope it helps!
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  • Alex asks: English is not my first language. Is it possible to customize the instruction cards, or do they all come printed?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We provide spare blank cards for that exact reason.
    • 2. Alain answers: THX!!!
    • 3. Tony answers: The extra cards do not come with the second edition
  • Rohail asks: I am a beginner magician with no slight of hand experience. is this trick suitable for me?

    • 1. Ruiming answers: Hi, this is a self-working trick. Your "assistant" (the spectator) does almost all the things for you. As long as they follow your instructions correctly (it's also a great opportunity to learn and practice controlling audience) and you do some extra work, it will freak people out! I think it is a great start for you to step into the magic world.
    • 2. Ryan answers: The hardest thing for you is to remember the sequence of events, it should take no more than an hour to fully get it
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  • Joseph asks: Does the deck come with Bike Rider backs?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does indeed.
  • Raphael asks: Hi, I would like to know if the routine and the deck provided is doable in any other language than English, or is everything already printed/edited in English? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get share cards to create your own wording in any language.
    • 2. Ronald answers: I did not receive blank cards with my order. However it's cheap to buy a blank deck of Bicycle cards, which then allows for creating multiple sets of customized instruction cards.
  • stephen asks: Can this be repeated with a different outcome, or is it always the same card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's the same card.
    • 2. Brian answers: I have found a way to use a different card with the same outcome but won't explain what that is on here for revealing purposes, however I use 3 different cards for the same outcome as shown in the trailer
  • Brian asks: I have just received my card trick fact but can't seam to get online instucion

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you purchased through our store, please check the downloads section of your account. You should find the explanation videos in there. Otherwise, please contact our support team for further help.
  • Ben asks: Notice that Caleb uses Phoenix cards in the demo? Does this come with Phoenix cards? I hope so, as I no longer use Bikes. Once confirmed, I can place my order. Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It currently comes in Bicycle Rider backs.
  • kevin asks: there is no step 7, 8 and 9, is it i have to write it myself

    • 1. Ryan answers: Have a look at both sides of each card, I’m sure it will be in there ;)
    • 2. kevin answers: mine jz dont have
    • 3. Juan answers: Dec 2 2020: just received mine and there is no step 7-8-9 written on the cards, there were 3 separate card: 3 of diamonds, clubs and spades with blank back. are we supposed to write the steps in there? my hand writing is horrible and not having 7-8-9 already written make the instructions look weird. why aren't those steps already written in the cards?
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  • Zak asks: This comes with an extra download (Clue), just wondering if the cards for clue are provided or are those something you create yourself?

    • 1. Tony answers: It does not come with Clue cards
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  • Amos asks: You say YOU can use three different prediction cards. Are there instructions for this, or is this only in your personal performance?

    • 1. Zak answers: The instructions do not detail using other cards
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  • Sal asks: Does this come with video, or written instructions?

    • 1. Sal answers: Oops! Sorry. Just realized, at the bottom, the ad copy says video.
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  • Brian P. asks: Is this the first or second edition, and if the second edition, how can we buy the blank cards included in the first edition?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The first edition is no longer available. Sorry!
  • Brian P. asks: From my previous question, I understand this is the second edition. But can I purchase the blank cards that came with the first edition?

    • 1. Daniel answers: I believe you can buy an inexpensive deck of blank bicycle cards.
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Customer reviews for Fully Automatic Card Trick (New)



This is incredible! Getting the sequencing correct takes a little practice but the effect is insane. So well thought out, so smart. Fantastic.



Great effect, easy to perform, and I especially love that my spectator does all the work and is wowed at the end with multiple reveals. Reset is easy enough for walk-around, although I will get a second deck so I can always have one on me and one in my close-up bag. Already looking at customization options too. It would be good if there was an optional add-on for just same deck/cards but Pheonix. PS: it would also be great if trick decks started to come with the effect name in code on the bottom of the card box so I can easily know which decks are 'tricked out' versus regular.



This is absolutely amazing you can perform this completely hands off & let the spectator do all the work or take control & do the dealing etc.
Either way what you have here is a complete miracle with multiple surprises & a kicker ending.
The hardest thing you’ll have to do is remember the sequence of events but it really isn’t that difficult.
One word of warning though:
I tried to follow along as suggested on the download but my deck wasn’t set up correctly, if this is also the case for you, go straight to set up & after setting up correctly go back to the beginning & follow along.



Absolutely stunning!! Magic should be about the audience and this truly is all the audience. One of my favourite ever card tricks and I use it constantly



Absolutely to buy.
Really well studied and a good impact with the public.
A second routine is included, and I can guarantee you that it is exceptional.
Thank you



This is a wonderful trick. I also use it for a trick other than the one that it’s meant for. Example: I show the cars and ask spectator to remember where a certain card is, then show them the card from top of deck to be in that same position. Well worth purchasing.





Great effect! I thought it would be a complicated set-up and difficult sequence to accomplish but Caleb style of instruction is detailed, effective and well paced. Can't recommend this trick enough. Not only is it virtually hands-off for the magician and takes place in the spectator's hands; the simplicity of this trick let's you focus on the patter and the spectator.



Amazing tricks



My friend did it for his marriage proposal...It was so amazing when "would" "you" "marry" "me" appears!!!



Love thissss! Such a great trick that came for FREE with my order of FACT (Fully Automated Card Trick) & I love it! Such a beautifull routine and effect that I will surely use all the time!



My new favorite card trick using a full deck. But this isn't just a "trick". And it's more than a routine - it is practically a magic show in and of itself. For an effect this strong, this should be more difficult to do. But it is amazingly easy to learn and probably underpriced. A no brainer for any close up performer. This is one of those things that's even fun to practice because it makes you look good :)

Fully Automatic Card Trick (New) by Caleb Wiles