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By Jason Ladanye
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Game Changer

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Game Changer - magic
Game Changer Game Changer Game Changer Game Changer Game Changer Game Changer Game Changer Game Changer

Game Changer is a sensational collection of magic and gambling effects with cards. This book picks up right where his critically-acclaimed debut Confident Deceptions left off. Jason has once again raised the bar with 18 new, powerful effects, gorgeously illustrated with 225 stunning high-quality, full-color photographs.

Jason makes his living with a deck of cards, and the routines in this book come directly from his close-up act. These effects have been performed over and over for years in front of lay audiences. You’ll find nothing but strong, polished routines that amaze and entertain.

Along with technical ability and presentational skill, Jason’s strengths also include his creativity. He creates new card plots and completely reinvents the classics. 

The effects are constructed so as to baffle the sharpest audience. Although some routines in this book will require focused practice, any difficult sleights are taught in explicit detail, and the reward is well worth the work.

“If you love strong, sophisticated card magic, you’ll love this book.” Darwin Ortiz
“Game Changer” is not just the title of the latest work from Virtuoso at the Card Table Jason Ladanye; but is in fact just that- as it brings a fresh vista to the elements of real entertainment at the card table. The material is not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.” Jack Carpenter
“Packed with terrific psychological insights, stellar example scripting and superb construction and staging, this new book from Jason Ladanye is all killer material with no filler. Light up a good Cuban, pour yourself two fingers of Islay single malt and crack open a fresh pack of cards, because you are in for a real treat.” Andrew Wimhurst
“The man not only knows his craft, but has worked hard to enrich it with his creativity and technical prowess. I’ve enjoyed Jason’s work for years now, and I’m genuinely excited to know he has more in store.” Jeremy Griffith
“Jason Ladanye is a hard-core card expert and he makes no apology for his approach and technical virtuosity. This new book will be a welcome addition to all lovers of elegantly crafted card magic. This new book continues right where the last one left off. In fact, Jason has raised the bar higher than I expected of him. Game Changer is sensational. “ Michael Vincent
"Jason is the "whole package." Consummate chops, deceptive and surprising?effects, presentational stories that intrigue and captivate—all wrapped up?in a unique, consistent and thoroughly engaging character." Simon Aronson
“Jason Ladanye is a card magic beast and a card magic machine. It’s one thing to have killer chops; it’s a whole different level to combine those chops with a take-no-prisoners approach to effect construction and leave an audience convinced they’ve seen the face of God. That’s Jason’s mantra. Anyone who reads, learns, and studies this material is going to be a better card worker because of it.” Tony Cabral
“Jason Ladanye‘s first book put him on the map and his newest book takes him to greater heights. It’s filled with card routines that are smart, engaging, and structured to surprise any audience. A must-have for any card magician.” John Guastaferro
"Jason Ladanye’s work always combines powerful techniques and methods, convincing structures and intriguing premises into what should be the goal of every professional card magician: strong magic. It's a sure bet that his new book, Game Changer will be exactly that." Jason England

350 pages, hardback, containing 18 effects and 225 full-color photographs

Contents of Game Changer

Standing Out: A card is selected from the deck and its identity is kept a secret. Next, the performer locates three of a kind from the deck. Let’s assume he cuts to the three Fives. The performer claims the fourth Five is in the spectator’s hand. When the spectator reveals her card, it turns out be a Queen. The performer instantly turns the three Fives into three Queens.

Game Changer: Two cards are selected and initialed by the spectator, one for the performer and one for the spectator. The spectator writes her name on one of the cards and writes the performer’s name on the other. Both cards are then shuffled into the deck. The performer states he will deal the cards one at a time onto the table. Whoever’s card hits the table first wins a hundred dollars. When the dealing begins, the spectator’s card lands on the table first. However, the performer provides evidence that he has still won the bet.

Catch Me if You Can: The performer plays three games with the spectator. For every game they play, the performer offers a chance to win money. Each game is a simple contest to see who can react quicker. No matter how impossible it seems, the performer wins every time.

Nick of Time: The performer boasts he can locate the four Aces and four selections in less than a minute. Four cards are selected and then lost in the deck. The performer is able to miraculously achieve his goal while keeping the audience in suspense right up to the last second.

Lucky Charms: The performer displays three lucky charms. They consist of a Chinese coin, a die, and a folded, blue, dragon-backed playing card. A spectator selects and signs a card from a red-backed deck. The card is lost back into the deck. The performer uses the three charms to attempt to divine the selection. All three attempts fail. However, the odd-backed folded card (that’s been in full view since the beginning) turns out to be the signed selection.

The Wire: The performer steals four initialed cards from under the spectator’s hand under the closest scrutiny.

Ladanye’s Ultimate Triumph: Four cards are selected. The deck is mixed faces into backs and the selections are lost into four different places. Not only does the performer instantly find all four selections, he causes all of the remaining cards to face the same way.

Liar Liar: The performer offers to teach the audience a simple trick. He demonstrates how a selected card can be found by instantly rearranging a shuffled deck into perfect sequential order.

Royal Exchange: The performer causes a spectator’s poker hand at any position to change places with his poker hand under the fairest conditions.

Dead Center: The performer gives a stunning display of center dealing. A spectator shuffles the cards and then names any card. Let’s assume she chooses the Nine of Hearts. The performer repeatedly deals himself the spectator’s signed Nine of Hearts from different locations in the deck. To make it more of a challenge, the spectator shuffles her selection into the deck. When she hands the deck back to the performer, he instantly center deals her card again. Immediately after dealing her selection, he center deals himself the three remaining Nines.

A Numbers Game (Ladanye’s ACAAN): The performer demonstrates two methods of cheating. First, he shows how it’s possible to track a card during a thorough shuffle. Then he demonstrates that it’s possible to instantly and invisibly move any card to any position in the deck.

Hold ‘em Hustle: The performer states he can stack any two cards from anywhere in the deck in just two shuffles. Two spectators each select a card to make a Texas Hold ‘em hand. The cards are lost in the deck exactly where the spectators choose. The performer shuffles the deck twice and deals the cards. Not only does he successfully stack the spectators’ cards, he also manages to win the hand with the four Aces.

Cheaters: Red-backed Aces become blue-backed Aces when the performer wears a special pair of glasses.

Fast Track: The performer demonstrates how it’s possible to track and steer cards during a thorough series of cuts and shuffles.

Aces Anonymous: The performer offers to play a game of poker without cheating. A spectator is asked to remove the four Aces. They are sealed in an envelope, placed in a wallet, and pinned under the spectator’s hand. The performer somehow still receives the four Aces.

High-Card Hustle: The performer plays a game of high-card cut with the spectator. Even though the performer offers the spectator tremendous advantages for each game, the performer always wins.

Power Play: The performer demonstrates two ways to gain an advantage in a card game. First, he shows how he can correctly read poker tells. Then, he gives a demonstration of multiple false deals. The performer concludes by false dealing five hands of four of a kind from a deck the spectator shuffled.

The Art of War: The performer and a spectator play a game of War. No matter what the circumstances, the performer wins every single hand.

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Customer reviews for Game Changer



If you loved studying Jason's first book "Confident Deceptions", wait until you study "Game Changer". Jason raises the bar even higher with these 18 mind-crushing effects. If you're an aspiring professional and want to perform in a corporate setting, do not think twice whether to get this book or not; most of these effects are meant to engage an entire audience. Even if don't end up learning any of the effects, this book is a joy to read on its own for card magic lovers and there will definitely be something that you can learn and apply to your own repertoire, whether it's about a sleight, presentation, or patter!



Jason Ladanye is the best card magician alive today. He is student to the legendary Darwin Ortiz. This book has some absolute killer material. And any book by Darwin’s students you should pick up bc you are definitely going to find some real gold. Darwin Ortiz was the best magician ever in my opinion. And Jason is as good as Darwin. So if you like Darwin Ortiz you gonna love Jason’s books



Once again a beautiful book by VI and Jason Ladanye. Stunningly produced. The photos are great all the explanations are great. The routines are fun to perform as the is a lot of audience interaction. The effects lean more towards gambling routines as the first book but this book is a lot of fun. Be prepared to put in a lot of work.



Jason Ladayne has done so much to bring the baseline of Darwin Ortiz' Designing Miracles and Strong Magic theory added so much more to bring them to life. In a long car ride to the lecture, Jason said to me. "You think Batman is pretty cool right?" I mean he doesn't have super powers but he can do all of these super insane cool things. Just a great lesson in character.

These books are jam packed with original ideas and concepts for formal card Magic. Buy this book!



Excellent book full of creative and entertaining card magic. These effects are elegant in the superlative. The photos are clear and extremely helpful. I would recommend this to anyone that has the basics of card magic down; some of the material will be challenging but this is a book to read and then aspire to perform these absolute miracles. Jason's triumph is outstanding and perhaps the most challenging routine in the book. I doubt I will have the skill to perform it for many months, yet I am still happy as now I have something to aspire to like I say above. In short, excellent book!

VI Monthly


Fair warning, this review will be a little spicy, because I feel so strongly about this book. Game Changer completely changed the way I perform my card magic, and how I look at my audience. I decided to write this review because I have seen some "magicians" in forums and social media platforms complain about this book's difficulty. As an intermediate magician, I found that laughable. All the sleights in the book are either explained or can be easily found in the most common reference books (like Card College for instance). Below is a list of the effects and a few quick notes for each, including difficulty. Note that again, I'm not an advanced card magician, and I can perform almost every effect in the book well:

Standing Out: Great opener, not difficult, all in the hands. Can't lose with this one.

Game Changer: OK, the effect that shares the title with the book is an absolute winner. In this effect, Jason introduces a technique that he uses for several tricks later in the book. You hide something in plain sight so well that blows my mind more people don't use this more often. This trick destroys people and it is not difficult to perform.

Catch Me if You Can: Great premise, really entertaining to an audience. This effect is really strong, and it immediately disproves another criticism I've seen about this book, where "magicians" say the audience won't like the performer winning all the time. This thinking is completely wrong, and performing this effect and getting all the laughs proves it. Jason does not publish filler material or material he has not tested. This is a winner, and once again it is really easy to do.

Nick of Time: This trick is great fun, you can use some very classy props, you could even put some fun music in the background while performing it, if your character is more comedic. There is one sleight that I think may give people pause, but it is really not that bad. If I can perform it, I think most magician's who are beyond the beginner stage can.

Lucky Charms: This is Jason's take on the "your card was the one in full view the whole time" premise. It hits hard, you can use the prop to build your character during your show. Not difficult at all.

The Wire: This trick is a bit sleight heavy, but everything is with within the reach of an intermediate magician for sure. Great premise, and the ending looks impossible to your audience.

Ladanye’s Ultimate Triumph: Here is a trick that I am sure stumped a lot of the "magicians" in the forums and social media. It uses one sleight that scares magician's quite a bit. From my perspective, this is a great trick to use while practicing the sleight, as it will teach you to handle the deck in different conditions, further improving your technique. Not easy, but not otherworldly.

Liar Liar: This trick relies on the same sleight as the triumph, so I'm sure "magicians" may be afraid of it for that reason. I do the sleight, so for me, this is a winner. It is also a freaking good closer.

Royal Exchange: You get a lot of mileage out of basically one intermediate sleight. Slam dunk for me, not hard to perform.

Dead Center: Another effect that hits hard, has a great premise, and relies on an intermediate sleight done a few times. Not difficult, and while it has a gambling theme, it is very easy to follow even for non-poker players.

A Numbers Game (Ladanye’s ACAAN): This trick is great in that it finally explains why knowing a card at a specific number matters. It requires that you have something in your repertoire that magicians often don't take the time to learn. This effect is a good place to start. If you have the one bit of knowledge in your repertoire, this one is easy peasy. If you don't... it is probably time to give it the time it deserves.

Hold ‘em Hustle: Jason uses an old ruse in the middle of this trick, mainly as a way to prove that you are doing what you say you are doing. It has a kicker ending, pretty straight forward to do. Yes, it does have a couple of those sleights that I have already mentioned above, which are more on the intermediate side, but nothing crazy.

Cheaters: Fantastic trick, has one sleight that scares "magicians" but it is very strong and a lot of fun for an audience. This effect is one that you have to do for real people (you know, like an actual magician does) to really appreciate. Not difficult, but it will take practice, mainly to get the choreography flowing nicely. Once it does you'll want to be set to do this at all times.

Fast Track: A shorter effect, but still, very strong. I know I am repeating myself, but again, it uses a sleight that frightens "magicians." I did not find it difficult. You can set up for it on the fly, and Jason included a way to be preset for those out there that are not comfortable with a quick set up in front of the spectators.

Aces Anonymous: Requires you to have a prop which most card magicians should have anyway. Hits really hard, not difficult at all.

High-Card Hustle: Another one of those tricks that makes people who do not actually perform for audiences nervous. They think "but my spectators should be the stars, they should always win." Not so. If you are an expert card handler, if that is your character, wouldn't you win at these games? Not difficult, but you do have to think on your feet, another thing that scares non-performers.

Power Play: Aha! Yes, now this one is hard. It requires some advanced sleights done pretty openly, and you have to remember several steps. Jason worked on this routine for a few years and it shows. It will take practice and rehearsal... but all great magic should require practice and rehearsal. I do not do this one yet, but I am learning the sleights so I can do it justice.

The Art of War: The last trick in the book is a stunner. You can close your show with this and the audience will be left with no doubt that you are a master of your craft. You get to improvise a bit, which is always fun, and the audience will spend most of the trick shaking their heads in disbelief. Not hard at all actually, and it plays really big.

As you can see above, I both love this book and believe that maybe two or three of the tricks are truly challenging. Almost every trick is doable for an intermediate magician. More importantly, the "hard" sleights are not actually hard, they just take dedicated practice. You may in fact have to practice for *gasp* a few weeks or months to do them well. But if dedicated practice scares you, then this book is not for you. I can say from experience that real audiences love these effects, and you will love the reactions you get from performing them well. One last note: If any of the sleights are out of your reach, you can always reach out to Jason directly. He provides lessons via Zoom and can teach you any of the sleights in the book. I learned the correct technique for one of the sleights that trips up most "magicians" after one lesson, and only took me three months of dedicated practice to do it reliably in front of an audience.

I hope you find this review useful.



If you don't know Jason's work go to youtube and watch him perform the magic he created. I got this book few months back - no regrets. Jason is a great teacher - every trick/routine is well explained and if you follow the steps as written you will learn those tricks. There are routines for each magician out there (beginner, intermediate or professional) also gambling routines are spot on.

So if you are hesitant to buy this let me assure you if you don't buy this you would be missing out a lot of the good stuff out there



So I'm a book guy. It's how I learn best especially in sleights. I read everything I can get my hands on and ask a lot of questions. I see all kinds of quality and teaching styles from poor to excellent. "Game Changer" is in a class of its own. The explanations, illustrations, applications, and practice leave nothing to ponder. THIS BOOK IS AN ARSENAL! I have enough in Game Changer to proactively practice in an attempt to master for a year if I quit my job. Game Changer is a gift to the community as is Jason Ladanye. I am no one yet this guy personally answered a question I had. This book and its author are the real deal.

Absolute, unadulterated, GOLD



Maybe it is not the most important thing to start with but this book look and feel is simply amazing. Reading this book is a pleasure itself.

I work with Jason for almost 5 years. We've spent countless hours on Skype, some time on live sessions, I saw every single video on YT, saw him performing live... I was thinking that he couldn't surprise me at all.
Well, I was wrong. Jason's new book is real amazement for me. All the effects in this book are a well thought-off, balanced effects with a strong premise, creative plots and amazing endings.
You can fell it straight away that this material is put through thorough audience testing. There are no fillers, only good quality magic.

With his first book, Confident Deceptions, Jason set the bar really high. Game Changer exceeds his first in every way. If you want to perform strong card magic which your audience will remember forever then you have to buy this book. It's a modern classic. 100% recommended. With those effects, cards won't be boring to your audience at all!



Maybe it is not the most important thing to start with but this book look and feel is simply amazing. Reading this book is a pleasure itself.

I work with Jason for almost 5 years. We've spent countless hours on Skype, some time on live sessions, I saw every single video on YT, saw him performing live... I was thinking that he couldn't surprise me at all.
Well, I was wrong. Jason's new book is real amazement for me. All the effects in this book are a well thought-off, balanced effects with strong premise, creative plots and amazing endings.
You can fell it straight away that this matherial is put through thorough audience testing. There are no fillers, only good quality magic.

With his first book, Confident Deceptions, Jason set the bar really high. Game Changer exceeds his first in every way. If you want to perform strong card magic which your audience will remember forever then you have to buy this book. It's a modern classic. 100% recommended. With those effects, cards won't be boring to your audience at all!



Anybody who is serious about strong card magic, NEEDS this book.

Jason has truly outdone himself with this latest work.

Hat's off to you, Jason...Truly an inspiration to all up and comers in sophisticated magic.



“Game Changer” lives up to the hype and exceeds it. Game Changer ushers in a new and fresh era of close up card magic. While paying homage to classic plot and style, Ladanye provides new stories and avenues for classic sleights to be utilized. Whether you are looking for clever magic, or sophisticated gambling demonstrations, you will find it here.



With over 30 years in magic now I am fairly critical of most new books and even more selective in what I actually purchase. I have found over the years that there are just a handful of authors (Ortiz, Lavand, Wonder, Giobbi, Tamariz...) whom I trust. With Jason Ladanye's second book he is now also joining this list.

Jason maintains a very active social media presence and so through his website or youtube videos you can quickly gain an appreciation of whether his style of magic speaks to you.

However - even if you aren't passionate about card magic I believe the book has something to offer. Jason writes with clarity and is a very methodical educator. He seems to genuinely want to give away the 'real work' of his professional routines and cares about teaching them properly.

I would strongly recommend this book to the magical fraternity not only because Jason is an excellent technician, performer and constructor of effects but more importantly because he is a great teacher - his thoughts will hopefully inspire your own development even if you never perform one of the effects in the book.



Jason´s new book is truly great and I would´nt be surprised if it will be considered a modern masterpiece. If you think that Confident Deceptions was good you will think this is even better. It follows the same thinking as the former book, extraordinary strong magic and gambling effects with ultra-smart constructions. One thing that I think is worth mentioning is the fact that Jason always testsdrives his material many many times for a live audience and not rush new material to publishing just because. I will end this review by repeating what I wrote about Confident Deceptions: Do yourself a favor and really master all sleights needed to perform the effects. I am sure everyone that purchase the book will find many items that will go straight into their repertoar!



I thought that publishing a book and really having something to add to a world, perhaps the most complete of card magic would have been difficult.
Difficult but not impossible because Jason Ladanye with his Game Changer has confirmed that it can. The book is fantastic both in its editorial and in its content, reading and learning are facilitated with plural photographs that portray the salient points of the effects a truly remarkable editorial commitment.

Fabrizio Bottino
Cardician. italy



What an incredible book! The pictures are just beautiful, you can appreciate the moment you open the book the attention to detail and the amount of work and time as been put into it. I totally felt that I was stealing from Jason.

What I love about Jason's work is that everything make sense, the presentation comes along with his character and makes the effect even stronger.

If you are really want to step up your card magic and put in the time and practice into it, definitely this book is for you. Your investment is safe, it worth every penny!



I really think you outdid yourself with this new book. Great routines with all the little details that really show these routines have been worked out in front of an audience.

All card tricks are not created equal despite what a few pundits say. If the core structure is not solid off then then nothing much else can be done to fix the resulting issues.

I spent the weekend working through several routines with cards in hands. More than one time I caught myself thinking "But what about this?" and sure enough a couple sentences later Jason mentioned that exact point. ( The first couple times I chuckled but then it got a little unnerving and I started looking over my shoulder.)

There is still a lot to digest and some routines to get into performing shape. Well worth the money. So good job!



I have read more than my fair share of magic books over the years (particularly card magic books), and I can honestly say that Game Changer is undisputedly at the top of the list. This is hard-hitting magic like no other. Ladanye's attention to detail is second-to-none, and it is a wonderful feeling to understand the thought process that he puts into creating each routine. Not only does he explain what he does and how he does it, but he explain WHY he does it. He leaves no stone unturned, and the effects are impossible for your spectators to backwards engineer.

More generally, the book looks and FEELS like a masterpiece. The pages are thick and glossy, and the photos are the best I've seen in ANY magic book. Ladanye follows the format he used in Confident Deceptions. After each routine is thoroughly explained, he provides his uninterrupted patter, and you can see the routine playing out in your mind's eye as you read the script.

Game Changer is a top shelf masterpiece that will be hard for anybody to top. Ladanye has set a new bar for all of us.



I first found Jason on youtube, he was performing effects from Darwin Ortiz like 4 to 1. I thought "man this guy is really good" I went to his channel and started watching other uploads he had like "Quick Change Artist", "The Big Stack", and "Best for Last". These are all effects from Jason's first book Confident Deceptions. I was so impressed by these videos I knew I had to get that book no question (The first time I saw Best for Last I was at a loss for words and completely baffled at how someone could possibly be that skilled with a pack of cards). That book brought my card magic to a new level, I remember not being able to do anything in the book because I only did card magic for about a month and got frustrated, but after a few weeks of work I could do the first few tricks. Confident Deceptions was the absolute best book I ever read. So when I head about Game Changer coming out I had to get the book no question. A lot of the effects in this book are my absolute favorite effects in magic, effects like "Game Changer" (I get people scream and jump from this one), "Ladayne ACAAN" ( an absolutely amazing ACAAN, the method is great but the presentation is what makes this trick astounding), "Catch me if you Can" is a great take on a card to wallet, it is now my favorite version of the effect), "Lucky Charms" (this effect itself is worth the price of the book, it is inspired from Dream Card but it is just my favorite to close out a show, this trick gives me the best reactions out of any effect I have ever performed). If you are serious about card magic I highly recommend both of Jason's books, you not only learn amazing tricks, but Jason also gives you all the patter he uses which is brilliantly scripted. This gives you a great starting point for your patter so you can edit it to suit your style or character.



Jason Ladanye did it again..."Game Changer" this book is an instant classic! With over 8 years in the making this book is flawless. He pulls out all the stops let me start by saying the quality Is by far the best I've seen. The instruction's for 18 incredible and astonishing card tricks are crystal clear. The photography is out standing and the attention to detail is perfect. Everything about this book is remarkable you can tell he put a lot of work on making this book not only a go to but a must have for any Card Magician or fan. Jason is extremely thoughtful of the importance to learn the right way and with ease. This Book is the epitome of what great card magic books should model themselves after. So please I urge you to grab a copy I promise you won't be disappointed and I know you will be blown away the very second this hits your hands! "It's a Game Changer"

-Nick Altieri-



Coming off the heels of his first hit book from 2013 entitled "Confident Deceptions", comes a continuation of the wonderfully creative card magic you have come to expect from Jason Ladanye as well as the Vanishing Inc Team (who also produced Confident Deceptions). The newest offering is "Game Changer" and the title is on par with the material offered within the covers of this new book. Clocking in at 350 glossy pages sprinkled with 225 full color, high def photos so you can follow along with the well written descriptions. This book, although only 111 pages longer than his first, is almost twice as thick but the same height and width so they will look great beside each other on your bookshelf.

Each contain 18 effects. "Game Changer" is split up in two sections. Section 1 is Magic Effects, of which there are 8 and section 2 is Gambling Effects, of which there are 10. The Forward is written by Michael Vincent who calls Jason's work "sensational" and likens the quality of this book to "Lessons in Card Mastery" by Darwin Ortiz (Incidentally, If you do not know about Jason, he was one of Darwin's best students while growing up and taking lessons from the Master Card Magician) so this compliment really is not a stretch.

"Game Changer" starts with a fairly in depth look at the "pinky count" which is one of his most used sleights (although you can do any of the effects in either book without, you can just replace with your favorite method). I will note that I NEVER was able to do a successful pinky count before reading his description in "Confident Deceptions" and now I can hit it more than 75% of the time. This description in "Game Changer" goes even deeper and adds photos to help. I am certain I will get it down soon). Later in the description of "Lucky Charms" he goes into a detailed explanation of the MCF too. In fact, all but the simplest sleights are taught and any that were not greatly detailed are referenced in common books like the "Card College" series. Which leads to the Question - Who is this book written for? Well, there is actually something in it for all skill levels. (He goes over this on a short Podcast he recently did about the book on the Vanishing Inc site). Take 26 minutes to listen for yourself, also, don't forget to check out Jason's blog which is full of great thought provoking posts.

Jason does not put any material in either book just for the sake of filling it up. Every effect is tested over years in front of lay-audiences and have been honed in every detail. If it does not meet his high standards, it doesn't make it to the book. Each effect is broken down into sections such as "Effect" - a brief description, "Set Up" - What needs done to start, "Method" - Very detailed with full color high def photos to help the reader understand fully, then a highlighted in silver/grey "Patter" section taking you thru the whole effect and finally "Comments" about the routine and it's nuances and "Credits" for ideas and sleights plus where to find many in print if you wist to explore it further.

Each routine is written in what I would call a "conversational" approach. While reading, it feels like he is telling you directly (and one on one) the workings rather than the standard "Textbook" feel that many magic books seem to have. Even if a particular effect is not one that would make it into "your particular act" there is still a lot there to learn that will help you in other aspects of your magic. The book finishes with a page and 3/4 of "Acknowledgements" to those who helped and inspired him.

Lover of great card magic that I am, "Confident Deceptions" rose quickly on my favorites list. "Game Changer" will certainly do the same after this first reading. Cannot recommend it enough.

Grab your Copy for only $60.00 You will be glad you did.



I've seen Jason perform live a number of times, so I can tell you first hand how strong the reactions to these routines are.

Jason's second book, somehow, exceeds his first in every way. Incredibly well thought-out effects, strong premises, creative new plots, and cohesive thinking all come together to create routines that can go into your repertoire right now.

Many of these effects will require some practice, but it'll be well worth your time to learn the sleights required, many of which are explained in full detail with gorgeous color photos. If you want to improve your card magic, this book is for you. Highly recommended.


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