By Luke Jermay
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Roberto Giobbi, Michael Weber, R Paul Wilson, Daniel Madison, John Archer, Asi Wind have all played Jermay's "GAME" and now it's your turn ... "GAME" is Jermay's professional handling of Dai Vernon's classic "Trick That Cannot Be Explained" that brings this previously opaque, challenging, and difficult concept to the hands of even the novice.

Full details of performances with your deck, a borrowed pack and alternative handlings are covered in this DVD. Jermay is joined by John Archer for the explanations and performances. A shuffled deck. An impossible prediction. With "GAME" the rules have changed.

"Luke Jermay is as devious as he's clever, and he's a Master at complication - with this take on TTTCBE he might just fool the Devil..." Roberto Giobbi
"Intelligent magicians will want to read and learn everything Luke Jermay is willing to share, and the really intelligent ones don't have to be told." Michael Weber
"Jermay's GAME is the real deal: deceptive, practical AND impossible." R. Paul Wilson
Jermay is a master at constructing powerful plots packed with interest and theatricality that fool audiences badly. This is masterclass. Asi Wind
“Clever and fooling! With layers of devious principles and a great hook, Jermay has created an ingenious twist on a classic effect.” John Guastaferro
"Once again, Jermay demonstrates how an intriguing and captivating presentation takes a simple plot from a 'that’s cool’ climax to an ‘OMG! NFW!' moment." Nicholas Einhorn
"In typical Jermay style, this routine is an absolute, deeply fooling, winner." Doug McKenzie
“When I saw Luke perform 'Game' I was totally fooled…the handling is so clean…the effect so impossible. This is seriously deceptive!” Marc Paul
"Being genuinely fooled by magic is a wonderful thing. Luke seems to do this effortlessly ... I have no idea how GAME works. I think I'd prefer to keep it that way. Fantastic." Wayne Houchin
"There are many tricks you can do, but very few will actually be remembered by your audience. Luke generously decided to share his version of the “Trick That Can't be Explained”... I prefer to call it the trick that won’t be forgotten!"Luis DeMatos
"Luke has created a perfectly impossible moment; bridging the ultimate gambling demonstration with something mystifying that simply cannot be explained." Daniel Madison
"Jermay brings his brilliant thinking to bear on one of card magic's great under-performed effects. Well that's about to change, since what Jermay has brought to the table brings this fantastic trick into the reach of every single magician. Classic Jermay." Mark Elsdon
"Those who think of Luke Jermay as “only” a mentalist severely underestimate his all-around magical skills and knowledge—particularly with playing cards. This routine proves that Luke can sit at a card table with the best of them." John Lovick
"I have watched "GAME" over and over and over. I'm fooled each and every time. I want this all to myself." Robert Smith
"If you are reading this, I'm confident that you are now amongst the good company of the many others that this has fooled. A truly masterful piece, performed by a true master." Chris Rawlins
"By putting a lovely theatrical frame around complex ideas, Jermay finds a bit of drama and wonder in what is often a dry card trick." Eric Mead
"In Jermay's GAME you'll perform an impossible prediction effect with surprisingly little work! No gambling knowledge is required in this gambling themed effect, i.e. all of the drama with none of the boredom, amazing!" Tom Stone
"I love being fooled by Luke Jermay – he could almost be a 21st-century Jedi Knight when it comes to playing tricks with people's minds. His performance of "The Trick that cannot be Explained" left me completely bewildered by the outcome. One of the things I love about Luke's approach to card magic is that it appears to be lacking any kind of recognisable procedure and yet still the outcome is truly inexplicable. Having watched GAME I am left with the feeling I need to revisit this classic plot in preparation for adding Luke's thoughts and analysis to one of the most extraordinary concepts in card magic. Dai Vernon started the conversation, followed by the intervention and creative analysis of many other magicians over the years. I'm very excited that Luke has tackled this problem!" Michael Vincent
"Luke thinks about magic on another level and The Game is a perfect example of this. No detail has been left untouched." Chad Long
"Finally a version of the trick that cannot be explained that CAN be explained. ‘Game’ is practical, fun, and enormously fooling." Hector Chadwick
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Customer reviews for GAME



Luke Jermay is a wonderful artist, i've never disliked any of his offerings. This included. I'm sure that Dai Vernon would of loved Luke's artistry, especially after seeing what has been done TTTCNBE. Just get, learn it and enjoy slaying minds!!!



An awesome routine with a great story to go with it. I love it so much.
There is one thing that I will say, which is: this routine has multiple routes in which you will need to improvise on the spot. Unfortunately Luke doesn't go through each of these thoroughly, however he does give enough information for you to figure it out on your own. This routine is so great that when I was watching the performance for performance tips, I got lost in the story and immersed in it to the point that I forgot what I was doing. Definitely recommend for all who love gambling routines.

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If you’ve ever been curious about Vernon’s The Trick That Cannot Be Explained, but been too daunted by the “lack of” method, this is for you. It is a brilliant, simple, framework for a baffling effect. And honestly you can be performing it within half an hour of viewing. A couple points about probability. John Archer says the odds are 1 in 4 of hitting the first time. That’s not anywhere near accurate. The probability of hitting one of your targets in top 4 or bottom 4 first time is a whopping 58%!! Also, Luke recommends “dropping four” (I’m trying not to reveal too much) to increase your odds. I wouldn’t bother. That only takes your odds from 58% to 62%.



What makes this for me is that the outcome, and how you get there, is not fixed, so the route you take and the story you tell will be different each time. To a layman Ben Earl's The Answer (also excellent) will look the same but this is just as devious and harder to backtrack. Loving the idea of improvising - to a small degree - the route to the reveal.



This is absolute genius. I'll be using GAME from now on.



A true winner! Ever review you've seen is 100% true!



GAME! is so wonderful! I carry this around with me in my wallet at all times!



GAME is a really fantastic and simple routine. Luke Jermay is really great at creating magic that seems impossible and difficult to do but with surprisingly simple methods! I keep GAME in my wallet so it's always with me!



It's a really good product but not for the newcomer in my opinion. If you're not comfortable improvising a little then this might not be the one for you, but otherwise this is a good worker which as you can see by the other reviews is a great little addition to any mentalists repertoire. I enjoyed learning it and will hopefully put it to good use myself soon!



I'm a fan of Luke's work and I was really looking forward to this when I first saw the trailer. While I do like the trick itself, I would have liked to have seen one full run-through of the routine with explanation on the video as opposed to all the stops and starts and conversation about the variety of outcomes, outs and stories. All of that stuff would have been great at the end of the video had there been one full run-through with explanation up front that included the handling of the prediction cards in context with the shuffled deck linearly start to finish.


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  • jaegeun asks: by using this trick, can I make different things instead of royal flush(spade 10,J,Q,K,A)? for example Joker, heart A, spade A, diamond A, club A

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: I think you should use a royal flush
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  • Mr P asks: What deck does Luke use for his own poker hand in the demonstration? Is it meant to match the main deck that’s in play? His four cards look like they have a different back design.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We're not sure the exact deck he used but it depends on which presentation you want to do.
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