Gone Deck

Trick by Shin Lim
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Gone Deck

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Trick by Shin Lim ($29.95)

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Gone Deck - magic
Gone Deck Gone Deck Gone Deck Gone Deck Gone Deck Gone Deck

Here at Vanishing Inc we're proud to offer you Gone Deck from Shin Lim - the effect developed by himself and Tom Elderfield (5 years in the making!) and used to close Shin Lim's Encore Act on The Illusionists show.

The incredible Gone Deck has to be seen to be believed, but in short can be used as both an APPEARING and VANISHING card box, making this a versatile prop to anyone's repertoire.

Comes with a premade template so that you can apply any deck of your choosing and use it in the beginning, end, or even middle of your routine. And because it is simply one card thin and works as one unit with no separate parts to worry about, Gone Deck will not get in the way of your performances.

Also comes with an instructional tutorial on how to perform different vanishes, appearances, and even color changes. In addition, Shin Lim teaches you how to not only take care of your gimmick, but also how to create new ones of your own.

  • Make a deck of cards instantly boxed
  • Make a boxed deck instantly un-boxed
  • Change a red card box to blue
  • Packs flat and is only one card thin

I use this effect to close my professional repertoire.Shin Lim

DISCLAIMER: Nicholas Lawrence had independently created a similar effect called Unboxing, and Unboxing 2.0.

This effect has streaming instructions only and cannot be downloaded. It also requires some DIY.


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  • Maks asks: I have small hands and I want to ask if palming is needed or something like this

    • 1. Tony answers: You don't need to palm anything
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  • Matthew asks: Short sleeves?

    • 1. Tony answers: Yeah! you don't need a long sleeve for this trick
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  • Ethan asks: Is it hard to build?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nope.
  • Bryan asks: If I purchase, do I get the video right away through vanishing inc or do I have to wait until the parts are shipped for a passcode?

    • 1. Brent answers: Right away, in general
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  • Tom asks: Can this be performed for close-up? Also, is it angle-sensitive?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, it can be done close-up. Other than rear angles, no.
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Customer reviews for Gone Deck


Official review from Genii Magazine

From the April 2016 Genii magazine. Reviewed by David Regal

IT’S GETTING TO A POINT where if I was walking through the woods and I saw a trail of tiny magnets, playing cards, and elastic thread, I’d say “Shin Lim has been here.” I have never met Mr. Lim, but this is a guy who clearly will do whatever it takes to create striking, visually arresting magic. With his dramatic looks, soulful performance persona, and solid technical skills I’d say he’s going places were he not already there. On top of everything else, he is an engaging and clear communicator. This effect, similar to “Unboxing” by Nicholas Lawrence, is a gimmick that allows you to make a card box magically appear around a loose deck of cards, instantly turn a boxed deck into a single playing card, or even change the color of a card box. The gimmick is great, but know that we are talking major arts and crafts here. You get some supplies and a template, but you will be making this yourself, splitting cards, gluing, etc. By the time Mr. Lim brought out the hole puncher the diameter of a needle, all I could say was “Oh, my.” When it comes down to making the version of the gimmick that adds a color change to its utility, you may want to kill yourself. Shin Lim kind of admits that when he made his, he wanted to kill himself.

Considerations: A terrific gimmick that allows for amazing magic … but you will need to earn it

Copyright 2016 by The Genii Corporation.



this gimmick is a really useful gimmick for on stage reasons but when u get it it will be disappointing but when u make it it will look just like in the trailer trust me I have this gimmick made myself and easy to make to



Great illusion but you have to construct the gimmick extremely hard to make i bought 10 decks of cards to attempt to make gone deck and all of them failed

It is a waist of money



Good effect, but it does not look like a real deck ...

Gone Deck by Shin Lim