Hand-Picked Astonishments: Card Forces

By Joshua Jay and Paul Harris
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Hand-Picked Astonishments: Card Forces

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DVD or download by Joshua Jay and Paul Harris ($19.95)

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Hand-Picked Astonishments: Card Forces - magic
Hand-Picked Astonishments: Card Forces Hand-Picked Astonishments: Card Forces Hand-Picked Astonishments: Card Forces

Handpicked Astonishments is Paul Harris' new concept for teaching the cutting-edge magic on a wide variety of topics. The concept is simple. Rather than try to teach every variation or idea on a topic, he curates. Put simply, these are the absolute BEST five or six effects possible on each topic. No filler—just the ultimate routines you can perform with thumbtips, loops, the Invisible Deck, and card forcing. Taught by expert magician Joshua Jay in meticulous detail and clarity, this is the Tarbell Course for the digital age!

Volume 2 is dedicated to the wide world of card forces. Joshua Jay will share with you a variety of forces for every occasion: in the hands, on the table, on the go, or with a setup. Then, he shares several new, unpublished routines utilizing the forces taught, as well as three mind-blowing classic of card magic that should be in every magician’s repertoire.

Card forces contents

  • Fiedler's Flyer
  • Half Time
  • Drop Shot
  • Cross Cut Force
  • Slip Cut Force
  • Swing Cut Force
  • Touch Force
  • Riffle Force
  • Discrete Displacement
  • Classic Force

Running time: 55 minutes

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Customer reviews for Hand-Picked Astonishments: Card Forces



Usual excellent teaching by Josh.

Nice selection of usable and convincing forces that don't require a bunch of counting cards and procedure.

Josh adds a lot of nice touches and provides provenance where appropriate.

Basic intro to classic force that will get you started. Supplemental study will be required along with the recommended practice to develop confidence.

Money well spent!

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This is a very nice resource. You will learn forces that you use for a life time. everything you need is all in one download. Anytime you can take the deck out of the magician hands greatly enhances the effect like the cross cut force, you don't need to touch this deck and the cut deeper force.you also have some nice gimmicks here. The Fielder gimmick is worth the price of the download. you can make a person card vanish and end up anywhere. I have made cards vanish and they have ended up under car windshields, pocket, their pockets. in shoes. the sky's the limit. Their is a force for every kind of situation and they are all workers. Joshua is a fantastic teacher. If you get a chance check out his bluff shift bundle. I has a lot of great work on it too. Sometime you only have 5 seconds to impress your next client, why not force and reveal a card.



Wow. Just wow. Joshua Jay did an amazing job on this DVD, and I am waiting for more if they ever come out.



More! More! This was amazing! Like Tarbell but with live instruction. When do the rest come out?



I love Joshua Jay's teaching style, and this was absolutely great. The tricks he uses to illustrate the forces are spectacular, and I'm going to be trying ALL of them out. This is what happens when Joshua Jay and Paul Harris work together? I can't wait for more!



This is a fantastic collection of magic. I was expecting a lot but it delivered and more so. I just wanted to a refresher of some good forces that didn't require a table, which I got. But what I ALSO got was a bunch of really, really strong material I had not seen before.


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  • Mark asks: How come the DVD is for sale but not the download? I haven’t had a DVD player for two years

    • 1. Peter answers: Not everyone prefers downloads. Christmas is coming and I’m looking for something I can physically unwrap on the day! I have ÂŁ65 worth of Ben Earl’s great card moves waiting in my cart, but I hesitate making the purchase. It’s a download. It will be good, but there’s no physical connection. It will never feel like something I own and it may end up like so many other great tricks; sitting up in the cloud, neglected and possibly forgotten. But I’m definitely buying Card Forces. It’s a DVD. Christmas is coming. Excuse the pun, but I think Magic retailers miss a trick in their rush for the convenience of streaming and downloads. This is the time to package some great magic - magic that one can physically hold in your hands - and, for me, anything on DVD is a plus.
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  • Mark asks: How come the DVD is for sale but not the download? I haven’t had a DVD player for two years

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: People prefer the download nowadays so the discount for DVD will help us more the overstock
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