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HIT (Luke Jermay)

Trick by Luke Jermay
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HIT (Luke Jermay)

25.00 usd

Trick by Luke Jermay ($25.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Wednesday morning
HIT (Luke Jermay) - magic
HIT (Luke Jermay) HIT (Luke Jermay) HIT (Luke Jermay) HIT (Luke Jermay) HIT (Luke Jermay) HIT (Luke Jermay)

Note: The gaffed cards come in Phoenix back.

“Luke Jermay has done for Blackjack, what Vernon did for Poker Deals. This is literally a game changer." Michael Weber

“HIT is simple proof that Luke Jermay has made a casual deal with the Devil. I was delighted when he shared this with me some time back. Now, it’s your turn to be delighted.” Max Maven

“Hit is fantastic! Finally we have a powerful and direct mentalism effect that brings the engagement and romance of gambling demonstrations without any compromise. Jermays amazing routine makes your audience never want to play cards with strangers” Lu Chen

"Hit" is a sensational new routine about the power of choice. Perfect for mentalists and magicians alike, the plot couldn't be simpler. There are always two hands of Blackjack, and despite COMPLETE freedom in each phase, the spectator always leaves you with the winning hand. In the first phase, the spectator chooses from two hands with all cards face down. You're the winner. In the second phase, two of the cards are turned face up and the spectator is allowed to swap around ANY card she likes. You're STILL the winner. In the last last phase, all the cards except one mystery card are turned up. You still win.

"Hit" is entirely self-working and comes with the special cards required to perform it. You can even perform it in virtual shows. The clever, simple gimmicks will last a lifetime and are easy to use and reuse in real time. "Hit" also comes with a 67 minute video teaching multiple routines in great detail.

The true benefit of "Hit" is that it's an opportunity to interact with a spectator on a personal and real level. "Hit" isn't about the cards or the game; it's about the choices a spectator makes. By adding "Hit" to your repertoire, you're adding a deeply fooling, personal routine.

Please note: The suits and values of the cards you receive will vary from the cards in the instructional video since Luke has made some adjustments that offer enhanced subtleties. Serious Blackjack players may notice that this could potentially cause a discrepancy for anyone who counts cards and pays very close attention. This can be solved though with a simple false shuffle.

“Hit is commercial, fooling and direct. It yet again demonstrates Luke Jermay is one of the most creative minds in magic.” Asi Wind

“Luke Jermay’s “Hit” is a direct feat of mind control and influence. It has all the power of ten-card poker but without the inherent limitations: your participants do not need to know the rank of hands for a game nobody plays; they need only to know simple arithmetic. “Hit” is also yet another example of Jermay’s wonderful approach to presentation, which transforms the simplest of tricks into a real piece of magic.” Jared Kopf

“Beautiful... it’s just, flat out, a beautiful routine. Luke makes it so open and engaging, you’re left too astounded to be offended by losing so many times!” Jeremy Griffith (@lost_angelus)

“Luke is one of those very few thinkers who are able to take a premise in magic that everybody thought to be as simple as can be, take it apart, spend years analyzing it, and give us a twist that is not only simplified but much more practical for an entire continent... and yes, actually the whole planet. Hit is destined to be a hit!” Ondrej Psenicka

“Hit is great! A very clever tool along with some well thought through routines. Luke brings clarity to something which can often be very confusing.” Andrew Frost (@sleightlyobsessed)

Play video interview Luke Jermay creator interview
Watch our exclusive Vanishing Inc. interview to discuss HIT (Luke Jermay) right from the source!

Customer reviews for HIT (Luke Jermay)





I was kinda on the fence with this due to a couple of the other comments etc....especially to the comments about "not getting what you see", using diffent cards, phoenix backs etc....however decided to take the plunge and very glad I did.

I generally love lukes stuff and have alot of his projects, I really love his laid back teaching style and he is very thorough.
My cards were red bicycle backs which made me happy, however I am also going to take lukes advise and make myself my own set of gimmicks, for all the reasons he explains in the explanation.
The trick is very easy, "pretty much" sleight less and really packs a punch with, what I thought, hints of derren brown style.
In short this is a really great trick and you will not be disappointed at all.

VI Monthly


Luke Jermay DOES NOT disappoint. This is quite a versatile effect which will suit the conjuror, mentalist, bizzarist and the like. The pendulum take is KILLER. Thanks, Luke.



Excellent effect and discussion. HIT, I believe, will become a classic effect because of the fairness and simplicity that the spectator experiences. I especially like the subtle performance points such as slickly changing the orientation of the gimmick in front of the spectators with a normal gesture of head and hands. The pendulum alternative effect involves the spectator much more than most such effects. I always enjoy listening to Luke Jermay. His understanding of psychology and spectator management is as good as anyone and he teaches it so well. Plus you can easily make your own gimmicks. How often do you see that?



Easy and engaging! The routine and patter is within the abilities of pretty much all skill levels and is highly entertaining for the subject and even observers, with some consideration of angles. The videos are clear, detailed and helpful and the gaffs are excellent and simple to use. The set-up is simple and the whole routine can be reset quickly.



I love this. There's so many ways you can routine this effect. I love Luke's way of presenting the effect as a way to influence someone. It's very engaging and powerful. You actually get bicycle gimmicks instead of phoenix, like what you read in the reviews



Brilliant effect, with fantastic instruction that covers lots of detail and nuance. Luke has an eloquent style that is easy to absorb. Easy to recommend.



VI Monthly




Excellent presentation!!! I love the concept of this routine and all that in tales. It's the simplicity of the workings of this effect is the very thing that makes it amazing to do, it is so unique and clever I would have never guessed.

I love this routine, it will definitely hold a place in my performances for some time to come.



This is an amazing trick to perform. It would be great to get some references on how to make a perfect fake shuffle.



This a great presentation, really easy for someone to follow even if they don't play blackjack or cards at all. Every decision made seems so free and fair yet everything is always easily in your control. A great product. Gimmicks are the quality you'd expect. Video instructions are top quality.



As always, Luke brings the goods.
Although simple to do so, this is a hard hitting effect which went straight into my working repertoire.

I know people have mentioned that it should come with a full Phoenix deck which I agree would have been nice, but I always have these decks to hand anyway as I love the style of them.

Luke’s teaching is in-depth and features plenty of tips and subtleties as one would expect. Plus he features different ways of presenting routine in addition to the one in the trailer.

I’m a self-professed Jermay fan-boy, but would definitely recommend HIT to anyone.





The extra routine at the end with the pendulum is honestly better than the original trick. Highly recommended



Alrighty here’s the high notes:

VERY simple to use, it is 100% controllable (even making them win, but, you’d have to restructure the routine for clarity).

Props now show up with rider back design

Beginner friendly.

CONS: you’re wasting time by reading this and not ordering.



Right - here were we go. This is a brilliant effect. I can "play" the game with my Dad. The secret allows you to control the way the game goes as Luke Jermay explains very simply. The instructions are extensive and clear. I am not sure the cards I got were printed correctly, so I got a set printed myself at my own expense. I also made a version as explained in the video, however, the glue recommended was way to sticky and just didn't work for me. If you know this ahead of time then you know what to expect. TOTALLY recommend the effect though as we tend not to play that much poker but everyone knows 21 and can follow along even if they don't.



For me the story and the routine is what did it for me. This is a must-have for any serious mentalist looking for a high-impact routine.

The tutorial video that comes with HIT is also top-notch. Luke Jermay is an excellent teacher, and he does a great job of explaining the method and the nuances of the routine.

Overall, I would highly recommend HIT to any mentalist looking for a high-impact routine that's easy to execute and highly engaging for the audience.



I was very lucky and bought a pre-release version at Blackpool. It's the best gambling effect I've ever seen and it's the only one that I will ever do. It works every time and it's so much fun to watch how engaged and competitive your participants become. I'd recommend this to any card magciian.



I LOVE THIS TRICK. It's super easy to do and the gimmicks hide in any deck. It's also cheap.



I've met Luke a few times and have seen him do this on multiple occasions. I am always struck by how engaging it is. No matter who you are performing for, they seem to be genuinely interested. How often can you say that about gambling routines! In addition, I view this routine as modular. You can make it as short, or as long as you like.



Anything from Luke seems to live up to expectations. This is another gem, from a great performer. I am drawn to how easy the premise is to understand. Too often with gambling routines, the premise is convoluted and hard to explain. Blackjack is easy though. I'm excited to do this in my Zoom shows. I was thrilled to find out it can work virtually too!



Amazing! Best part of his master class lecture. It’s become a HUGE favorite of my zoom show.



Such a great routine. As much as I enjoy gambling routines, I’ve shied away from performing them as I lack some of requisite technical skills. THIS routine though is much simpler to perform and, for the audience, simpler to understand and follow. Some brilliant thinking by Luke. One of my favourite purchases of the year.



When I watched this on the Masterclass I couldn't wait for its release! Now that I have it I am even more excited to perform. Its such a clever routine and totally self working. Once again Luke Jermey goes into such great depth in the instructional video with clear and concise steps in how to perform the excellent influence routine. He is definitely one of the best out there! Also a quick note about how quick Vanishing Inc delivered my product! Top quality service



This is without a question an effect that truly deserves the Excellent rating! The effect, the method, the presentations and the explanations are all a real worker could wish for. I also have to say Luke is an extremely likable host without ever trying to be too smart or funny. A sincere presentation! Absolutely a 10 out of 10.



I really like the effect. It's well explained and It's not true – as read in some other comments– that Luke words are gibberish. My main complain it's in the product. You'll receive a gimmick that you probably don't need and Luke himself says he doesn't use it – but you pay for it anyway – and if you decide to use it, you'll need to also buy a specific deck of cards that is out-of-stock for quite some times now on Vanishing Inc. This download costs a quarter of the 3+ hrs long Luke Jermay masterclass, which contains this effect. You'll probably be better off by buying the masterclass (from a price-per-content perspective). Anyway, I loved the effect even if it's probably overpriced.



Disappointed doesn't come with s full deck now I either have to buy a full phoenix deck or make my own gimmick from a deck I own .



The problem is not the trick, it's the explanation. I could understand the spectator when he talked, but Luke's words were gibberish. He talks too fast and with his heavy accent, it's almost impossible for an American to understand. I've wasted my money!


Community questions about HIT (Luke Jermay)

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Daniel Jose asks: Can I repeat the routine to the same person or the outcomes will always be the same? Does this require difficult sleight of hands? Thanks

    • 1. Luke Jermay (creator) responds: Hi! The effect is totally self working. It does hold up to repeat performances, each phase remains exactly the same each time. However some small, likely invisible to the spectator, differences in the hands of cards between performances will happen.
  • Gerald asks: Hello, Is this the same routine from your MasterClass you did here a few months back? I think I even asked if those cards were coming available, thanks! Gerald T

    • 1. Luke Jermay (creator) responds: Yes! However the instructional video includes several additional different routines, all of different themes and premises, that were not shown in the masterclass.
  • Craig asks: So if I'm understanding the answers to the above questions correctly, I easily could make my own gimmicks from bicycle back cards?

    • 1. Luke Jermay (creator) responds: Yes, this is what I do whenever I want to match a specific deck and cover this on the instructional video.
  • Norman asks: Can a complete novice do this routine ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: totally. there's no sleight of hand involved at all.
  • Eric asks: WWWD?

    • 1. Luke Jermay (creator) responds: This. Weber says of this routine “Jermay has done for blackjack what Vernon did for poker deals. This is literally a game changer.”
  • Robert asks: Is it an instant download so we can start learning with our own cards until the gimmicks arrive?

    • 1. Adam answers: Yes, the download is in your account right away, and you can make your own gimmicks as Luke suggests.
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  • Ben asks: Without wishing to expose, is card splitting needed to create home-made gaffs of the same standard as those supplied?

    • 1. Luke Jermay (creator) responds: Splitting cards would probably help with the construction of the gimmicks, however, as covered in the instructional video I personally do not.
  • Michael asks: In the video there is a deck of cards from which the hands are dealt. Do you receive the matching deck with the gimmicks or just the gimmicks please?

    • 1. Luke Jermay (creator) responds: Hi! Just the gimmicks, which are to be used with a deck of red Phoenix back playing cards. However, it is VERY easy to make your own gimmicks, using whatever deck you desire.
  • Alan asks: When will the Phoenix decks be back in stock? #1 selling trick right now but you can't buy the deck to go with the gimmicks, doesn't make sense. I understand the gimmicks can be made but it seems like poor timing on the release of HIT if you can't get the deck as well.

    • 1. Luke Jermay (creator) responds: Hi, I’m certain V Inc are working on getting the decks back in stock. If very pressing I would suggest heading directly to the Card Shark website who produce the deck.
  • Iain asks: Hi In the video it shows Luke dealing each round off the deck. Do we get multiple gaff cards so we can perform it as shown in the video or is the video using multiple copies of the gaff cards?

    • 1. Luke Jermay (creator) responds: Exactly as shown in the video is what the cards supplied allow you to perform. Multiple gimmicks are included. The full, unedited performance, is faithful to what you will be able to perform moments after learning the secret with the cards included.
  • Richard asks: In each phase the spectator loses. Is it possible to allow the spectator to win?

    • 1. Jim answers: Technically, the answer is yes. You will have to restructure some of the routine, so that the phases make sense.
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  • Kristin asks: What color Phoenix deck do you need to perform?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Red
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