Hofzinser's Dream

Trick by Bennie Chickering
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Hofzinser's Dream

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Trick by Bennie Chickering (30.00)

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Hofzinser's Dream - magic
Hofzinser's Dream Hofzinser's Dream

Hofzinser's Dream is that rare effect that looks EVEN BETTER in real life. The trailer can't fully convey how visually eye-popping this strange and memorable revelation is. The shadow of the pips on a playing card MORPH to produce a selected card. The best part? The gimmick is durable, totally reliable, and it works automatically.

Based on a principle by the legendary Hofzinser, this "update" brings the trick forward by causing the pips seen through a card not only to change, but to ANIMATE before the eyes of your audience.

This is also one of those wonderful "toys" that, when you inspect it, you'll be in awe of the craftsmanship. Without giving away too much, this card has been constructed to have an INTERNAL, movable layer that is easy to animate by just moving your finger forward and backward. The movement is imperceptible and covered during performance, but you can control the speed of the animation as it transforms.

Here's one really fun way we suggest using this: you already have a TERRIFIC source of light for this trick...your cell phone. If you turn on the flashlight feature of your phone and place it facing up on the table, you can create a terrific moment that lots of people can clearly see from all vantage points. This takes the Hofzinser concept--of showing a shadow of pips--and brings it into the 21st century.

Each of these gimmicks is handmade with great care, and they're VERY reasonably priced for what you receive. We're so pleased to be the exclusive carrier of Hofzinser's Dream.


Customer reviews for Hofzinser's Dream



The gimmick doesn’t lineup perfectly on mine, but if I’m careful, I can pull it off without detection.



A good attempt at revitalising an old idea from Hofzinser!
My gimmick was a little disappointing.It wasn't crafted to the standard I would have liked & difficult to find a light source bright enough to perform the desired effect!
A little pricey for the poor level of production but a nice idea!
Best wishes, Dave.


Community questions about Hofzinser's Dream

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  • Brad asks: Is the transformation only shown from the back? And only as a shadow?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: That's correct. The idea of the Hofzinser gimmick is to show that a card can be seen by shining a light through it. In this version, the card visually changes whilst the light is shining through it.
  • Brian asks: If we really were seeing the identity of a card through the card, wouldn’t the / shouldn’t the image be reversed?

    • 1. Andrew answers: Yep.
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  • Joseph asks: Can the card be examined? Because the people I perform for will definitely reach for it.

    • 1. Simeon answers: No you can't hand the card out but you could do a quick top change and then hand them a real card.
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  • Jesse asks: Is this trick originated from hofzinser? Wondering the credit or origin of the idea

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The idea of showing the face of a card and then holding the back up to light to show different pips is Hofzinser's idea. The moving pips is what is new here.
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