Holy Blank

Trick by Caleb Wiles
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Holy Blank

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Trick by Caleb Wiles (20.00)

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You ask someone to NAME A CARD. No forces. You show that THE DECK IS COMPLETELY BLANK EXCEPT FOR THE NAMED CARD. It’s that simple and it looks that good. The handling is totally self-working and can be learned in minutes, but this is no amateur-magic fad. Professionals are flocking to Holy Blank because it offers a rare, simple, MEMORABLE EFFECT: “I named a card, and it was the only one in the deck.”  

There are have been several variations on this theme, from “Blizzard” to “Hummer Deck.” All of them have advantages, but to us, this is strongest blend of practicality (no deck switch required, only one pack used) and strength of effect (all the cards are shown blank and there is absolutely no force; ANY card can be named).  

Most importantly, this version has the most fleshed-out presentation, which is included and detailed. Every action MAKES SENSE and appears natural. There are several easy but diabolical psychological convincers that make this already outstanding effect EVEN STRONGER. 

The “Holy Blank” package comes with everything you need: the pack of cards and detailed, profusely photographed printed instructions on every facet of the routine.  

More info, from my introduction to the trick:

Caleb Wiles is a devilishly clever magician from Indiana. His genius lies in his ability to make miracles out of relatively simple plots and methods. He is able to squeeze a principle or method for as much impact as possible. Nowhere is this better exemplified than “Holy Blank.”

The notion of showing a named card as the only printed card in a deck is attractive for obvious reasons—it is one of the simplest plots imaginable. The method has always complicated the procedure, and this is only natural. Deck switches, spreading gaffed cards a certain way, a bank of force cards—all sorts of methods have been applied.

What Caleb offers is a presentation that justifies the handling required. In his presentation, nothing feels forced or awkward. Every action makes sense in context. I implore you to pay close attention to the nuances of the script in this effect. Technically, “Holy Blank” is quite easy, but for maximum impact, it must be presented in such a way that your actions are justified by your words.

There are other routines with the same effect, and all of them have interesting features. But none of them give you the balance of practicality and impact that “Holy Blank” offers:

  • Totally free thought-of card with no restrictions whatsoever.
  • Only one deck used; from a practical standpoint, you carry no extra decks and perform no deck switches.
  • The handling requires no difficult sleight of hand.
  • The reset is almost instantaneous.

Magic combo!


Customer reviews for Holy Blank



I can't believe it. Simple and impactful on the audience. It seems like magic to me that I do it...



This effect has that special spiritual close up effect that all close up magician like to use it clear crystal and cool and clean to understand what going on it has that touch of erdnase and smooth cat daryl. It is super soft and comfortable easy to do and once you have learned the move or so call moves that I think all major magician can do you can wow your friends and neighbours!



Beautiful effect! I really can't say enough about it. I've been doing this for over a year and it never fails to get a great reaction. Caleb and Vanishing Inc. did a fantastic job with this. Not only with the effect but the explanation and the subtleties as well.

For $20 you really can't lose. Highly recommended!



I just watched the trick for the first time and it looks amazing, I will have to buy this some time. I have an idea of how it works, but its not got my head around it yet.

Thanks Vanishing Inc.



Excellent trick...very well thought out . One caveat: hard to do in subdued lighting. The idea that any card can be named at any time is tossed around a lot lately but here it really packs a punch. Great as a segue way to mentalism or mind control and at the end your left with no other alternative but to put the pack away (since all the other cards are shown blank) which allows you to go into another card trick or coin routine and it prevents someone from grabbing the deck to look thru it ( not that they necessarily would). Definite value for the dollar.
Thanks for reading this.



Very very clean and fair. Really hits people hard. The psychological touches employed throughout this trick are really important and well thought out.

Nice work VIM!



I never like to give a 10/10 or in this case 5/5 for an item. No item is perfect in my opinion. But this is very near excellent.

We have seen different versions of this kind of effect and caleb/vanishinginc did very nicely crediting different versions.

To be honest this is a freely selected card. No hidden meanings or hidden keywords that is true. Now a lot of magicians like to make an effect up after seeing a demo and just reverse engineer what they just saw. Hopefully this won't be the case. There is so much more to this than what you might expect.

This deck obviously is not examinable but that won't be an issue. Spectators will have no doubt that they have seen the entire deck front and back it is so natural.

The presentation provided (the one used by Josh in the demo) is actually good I think I'll be sticking to it for now. All the actions are justified. Why change the presentation when it is perfect?

Now is better performed in an area where there is light although with some practice I'm pretty sure you'll be able to perform this without the light.

I want to clarify this as some people have asked me (I don't know why), this is completely self contained. All you need is the deck nothing to add nothing to take out.

If you are still in doubt with this think of it as a mixture between original blizzard and colossal blizzard.

For $20 you really can't go wrong.

As an afterthought; maybe this can be routine with I dream of mindreading with a little bit of thought.

I hope this has helped and given you a little more details as to what you could expect when purchasing this item. If you want one, I suggest you get it soon as you never know when it can be out of stock.


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