Instant Memorized Deck

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Instant Memorized Deck

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Instant Memorized Deck - magic

"The Instant Memorized Deck" is a new concept that is sure to excite card magicians. It begins with a borrowed, shuffled deck and through a series of clever principles and a thoughtful selection of material, you slowly and secretly put the deck into an order which allows you to do MIRACLES. You can simulate tricks only possible with a memorized deck, without actually memorizing a full deck!

This is an entirely new approach and concept in card magic, and one that opens up many possibilities for stack work ... without a full-deck stack.

The routines require no difficult sleights and are easy to remember and perform. Plots include poker demonstrations, mentalism, prediction effects, and stunning impossibilities. You'll learn:

4 Card Prediction - From a borrowed, shuffled deck, the magician removes two prediction cards. The spectator then removes two cards in the fairest possible manner...and these two cards match the predictions.

Weighing the Cards - In this classic, the spectator cuts off any packet of cards and the magician instantly knows how the number of cards cut. 

Name Any Card - The magician knows the exact position of any card the spectator names. 

Memory Exhibition - The spectator chooses any card and moves it to any other position in the pack while the magician's back is turned. With just a gaze at the new order, the magician can pinpoint the spectator's chosen card and where it is. 

C.A.A.N - A selected card goes to any position called for. 

Instant Poker - This is a highly entertaining and multi-phased Poker routine. 

Running time: 1 hour 23 minutes. Available as a DVD or download.

Woody Aragon Memorised Deck set

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With a shuffled deck you perform an effect and during the process you are preparing the deck to have it set in the Instant Memorized Deck. This does not mean that if you don’t know any stack that you will instantly be using this principle, actually you have to know a stack or at least a couple of cards, if I say more I could be giving away the method. Weighting the Cards is a great contribution to the plot.

You can do a lot of memorized deck magic with this principle. The magic is good and the idea is fresh. Get this now!

Instant Memorized Deck by Woody Aragon