Instructions for Miracles

Book by Friedrich Roitzsch
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Instructions for Miracles

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Book by Friedrich Roitzsch (45.00)

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Instructions for Miracles - magic
Instructions for Miracles Instructions for Miracles Instructions for Miracles

10 elegant, perfectly-constructed performance pieces for advanced card magicians.

Instructions from Miracles is a stunning hardcover book written by Friedrich Roitzsch, a talented German magician that has been performing and creating magic for over 20 years. Specializing in sophisticated card magic, Friedrich knows exactly what makes a card trick commercial and memorable.

The effects included in Instructions for Miracles breathe new life into familiar plots. Friedrich’s impressive skill and intelligent presentations make each effect a treat to learn and perform. Everything is perfectly described across nearly 100 pages with more than 85+ crystal-clear illustrations. Complete with a foreword by Pit Hartling and an exquisite, relief-varnished cover by Jörg Willich, this is a delightful addition to your bookshelf.

We will be honest with you that this book is definitely not for beginners. It is designed for experienced card magicians willing to put in the work. Those who do will be rewarded with an array of card magic masterpieces.

"One of Friedrich's great talents is to identify strong, solid effects and then to put in the important work to streamline, combine, enhance and create the best version and handling. All ten effects in this book are amazing, elegant, beautiful pieces of magic." Pit Hartling

"I've seen Friedrich perfect the routines in this book over many years. They are strong and clean effects the audience will talk about." Denis Behr

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Friedrich for over 30 years, witnessing some fo these ideas, moves and routines take shape and others fooling the heck out of me. He's one of the best sleight of hand artists I know. So, do yourself a favor and follow Friedrich's instructions, you'll be rewarded with miracles." Thomas Fraps

"I have witnessed Friedrich several times performing effects from this book in front of real audiences and the perfection of his effects was always breathtaking. Even the smallest details were honed over the years and the results you'll find in this book full of miracles." Wolfgang Moser

Contents of Instructions for Miracles

After an impressive demonstration of hand-mucking, the magician exposes an innocent member of the audience as a professional card cheat before coaxing them into performing an even more remarkable card switch.

Luminous Readers
Convince your participant that, when looking through a “special” pair of glasses, the backs of four aces seemingly appear in a different color.

Robin Hood
A card is thrown high in the air and then caught back in the deck where it splits a chosen card (which can even be signed).

Fastest Card Trick in the World
A lightning-fast transpo of four signed Aces and Kings. It is then instantly repeated, but this time the Kings go into four different pockets. (Check this one out in the video above!)

Power Matcha
Despite all the cards being seemingly mixed, your participant continues to impossibly find the mate of a chosen card several times. Then, as a kicker finale, the whole deck arranges itself into pairs.

Nine Card Monte Revisited
A squeaky-clean take on the classic José Carroll effect that allows all the cards to be examined at the end.

Far Out
Without ever coming near the deck of cards, you’re able to divine three freely-chosen cards.

Out of this Card Box
A wildly-clever take on the iconic “Out of This World” by Paul Curry with an “outside the box” concept that enables you to start from a shuffled deck.

Magic Squared
Four chosen cards from a special number deck add up to a freely selected number. This is repeated until a full magic square is on the table.

Instructions for a Miracle
A signed card appears bound into a small booklet in this wonderfully practical and direct version of a fantastic José Carroll effect. (Please be advised that this trick is heavily inspired by “El Milagro” by Juan Manuel Marcos and is taught as if you are already familiar with the basic workings of that effect).

Hardcover (5.8in x 8.3in) | English | 98 Pages | 87 Illustrations | Foreword by Pit Hartling


Customer reviews for Instructions for Miracles



Very good! My favorite trick would have to be the one in the trailer. Be warned: the trick you just saw in the will take a while to preform as fast/fluidly as Friedrich does! Would not recommend for a beginner. I wish Mr.Roitzsch would make a video with all the effects performed in it.



Before purchasing this book, I knew nothing of the author. I watched the trailer and was astounded when he performed the "Fastest Card Trick in the World." After seeking out other's reviews, all of whom gave this book high marks, I ordered this book.

While this book contains excellent effects, it's difficult to learn from it. Explanations are written with annotations and comments woven within. Describing a method's sequence then interrupting the explanation with an annotation, comment or crediting the source material is exceptionally distracting.

In the questions section, the book is described as not for beginners. I agree. I highly recommend this book for its content; however, be aware you'll need to filter through the annotations and comments to get to the heart of the effects.


Community questions about Instructions for Miracles

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  • Olivier asks: What is the skills level required ? Are there a lot of difficult moves ?

    • 1. Douglas answers: Ad copy states: "We will be honest with you that this book is definitely not for beginners. It is designed for experienced card magicians willing to put in the work. Those who do will be rewarded with an array of card magic masterpieces." So I'd say it's probably pretty advanced stuff. Out of my range for sure!
    • 2. Friedrich answers: I'd say most of the sleights used are fairly standard and you'll find them in Card College 1-4. Quite some routines use palming in the right or left hand but only Classical Palm or Gambler's Cop. Nothing angle sensitive like Tenkai palm or the like. One routine uses bottom deals and two of them a Faro Shuffle with a Ribbonspread Hideout. One routine requires you to know your mem deck really well and one uses a mnemo technique to remember the color pattern of 12 cards. So while they're certainly not suited for beginners I think all of the routines are well within the reach of all serious students of card magic...
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  • Christian asks: For the routine "Instructions for a miracle", you say : "Please be advised that this trick is heavily inspired by “El Milagro” by Juan Manuel Marcos and is taught as if you are already familiar with the basic workings of that effect". Does it mean only, that you must know the sleights used in this routine, and if yes, are these sleights well known? Or else, what does it mean exactly?

    • 1. Friedrich answers: Hi guys, thanks for your interest! My version uses the same basic method to load the booklet as Juan Manuel Marcos' "El Milagro" (also sold as "Instrucciones"). However I've found several details which make the handling even cleaner (imho) and also changed the effect a bit. As it is a marketed trick I've decided not to describe one small part of the method (how to secretly open the booklet). While I guess you could figure everything out if you study the illustrations in my book and my performance video on youtube, I strongly advise you to buy Juan Manuel's trick, too, if you're seriously interested in this effect. Even though it's in spanish only you'll understand the important points. Then you have all the information out there! And you'll get three booklets to practice with, too...
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  • David asks: Regarding “Instructions for a Miracle”…. If I know the workings of the Pepe Carroll effect “instructions” on which the effect which has inspired this trick is based, then will I have all the information required to be able to perform it? I’m taking from the description that the sleights required are not taught in this book, or is that an incorrect assumption?

    • 1. Friedrich answers: Knowledge of JosĂ© Carroll's original version won't help much here. While I described all the necessary sleights I left one part of the method a bit vague (see comment above...) as this is Juan Manuel Marcos idea.
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  • Apurva asks: Hi. On a scale of 1 to 10, how difficult is your version of out of the world? And does it meet the FASDIU criteria? Thanks!

    • 1. Friedrich answers: Hi, it absolutely meets the Fasdiu criteria, the deck can be borrowed, shuffled and doesn't even have to be complete. It involves two spectators so while the whole deck is being dealt it moves a lot faster than most other OOTW routines where the dealing part can drag quite a bit... It uses one fairly common sleight from Card College. To use it in this routine you really will have to master it but you can use it in a lot of other routines as well. Also you'll have to learn a mnemo system which is described in the book. It will sound complicated at first sight but I promise that if you sit down for one hour and study it you will already have understood everything. My hint is to start with groups with only one red card (they should be obvious...), then with two (first the alternating ones, then the others) and then with three reds (first the two cases with all reds together). You'll find that all the mentioned groups are related to each other which makes remembering them a lot easier. Once you've learned that you'll still have to practise it the way it's used in the routine but I'd say 15 min daily for two weeks and you're good to go. So hard to say but I'd guess a 5 max!?
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  • HARRY asks: Are you getting more copies. It's already sold out like In 2 days

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is very popular so we hope to get more in stock soon! In the meantime, you can sign up to receive an email notification for when they come back in stock.
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