John Bannon's Bullet Trilogy

DVD by John Bannon
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John Bannon's Bullet Trilogy

59.99 usd

DVD by John Bannon (59.99)

In stock.

Limited edition bundle of John Bannon's bestselling "Bullet" trilogy. Nearly 40 of John's most powerful card tricks for one low price. Clever methods. No difficult moves. Classic John Bannon.

"Mind-boggling, brilliant, commercial and practical. In a word... excellent!" Daryl

This special release is available in limited quantities. It is a 5-disc DVD set (+ some accompany props & bonus effect):

Bullets After Dark

  • Dead Reckoning - They mentally spell the name of their playing card-and there it is! Sophisticated, self-working wizardry.
  • Dawn Patrol - Spectator "accidentally" shuffles one card between two face-up Queens. Fast and fun.
  • Doctored Daley - A small addition to a classic of magic that will knock your spectator on their butt.
  • Power Of Poker - One playing card at a time, they form two poker hands. Another spectator then correctly predicts every one of the ten separate decisions. A self-working card magic blockbuster.
  • Counterpunch - The Dunbury Delusion slams into the Biddle trick. It's not just a card trick, it's a con job.
  • 4 Faces North - John Bannon's "Last Man Standing" leaner and meaner. Shuffle the deck of cards face-up and face-down. No way! Only Aces staring upward.
  • Watching The Detectives - Continue your guided tour down the garden path. A sandwich trick from the twilight zone. They won't see it coming.
  • New Jax/Full Circle - Next stop: A highly-engineered, stealth fighter-like transposition. Welcome to the future.
  • Origami Prediction - A mathematical drive-by. Multi-stage prediction with error-correction. Fools you when you see it. Fool yourself when you do it.
  • The Einstein Overkill - Fooled Einstein; might fool you. Einstein didn't get to see the kicker ending. He wouldn't stand a chance.
  • **Bullet Train (Iconoclastic Aces - Syncopated Aces - Interrobang Aces) ** - Bannon's unholy trio of ace assemblies. Ahead of their time. A neo-modern classic.
  • J.B. Flytrap False Cut - Cool, tight, and not-too-flourishy.
  • The Bannon Triumph - Re-branding Bannon's classic four-packet Triumph routine. You know it, you love it. Or, will love it...

Bullet Party (w. 13 USPCC Cards)

  • Bullet Party - A fractal blast. Follow the Ace and ignore the Jokers—if you can—before the bullets start flying!
  • Final Verdict - Four cuts finds four Aces. Spectator does all of the work. Seriously.
  • Box Jumper - An illusion. Their card (lost in the deck) changes places with your card (in the card box).
  • Riverboat Poker - Cardzilla at the card table. Hardcore poker on the Mississippi riverboats. High stakes, low ability.
  • Poker Pairadox Redux - Classic stacker made fractal. Looks and smells like Texas Hold 'Em poker-but it's not. Resets instantly. A real worker.
  • Fractal Re-Call (Revised) - JB's popular "Call Of The Wild" wild-card routine fractalized.
  • Crocodile False Cut - In the hands, no table required. Fast, false and user-friendly. Snap.
  • Mega Wave - Hocus Pocus and Mumbo Jumbo hammer the four-card Brainwave.
  • Fat City Revisited - Fine-tuned card sandwiches. Maximum efficiency.
  • Wicked - Help Dorothy escape from you know who.
  • Bullet Catcher - Cut-the-Aces-from-a-shuffled pack. Fire when ready.
  • Drop Target Aces - Aces, buried alive, return with a vengeance. The future is here.
  • Four Shadow Aces - Classic Ace assembly, shaken not stirred. Smooth and sophisticated.
  • Big Fat Bluff Aces - Aces assemble, change to Kings, then dis-assemble-or do they? Low cost, high bluff, all fun.

Fire When Ready

Proxy Shock - They think of a card. The deck is shuffled. It looks like you miss... then BOOM! They realize they were just being set up for the sucker punch.
Rock The 'Voque - A spectator reads your mind, bit by bit, nailing the card you thought of... and you can prove it!
Mundo - All the impact of 'Out of This World', but in a small packet, and with a twist that will fool EVERYONE!
Cut & Run - Produce the Four Aces from a deck repeatedly shuffled and cut... by your SPECTATOR! This is a killer utility!
Hybrid Holdout - Your participant shuffles and cuts. Top stock: Controlled?!?
Stealth Aces - A classic Ace Assembly, that combines easy handling with a devious construction!
Big Fat Bluff Aces - John's hidden gem. This assembly is a showpiece, and features several astonishing kickers, and will leave EVERYONE reeling—laymen and magicians alike!
Blues Alley Jokers - Truly shocking appearance of Jokers sandwiching a selected card.
Clean Out Of Sight - Vernon's classic gets the Bannon treatment - a spectator shuffles and thinks of a card, without you touching a thing. Then, following the spectators intuition, you zero in on a card they've genuinely thought of, and never named. BOOM!
Question Zero - A borrowed, shuffled deck. A thought of card. Zero questions, maximum bang for minimal buck!
Line Of Sight - What does John open his card sets with? Line of sight. And you will see why! John teaches all the tips that make this shocking moment of mental card magic work, with the pack in the spectators hands.

SPECIAL BONUS: Paint it Blank Packet Trick

A self working 'THINK of ANY card' trick. Comes with special Bicycle Gaff Card. Like an Invisible Deck - but with just ONE SPECIAL GAFF that works with any regular deck of Bicycle Playing Cards.

"If you've never had the pleasure of a one-on-one late night card session with John Bannon then this is the next best thing. Great card tricks, explicit explanations, and nothing held back." Raj Madhok

"John Bannon is one of the greats-and this DVD set is simply that-great!" Peter Duffie

Available as a DVD set only. This offer is not available as a download.


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I really enjoy Mr. Bannon and his work. I was only aware of his work just recently. He has great as a magician, a creator, and a teacher. Many of these effects (which have been easy so far) are going into my repertoire.


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