Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards

Book by Joshua Jay
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Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards

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Book by Joshua Jay (From $16.95)

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Yes! It's confirmed. Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards, our cofounder's mass-market paperback, has been released. The book is an anything, everything celebration of playing cards: tricks, shuffles, scams, and hustles, as well as the history, trivia, lore, and art of playing cards.

Joshua Jay tells us, "This is the book I always wanted to write. Traveling the world, I have collected tips, tricks, and stunts with a pack of cards that will appeal to anyone who loves cards. This is not a magic book, strictly speaking, but instead an exploration into playing cards, their history, cheating apparatus, and more."

Joshua will tour 18 cities in support of the book's release, including Minneapolis, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, New York, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and others. More tour announcements to come.

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Customer reviews for Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards



I am only a short way in to the book and have resisted the temptation to jump forward and fall over.
The book is very well written, is perfectly structured, and has a truly engaging style to it.



I remember being so excited for the second book and it didn't disappoint. I specifically enjoyed the history on cards. Great information to have the book is great qnd highly recommend.



New to Card Magic - review by 55 years old teacher:
Got Royal Road - great! Got Giobbi Book 1 - great ! Got Paul Wilson 10x10 - great !
Got Ingo Ahnfeldt ( german ) - great !
AND: Got THIS ONE - Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards - not only great ! - Amazing ! - So much Fun ! - So fast to learn and make progress - Would be worth triple the price :-)



Congratulations, Joshua Jay, you did it again! This book provides its readers a very good reference about playing cards in general. From history of playing cards, tricks and flourishes, tricks as well as crafts, Joshua Jay takes you step by step into things that you didn't thought were possible with cards. His teaching style is as clear as ever and his DVD takes you not only the methods but as well as presentation tips. The book and DVD are really worth buying and you won't be disappointed.



If you like playing cards,you will love this book. Joshua Jay has a really easy to read writing style. You will learn some really good card tricks, cool shuffles and imaginative things you can do with cards like making your very own playing card wallet. You also learn a lot about the history of playing cards and some weird and interesting facts. Best of all, you get a DVD with Josh showing you how to do the shuffles, tricks and hustles. This a great product and is highly recommended.



I purchased this book a few years ago when I was just starting in card magic and I am glad I did! I think this is a must have whether you only do cards (like me) or if you pursue the magic performance in general, as cards is part of the magic performance. I just don't give 5 stars because I consider this book to benefit more a total beginner (which was not my case when I got it). The book is not only about card tricks, it's actually about everthing card related - history of playing cards, basic cardistry moves, basic card handling moves like the overhand shuffle, bets with cards, among other things.



This is a well-written book of about 200 pages. Mine (which I bought about in 2011) came autographed which was nice. Be aware that the book covers more than just magic. The opening chapter covers simple displays of skill such as ribbon spreading the deck and the one-handed cut. Next is a chapter of simple tricks, all with terrific presentations. A chapter on shuffling is next covering riffle, overhand, and even the faro. An interesting chapter covers crafts with cards, mostly non-magical (though marking cards is touched upon). Another chapter on tricks and then a miscellaneous chapter on topics such as building a house of cards and fortune telling. The final full chapter covers mainly stunts and bets. A great appendix gives further reading then credits close out the book. Great photos throughout and clear explanations. A DVD covering many items is included. Five stars for the beginner, thee to four stars for more experienced magicians who will want to focus more on Jay's superb and unique presentations.


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  • John asks: Does this book come with a DVD?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, it still does.
  • Jer asks: Can you please provide the updated website or youtube link to the online videos. (it no longer comes with a DVD) Thank you very much, Magic Gurus, keep up the great work!

    • 1. Jer answers: Sorry, did not notice on the back of the book it has the videos link: (Thank you Joshua Jay for a great book as well as your others.... Complete course) My Nephew is going to love them for his birthday! and many more years after. (password is "tricks" - lower case)
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