Master Pushoff

DVD by Andi Gladwin
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Master Pushoff

40.00 usd

DVD by Andi Gladwin (40.00)

In stock - very few available.

Get ready to ditch the get ready!

The Master Pushoff isn't just a move; it's an entire technique that will revolutionize your card magic. This one technique allows you to execute a perfect double turnover (with no breaks or get readies), an elegant second deal, double deals, palms, switches, third deals and so much more ... it can even be used for sixth and seventh dealing!

Building on the work of Edward Marlo, this DVD is the first in-depth look at the multiple pushoff technique in over 40 years. Andi Gladwin's expert touch and easy-to-follow tuition makes it easy to learn and apply the multiple pushoff to your card magic, including some great effects and a guest appearance by Benjamin Earl.

Whether you're new to card magic, or are a card magic expert, this two DVD set is a masterful example of how a technique that takes a split second to execute can be one of the most useful, important technique in your repertoire. Invest your time in learning this move and it will reward you every time you pick up a deck of cards.

"I enjoyed The Master Pushoff a lot. It's a very conscientious effort to teach the double push-off that would benefit anyone interested in learning the move." —Darwin Ortiz

"Andi Gladwin is THE authority on the multiple push-off, and I think he's the perfect instructor for this invaluable technique. This DVD should be in everyone's collection." —Joshua Jay

"These DVDs turn the double pushoff; a once-in-a-while sleight into a true utility move. Andi's applications of the double pushoff to control sequences were of particular interest to me." —Justin Higham

"On his 'Master Pushoff' DVDs Andi shows once more that attention to detail can make a huge difference. The many handlings and applications of the Double and Multiple Push-Off techniques presented on this DVD set (including excellent in-depth coverage of the Push-Off Second Deal) are eye-opening, and Andi's relaxed and comfortable teaching-style sets an example of clarity and efficiency that makes it a pleasure to watch and learn from these DVDs." —Pit Hartling


Customer reviews for Master Pushoff



This is a great DVD from Andi and the explanation is great. It really helped me to finesse my double turnover and improve the consistency of it and allow me to go on and master other tricks.



Wow, what a powerful subtlety. It takes practice to get the hang of it but like a pinky count it pays dividends. It's one of those things you can practice as you go about your day. I like how much easier it makes a second deal and supercharges other techniques. The additional guidance on removing tension is one that will take all of your magic to the next level. Since we all need to manipulate multiple cards as a single unit, this technique is a no brainer to add.



Andi Gladwin's "Master Pushoff" is a very inspirational DVD. The technique, once nailed down with some diligent practice, is extremely versatile and opens up so many possibilities. It's almost like having an additional, invisible "hand of sleight". The tenth deal is something I find myself watching over and over again ...
Well done Andi, and thank you.



Fantastic product asked for it for my birthday and was so happy i got it. Its such an ingeneous move that i will use fo ever, ive been doing the master pushoff now for about 3 years and am now aplying it to all my card magic. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This DVD set is absolutely great, and contains the technique for the perfect double lift and much more. It's not easy though, and certainly takes practice, and lots of it. But once you have it down, you will use it forever. Highly recommended, and stick with it!



I had a little trouble acquiring this technique. I was pushing down on the deck to hard. So if anyone is having any trouble try a light touch. Just push the cards over (using the technique Andi describes) but use a nice light touch. Once I started using much less pressure the cards almost automatically stay together and deliver 2 cards as one. Learn this and you won't look like all the other magi's that have to grip and re-grip the deck to do the get ready. And you won't look like your turning over the heaviest card in the world either. Good Luck. Thanks Andi!



Well done Andi on a great piece of work. I hadn't used a push off ever before watching this DVD but now I practice it hundreds of times a day. As stated in the DVD it is a knacky little move but the applications are almost endless. I can say for certain that if you don't use a double push off then after watching this DVD you will never use a double lift again.

Perhaps the most useful sleight in card magic and Andi is the man to learn it from.



I've been using the double pushoff for a few years now, and I thought I had a decent understanding of the technique. Still, it feels like I learned A LOT from the Master Pushoff set.

This is how much I recommend this set: *stretches arms as wide as possible to show measure*


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