Mechanic's Palm

Magic download (video) by Fran Amor
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Mechanic's Palm

13.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Fran Amor (13.95)

A powerful new tool that any serious card magician must have in their arsenal.

“Mechanic’s Palm” allows you to secretly palm a card within the action of an in the hands riffle shuffle. No finger flashing or strange movements. Everything looks completely natural. You can even use it to palm a playing card directly after controlling it with the same riffle shuffle.

This is one of Fran Amor’s most cherished creations and he has guarded the secret for many years. Now that he’s making it available to you, it’s destined to become one of your new favorite ways to palm a card.

While this is a bit of knacky sleight of hand, with a little practice, most intermediate card magicians will find it's easier than they thought. And, once you have it down, you won’t believe how smooth and organic “Mechanic’s Palm” truly is. In fact, you’ll probably even fool many of your magician friends.

Download “Mechanic’s Palm” today!

Runtime: 19 minutes 24 seconds


Customer reviews for Mechanic's Palm



Great practical move and palming concept with excellent teaching, especially different perspectives (the often dismissed performers perspective which makes it harder to transpose and susceptible for wrong practicing, so every teaching should mandatory include performers perspective!!!) and the perspective from below as well as slow motion rehearsal and targeting the fine details.
Well done



Any fidget fiends that love a good mechanic to mess with this is for you. Not to difficult and the tutorial is explained really well. Quite a few good angles to demonstrate and i highly recommend this for anybody who loves to riffle shuffle and palming work. An absolute game changer.






19 minute video with a nice over-the-shoulder view and slow-motion explanation of the move. As someone who loves action palms, it is something worth exploring. Difficulty probably a 6/10 as I have been doing it for about a day or so and it does require some knack to it. Really is a normal riffle shuffle with a few subtleties that allow you to palm the bottom card. Can also be done into the right hand.

Edit: After going back through my library of downloads from Vanishing Inc. I've realized that this is very similar to Steve Reynold's Riffle Shuffle Action Palm. If you had gotten that download back in the day, I would say there is no need to purchase this one. Not sure why they're making it seem like a whole new concept, but I guess they're just giving it an HD update.



the move is extremely efficient and fun and stratifying to do so I recommend getting this and to start doing it it's so fun and great!!



Absolutely amazing! Thank you.





A very deceptive, natural looking move. Although the instructions are quite short, they cover everything perfectly. I found it surprisingly easy to learn and was able to do it pretty fluently within 20 mins. I would recommend



This is one of the best moves that has been released in the last couple of years. It is really an actual action palm that is happening during the action of a riffle shuffle. I also dare to say it is not too difficult. I played around with it while watching the tutorial and I managed to do it quite ok after a couple of times. This move really does not look like you are doing a move (like so many recently) and will be something you can actually use in the real world. They have also done a great job with crediting and are mentioning pretty much every possible magician on the planet - so also the usual complainers about this part will be happy ;)



This is very well taught. If you already can palm a card, this will not be difficult to learn. It is a deceptive and well polished/refined action palm that is shown in a clear and detailed manner. It's simple, invisible, and easy to learn. Give it the practice it deserves and you can't go wrong... especially at this price.




Community questions about Mechanic's Palm

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  • Kim asks: Can this be done from a faro shuffle? I can't shuffle in the style shuffled in the video. I wish there had been more information in the video.

    • 1. Tomas answers: Yes, actually it can. It will work as long as you can bridge the cards.
    • 2. Anthony answers: I can faro shuffle easily, virtually perfect every time, but I can't do an in the hand riffle shuffle for the life of me! Different brain patterns, maybe - my wife can't read a map, but I can't make a decent cup of tea ... go figure!
    • 3. Victor answers: Hey! I'm glad you already have an answer to your question as I don't have an answer and am in no way any help! I just wanted to point out how interesting it is that you somehow managed to learn the Faro shuffle, which is an intermediate card move that some magicians never learn well or it at least takes them years of practice, but never learned to do a standard ith riffle shuffle lol. This is not in any way me making fun or picking on you, I'm just really entertained by the thought. Like are talking perfect Faros or....? Hmmm...
    • 4. Andy answers: I am the same. I can in the air riffle now (finally), but only many, many weeks after I'd got consistently good at the perfect faro shuffle. It may be a strength thing, the faro I learned requires almost no force when done well.
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  • Richard asks: Are there any tricks taught in the download using this move?

    • 1. Tomas answers: The download is strictly about the move and a couple of alternate handlings and applications, there're no tricks covered simply because the tricks we use it for are not ours to teach! However, if you use palming in your work, you'll find the move very inspiring and you're bound to find an application for it instantly.
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