Miracle One

Trick by Christian Grace
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Miracle One

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Trick by Christian Grace (74.95)

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Miracle One - magic
Miracle One Miracle One Miracle One Miracle One Miracle One Miracle One

For decades, we’ve all obsessed over the idea of having a chosen card appear at a freely-selected number in a deck of cards. We consider it the holy grail of magic, one of the most fooling and intriguing card tricks you can do. Christian Grace is delighted to offer his unbelievably fair and fooling solution: “Miracle One”.

The journey of “Miracle One” started when Christian Grace (Creator of “Level One” and “Inevitable Choice”) posted a video of his take on the Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN) plot online. Forums lit up with people suggesting that he must have used some sneaky editing or a stooge. Magicians begged him to release his handling, and now he finally is.

You can see a full performance in the trailer above. “Miracle One”. This is a truly fooling and powerful effect that you’ll love performing for everyone you meet.

Here is a quick summary of exactly how “Miracle One” looks to your audience:

Two decks of cards are in full view from the start. Your spectator shuffles one of these decks before selecting a card and placing it off to the side as a prediction. This selection process happens entirely in their hands and you never touch (or switch) the card they choose.

They then freely name a number and deal to it in the other deck of cards. The card they land on is turned over to show it perfectly matches the original card they chose themselves in the beginning.

Their card. Their number. A truly impossible moment.

“Miracle One” is a super clean and fair ACAAN-style effect that works everytime, with no difficult sleight of hand. It’s a true miracle that any magician can do.

Key Points

  • Their chosen card is always at their chosen number, every time
  • There is no difficult sleight of hand required
  • Multi-layered methods make this one of the most deceptive versions of the plot ever released

“Miracle One” comes with everything you need to get started. This includes two decks of cards. The blue deck is gaffed and the red deck is a normal deck of cards with a few extra cards that you save as replacements. The comprehensive video instructions walk you through every possible scenario, so you can start performing “Miracle One” with confidence right away.

If you have any questions, you can learn more about "Miracle One" with this helpful FAQ.


Customer reviews for Miracle One



This trick is not what I expected and a bit harder than I thought it would be, but it is a great trick. I've been practicing and am waiting to make my first performance with it. Christian explains the trick very well and covers all his bases. I just thought the preview for it was a little misleading about the ease of it. I think I was thinking almost more of an "Omega" deck (which the 2nd deck partly is) would be used to force the card in the beginning. Sad to say I'm not that good at card forces, but I'm working on it. The breather force is great if it works for me, but I worry about people cutting the deck and knowing what we've done. I'm still giving a great review, because I think it is a wonderful trick especially for someone like Christian Grace , because he pulls off these things so well. I guess that's the bottom line. I've got to get better at it.

VI Monthly




ACAAN is always a stretch. Christian Grace brings the plot into the realm of the possible with a plot that allows for multiple subterfuges and means to perform a miracle. Needs a little skill (forcing a card) and a bit of memory (not much) and then time to hone the process (any magician who doesn't practice and refine patter and routine might not win with this). But I am killing with this...Thanks, Christian. This is up there with the other "One's".





This wasn't the method I was expecting! This method is easier than I expected, and a lot better. It's also practical, which I also wasn't expecting. Bravo!

VI Monthly


This is an excellent ACAAN routine with some variation of moves and some minimal use of math. As always, the Vanishing Inc. produced product is of high quality and the teaching video is clear and of high quality. The ease of accessibility to magic purchased through Vanishing, Inc. makes this product easily accessible and the organization of our own purchases and the video explanations is one place makes this a great place to the excellent magic explanations stored. That is a further enhancement of this product.


Laura Bautista

It could be just one more ACAAN routine (so similar to Adrian Vega's ScAANdal or Mike Rose's The Grail) but once again Christian Grace did magic.
He has managed to solve almost completely the limitations according to the number said by the spectator (still some work to do with this issue) and he created a great product and a beautiful scripted routine.



so this isn't any card at any number. that's what they say. so I think its a little overpriced for what it is.i thought it was really any card at any number and that would of been worth it but its no that . its a good trick and routine that can only be done once for a audience . Any card at any number would be able to do again hard to explain without giving away the trick but it was misleading about what it is.



There is good news and not so good. First this is not an Any Card At Any Number. The card is not freely named. Picky by me It is forced in one of the two decks provided. There is some excellent instruction on a variety of card forces including a nice subtlety of the Jack Parker spread force in Andy’s beautiful first Parker Tome. However. And this is a big deal for me and my professional shows. With what is provided you will always force the SAME. Card. Yes if you have card altering skills, you could make up additional decks. But that is a limitation. I or my professional students dont have Joshuas ability to limit audiences to one viewing. The Magic Castle Parlor for example. The number force used is ok. But the dealing procedure varies depending on the number named. A crib is provided. If followed the final display is nice. But working with a crib or differing procedures? Not for me.



Too much going on for me to perform this.
I am a member of Christians monthly subscription and a lot of the principles are taught in there.
Prefer the effect which inspired this and lot's of easier methods to so the same effect.
Really wanted to like this.

VI Monthly


I learned a lot I hadn't known from this video, including some nice forcing ideas and "the polarity principle." But when put together, you end up with yet another version, yet another variation, of The Berglas Effect. For me, Miracle One is a triumph of method over effect. A lot of clever thinking by a lot of clever people went into its creation, but in the end, if a camel is a horse designed by a committee, Miracle One is its equivalent in the magic world.

Years ago, Ken Krenzel put out an effect called “It Can’t Be.” The effect was almost identical to that of Miracle One, the sole difference being that the number (in this case ANY number) between 1 and 52 has to be named before the card is selected. The trick is done with two ungimmicked, unaltered decks that can be used for other tricks — there is no “one trick wonder” deck involved. Unlike Miracle One, “It Can’t Be” can be repeated with a different card and a different number. Yes, the method is primitive compared to that of “Miracle One,” but for me the advantages of “It Can’t Be” far outweigh the “disadvantage,” if indeed it is one, of the necessity of having to know the number before the card is selected.

That is what I mean when I say that I find Miracle One a triumph of method over effect. For me, Miracle One is a Rube Goldbergian solution to a straightforward problem.



While this is a very nice effect, very clean and very fooling, this is way to expensive for what it is. For the price, you'd expect a card-shark dd deck and that would justify the price. This isn't an acaan as It's not any card, and it is not any number. There's also a lot to remember. The method is very very clever, the tutorial is great, the production value is great but that's about it. It's going in my bottom drawer.


Community questions about Miracle One

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Chukaixin asks: Can you force a card in another way and then just perform acaan?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes! While we love Christian's super clever way of having them force the card on themselves, you could use any force you'd like. He actually teaches an alternate handling using an incredibly fair variation of a force many magicians already use. We do strongly suggest you give Christian's main method a try though. You'll love how hands-off and fair it is.
  • Ged asks: Interesting trick. I think it goes without saying that neither deck can be handed out after performance? Also : " a few extra cards that you save as replacements. " Does that mean that cards are at some time destroyed and need replacing? Or can you make your own gaffed cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The deck used to make the first selection is completely normal. It can even be the deck used for the rest of your set. They then cut and shuffle it themselves before selecting a card. The gimmicked deck can not be inspected heavily, but they do get to hold it and deal from it. So they would have no reason to want to inspect it. Giving them the deck completely disarms them. You can also ribbon spread the cards they've dealt to show they're all different. Christian has carefully developed every aspect of this routine in a way that makes them never even feel a need to examine the deck. For your second question, nothing is destroyed or needs replacing. Those are just added in as extras if some of your cards get worn out after tons of performances.
  • Matthew asks: Why are you valuing this trick at this particular price point when there are a billion mind-blowing ACAANs already out there for much, much less?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is one of the strongest ACAAN-style effects we have ever seen. It can easily close any card set. The price reflects the years of work Christian put into developing it, the high-quality props you receive, and the expert instruction that covers every detail. Of course, as with all of Christian's products, the learning doesn't stop at the point of purchase. He will continue to provide any updates for free in the special Facebook group dedicated to the effect. Everyone has different budgets and ideas for what they feel something is worth. But we have not received any complaints from early convention purchasers that the price does not reflect what they have received.
  • David asks: Not so much a question, but a comment in defense of what may seem to some as a high price. The creativity and inventive process is definitely worth something. The effect it has on the audience is definitely worth something. The materials themselves might not be worth the price, but think of it this way: if a gifted painter and I both sat down with the exact same materials, their painting would sell for many, many times more than my creation. This creation cost more because of the talent and creativity behind it.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Thank you for the kind words.
  • Brian asks: Do you need to remember Juan or Simon to perform this version?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is no need to memorize any stacks for this effect.
  • asks: Do you need to touch the spectator (as seen in the video} to perform this effect correctly?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nope. There is no need to touch the spectator.
  • Leon asks: Am I correct in assuming the spectator’s card will always be the same in multiple performances? If so, would it be difficult or impossible for a purchaser/performer to modify to change the selected card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, if you'd like, you could modify the selected card. Some magicians might have the items needed. However, if you don't, they are easily obtainable from Vanishing Inc.
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