Mirage Deck (Bicycle)

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Mirage Deck (Bicycle)

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Beginner magicians will be floored by it and working professionals will be angry it took them so long to discover it.

The incredibly easy-to-use Mirage Deck has been around for years, yet continues to be one of the most under-discussed decks in the entire magic community.

While the Svengali Deck is still often used by many magicians. A lot of conjurors shy away from it as a result of its limited examinability.

Imagine having the same functionality as a Svengali Deck but, as an added kicker, you can now fan the deck face up. That’s exactly what the Mirage Deck allows!

Immediately identify a spectator’s card, have them cut to it themselves or even turn the entire deck into that selected card—ALL WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SLEIGHT OF HAND REQUIRED!

With the high-quality illustrated instructions included in every deck, you’ll not only learn how to perform these and other effects but will be taught all of the special nuances needed to evolve them into truly jaw-dropping miracles.

Printed on exceptional Bicycle-grade stock. This doesn’t look, nor feel, like a cheap trick deck.

The Mirage Deck is a professional quality utility deck that offers magicians of all skill levels access to a word of mind-blowing magic potential.


Customer reviews for Mirage Deck (Bicycle)



This deck was and is amazing! it is great quality and allows for a great range of magic tricks. it if a wonderful gift as well as just a magic deck to buy for yourself for beginner and advanced magicians all around the world! The rough and smooth fluid is added perfectly, so thank you for giving me the opportunity of owning this deck of magic playing cards.


Laura Bautista

There are many aspects that do not convince me about the Svengali deck. I don't know if it is a common place for all magicians, but its limitations make us sometimes renounce it to bring it into our routines. The Mirage Deck has come to eliminate all the cons and elevate this deck to the place it deserves. The quality is, as always, very high and the possibilities it allows are infinite. A perfect mix between the invisible deck and the Svengali deck that will delight any magician. One of the basics of every repertoire.



This is a killer deck. Works great right out of the box. The r/s keeps everything where it needs to be. One of my favorite forcing decks. This deck is primo as far as Mirage decks go.



I bought this when I saw Craig Petty doing the fairest ACAAN I have seen. I was dumbstruck. This is such a clever tool and takes the Svengali to the next level. It makes everything just so much cleaner. The deck is really well made, the cards are excellent quality, and the rough and smooth works really well. I can highly recommend this. Its a winner!



This classic shouts quality. The price is right



This was a very good product as it did everything that it claimed it could do and the price was really good! I really enjoy it and use it daily.

VI Monthly


If you use a svengali deck you really need to get the Mirage deck. With the Mirage deck easily do a in the hand spead showing the cards face up, you can table spread face up. No awkward rifle display freely spread the card face up from hand to hand.
I do mainly coin magic but once in a while someone asks for a some card tricks, it is nice to have something that I can concentrate on performance rather than worry about technique. One criticism, the corners of the force cards need to be rounded, both sides of the trimmed side. A pain in the butt, but once done the deck is perfect.



Best forcing deck available...period! Totally innocent as you show all cards different as you casually fan them out. Then they always get the card you want them to...no funny moves, no weird counts...just point to the card you want...boom!



If you like doing Svengali-based card tricks, you'll love this deck. If I'm only carrying gimmicked deck (along with a regular deck), this is my first choice.



The lesser known but superior cousin to the Svengali deck, the Mirage deck does everything a Svengali can do and more given its ability to spread the deck face up. Whilst Svengali decks have become a common feature in beginner magic kits, the Mirage deck is bound to knockout those who are aware of a sven deck and more! Whilst it can be used for fair and deceptive forces, the actual mirage routine of being able to show all cards as identical and then different is seriously powerful in and of itself, for its low price and ease of use it could fit into the act of any card worker from amateur to expert.

The only downside is that it is an entirely gimmicked deck that doesn't have much other application, but if you have any ideas for potential use you will be satisfied. Even if you just wish to experiment with it, the price is low enough that its hard to say no to just trying it out.



The concept is terrific, but the deck I received I found difficult to separate. I do not feel comfortable giving out the deck for someone to count down to their 'selection.' Even when I am handling the deck, it is obvious that there is something not quite right.


Community questions about Mirage Deck (Bicycle)

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  • Bill asks: Can I order this deck with a different "force" card? I have a four of hearts and would like a court card and another deck with something besides the four of hearts.

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Sorry we can't offer a specific card value
    • 2. Rick answers: Most gaffed decks come in an unsealed box. How hard would it be to look into 8-10 boxes and then give a customer a choice of, say, 3 of those decks?
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  • Flygare asks: Can I buy the Mirage deck with only white cards?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Do you mean blank cards? if so, that option is not available
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  • Armando asks: How many cards in a deck ?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: 52 cards
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  • Mel asks: Could my six year old use this deck? Little hands so needs to be straightforward. Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, with some practice
  • Michael asks: my mirage deck has a couple of force cards that arent sticking to the indifferent card is there any way i can fix it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please send our Support Wizards a message wizards@vanishingincmagic.com
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