By Michal Kociolek
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Trick or download by Michal Kociolek (Download + Gimmicks $24.95 or download for $14.95)

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An incredible new packet trick from Vanishing Inc.'s own, super-talented, in-house graphic designer (and magician), Michal Kociolek.

“Misdeal is a short, sweet routine with a diabolical method and a pleasing presentation.” Joshua Jay

“Michal's new packet trick is a hybrid poker-deal/printing effect and is the kind of trick laymen love. Emerson and West would have sold thousands of these!” Mark Elsdon

When he’s not designing Vanishing Inc.’s stunning books, trick packaging, and more, Michal’s devious mind dreams up amazing magic tricks. His latest creation, “Misdeal”, is a wonderful packet trick that is now available exclusively at Vanishing Inc.

Ten cards are spread face-down in a row. Without the faces being seen, you and your participant play a game of 10-card poker. Each of you takes turns drawing one card from the face down spread.

Still without looking at the cards, you explain how you are confident that you’ve won. You explain how the cards are marked and you know your participant has nothing. They look and they literally have nothing because their cards are blank.

Of course, now they want to know how you won? So, you tell them that you have the four Aces and then show the cards. These cards are also blank, but you assure them the marks confirm they are Aces.

….they are not impressed.

That is until you slowly, deliberately and magical “print” the aces from your blank cards one at a time. With the last magical transformation, you end up with five aces — a “misdeal” — so no one wins and no one loses!

“Michal has combined a few classic principles into one awesome routine packed with magical moments. Excellent stuff!” Harapan Ong

“Michal Kociolek has created a fantastic kicker to what appears to be a simple Poker routine.” Bob Farmer

Using a devilishly clever combination of common gaffed cards and brilliant thinking, Michal has devised a charming, unusual, and brilliant card trick that is easy enough for anyone to do.

“Misdeal” by Michal Kociolek is available as a download and uses simple gaffed cards and supplies that most magicians likely already own. However, you can also save time and effort by grabbing one of the pre-made complete sets (red Bicycle backs) available in limited quantities.

Both versions come with detailed PDF instructions illustrated by Tony Dunn. No matther which option you choose, you’ll absolutely love performing “Misdeal.”

Please note that the complete sets come with all the cards, you will still need one extra little inexpensive "something" that nearly every single magician likely already owns. The "something" you choose to use will come down to personal preference, and that's why it's not initially included. This is all covered in the instructions.

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Customer reviews for Misdeal


Official review from Genii Magazine

From the September 2023 Genii magazine. Reviewed by David Regal

This is a humorous packet trick in which 10 cards are used to challenge a spectator in a non-traditional game of poker. After both the spectator and the performer choose cards sight unseen from the group of 10, the spectator turns over her hand to discover all blank-faced cards. The performer proclaims that he is the victor and reveals that he has all blank cards as well. Insisting the cards are marked, the magician remains steadfast and pronounces the “fact” that his cards are the Aces. Now the magic begins, as one at a time the performer’s blank-faced cards turn into the four Aces. When the performer’s fifth card turns into an Ace as well, the poker contest is declared null and void. All the necessary cards are included in this set, some gimmicked, some not, and the moves are all within the grasp of the average card magician.

Considerations: You will need to supply an inexpensive “something extra” but you probably already own it.

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Community questions about Misdeal

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  • Corbett asks: Is there a demo of the routine?

    • 1. Michal Kociolek (creator) responds: Hi Corbett! I decided to not include the video performance. I believe some elements of the routine might be prone to reverse engineering after multiple viewings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: mwkociolek@gmail.com
  • Jörn asks: But is there a video performance in the download? It would be interesting to see the creator to show the performance there ;-)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a PDF document so there is no video performance
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