Misprint 2.0

Trick by Luke Dancy
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Misprint 2.0

29.95 usd

Trick by Luke Dancy (29.95)

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Misprint 2.0 - magic
Misprint 2.0 Misprint 2.0 Misprint 2.0 Misprint 2.0 Misprint 2.0 Misprint 2.0

Turn mistakes into miracles!

"Luke has created an instant classic with this effect, you'll love everything about it." Nicholas Lawrence

There's nothing worse than opening up a new deck of cards to find a misprinted card. What if you could turn that "mistake" into a magical moment by visually moving the ink back into place. That would be amazing. But, if you could also hand out the card for examination, that would be a miracle. Well, "Misprint 2.0" by Luke Dancy is that miracle!

The basic effect works like this:
As your spreading through a deck of cards, you notice that one card has been printed incorrectly. The back design and face are crooked and off-center. You think about tossing it away, but then have second thoughts. You're a magician...you can fix this! With a quick twist, you visually grab the ink and slowly move it back into place. (watch the trailer because you NEED to see this in action.)

Once your spectators pick their jaws up off the floor, they're bound to ask you to see the card. And guess what....you can hand it out for examination!

What's the difference between this and the original Misprint?
While the original "Misprint" allowed you to move the back design, "Misprint 2.0" allows you to move the back AND the face.

What's in the box?
You'll get BOTH the brand new Misprint 2.0 and an original Misprint gimmick in red and blue. They're ready to go out of the box.

But, if you want to create additional gimmicks for all your custom decks of premium playing cards, all those supplies are included as well.

Card magic doesn't get more visually stunning than "Misprint 2.0"!

"Misprint has always been a great effect, and this 2.0 package is a an upgrade [for both the effect and value] in every conceivable way." David Regal

"As Paul Harris would say 'what an incredible moment of strange'. [Misprint 2.0 is] Hard hitting, powerful and commercial. And most importantly unlike any other card trick out there. This is going straight into my working set and staying there. Highly recommended!"Craig Petty


Customer reviews for Misprint 2.0



This iteration of the trick gives you the ability to "misprint" faces and backs of cards.

I recently ran a misprinted Joker past a friend--after telling him I was using the Richard Turner cards, which are printed to the highest standards, blah blah blah, then noticing the back seemed to be a tad off.

I flexed it a few times, then looked at it at an angle and said no, there's nothing wrong--must've been me.

It flew past him. I left it on the table and he didn't even pick it up.

I do wish the set included more blue-backed cards, and/or blank-backers but that's just me. I'd buy it again.



Absolutely terrific! Easy to do, even for a beginner. A basic sleight of hand move is needed for the clean up, but other than that it is simple and very visual. Great effect!


Community questions about Misprint 2.0

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  • Michel asks: Is the gimmick cleanable/washable?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No. The gimmick is made out of a normal playing card.
  • Mark asks: Is it possible to get replacement cards? I realize this isn't the place for a review, but it's a great trick and--having seen what comes with it--I'd definitely buy it again.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not.
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