Magic by Luke Dancy

Eye Candy Magic download (video)
Eye Candy
Magic download (video) by Luke Dancy - $7.00

Luke Dancy has taken a classic of magic and given it his own unique twist. With simple, elegant moves and a flowing structure, Eye Candy is a transposition effect that lives up to its name. From a deck two red aces are removed, along with two black contrasting cards - the two black...

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Skycap 2.0 Trick
Skycap 2.0
Trick by Luke Dancy - $39.95

Skycap was recieved with critical acclaim when it was released and we are please to present the new version with a re-engineered by UDAY JADUGAR New semi-automatic gimmick with a bulletproof design. No setup No Reset Available in Red No cap switches...

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Misprint Trick
Trick by Luke Dancy - $15.00

Luke Dancy has a devious mind. His devious creations have made him a world-renowned magician. He works for Criss Angel doing devious things. Misprint is one of Luke's coolest tricks. It's a completely new plot in magic: you come across a really badly printed Bicycle card (which can be signed)...

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Sin City DVD
Sin City
DVD by Luke Dancy - $40.00

Luke Dancy has once again assembled a collection of his finest and most visual "not just card" magic. A Misleading SituationIt's not just's a miracle. A pencil sharpens right in front of the spectator's eyes in your bare hand. Impulsive OMG!...another 4 ace production.911Need help? Call...

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