Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy

Book by Richard Kaufman and Larry Jennings
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Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy

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Book by Richard Kaufman and Larry Jennings (120.00)

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Richard Kaufman started writing this book in 1991. Since then, the world has been waiting patiently for this huge tome to be released, and it finally has. It’s 582 pages. It contains over 250,000 words of wisdom. 120 tricks. 120 sleights and techniques. Over 1,400 photographs.

Richard Kaufman said he hopes it will become a bible for any card worker who is interested in learning “the proper way to handle cards." It will show you new ways to do the sleights you thought you knew. The book assumes nothing and is suitable for beginners as well as advanced card workers.

But it’s not just Jennings’ wisdom contained in the book. You also get advice from legends like Vernon, Walton, Elmsley, Marlo, Bruce, Hofzinser and more.

Larry Jennings had incredible skill with a deck of cards, and the title shouldn’t be misunderstood. This is a book full of “basic” card technique, and all major sleights are accompanied by great tricks that make use of what you’re learning. This is a masterclass in how to handle playing cards, Jennings style.

Breaks, Double and Triple Undercut work, Multiple Lifts, packet tricks, Peeks, Overhand Shuffles, Rub a Dub Vanish, Switches, Controls, Biddle work and more are covered in this incredible labor of love.

If you are at all interested in card magic, this book should be in your collection.


  • Foreword (Tony Giorgio)
  • Introduction
  • Jennings Talks About his Early Exposure to Magic
  • History
  • The Left Pinky Break in the Center or Bottom of the Deck
  • Cliff Greens Multiple Buckle Technique
  • How to Spread Cards and Conceal the Break
  • The Left Pinky Break on Top of the Deck
  • Robert-Houdins Method
  • Okashina Dekigoto (Japanese Twisting the Aces)
  • The Buckle Count
  • The Push and Pull
  • The Double Push Off
  • The Thumb Count and Right Thumbtip Break
  • The Biddle Grip
  • Dai Vernon's Squeeze Break
  • Two Hands
  • One Hand
  • Rescuing a Break (Dai Vernon)
  • Verdnase Break (A Right Pinky Break)
  • To Transfer a Left Pinky Break to a Verdnase Break
  • Erdnases Revolution from a Verdnase Break
  • The Jennings Pulldown
  • The Basic Technique
  • As a Glide
  • As a Cut Which Retains the Bottom Card
  • A Brief Yet Ambitious Effect
  • Greek Break
  • Converting a Greek Break into a Pinky Break (The Preferred Readjustment)
  • Dai Vernon's Greek Break Cut
  • AutoBreak (Lin Searles)
  • Jennings Talks About the Need for Tools and Practice
  • History
  • The Double Undercut with a Verdnase Break
    1. From Top to Bottom for a Single Card
    1. From Top to Bottom for Multiple Cards
    1. From Center to Top (or Bottom)
  • A Wee Equivoqu
  • Four-Card Cutting Control
  • Braue Reverse (Jennings Finesse)
  • The Four Ace Bet
  • Gordon Bruce Outjog Addition: First Handling
  • A Placement Cut
  • The Double Undercut with a Block Pushoff (the Reverse Double Undercut)
    1. From Bottom to Top for a Single Card
    1. From Bottom to Top for Multiple Cards
  • Method One
  • Method Two
  • Method Three
  • The Double and Triple Undercut Combinations
    1. From Center to Top, Top Stock Retained; Also a Multiple Control
    1. From Center to Top, Original Top Card to Bottom
    1. Top and Bottom Cards Transposed with a Double Undercut
  • Devious Open Prediction
  • Unpredictable Prediction
  • Cheshire Aces
  • Kings Trap Choice
  • Four Kings Trap Three Choices
  • Sandwich sans Roy
  • In Two Places at the Same Time
  • A Magical Appearance
  • The Paradoxically Simple Sandwich
  • Quick Reverse
  • The Simplex Visitor
  • ATFUS (Elmsley/Marlo) with a Verdnase Break: Version One
  • Without Warning!
  • Always Cut the Cards
  • Version One (Ungimmicked)
  • ATFUS with a Verdnase Break: Version Two
  • Version Two (Gimmicked)
  • Gordon Bruce Outjog Addition: Second Handling
  • The Joker Finds a Thought-of Card
  • Placement Cut Collectors
  • Elaborate 21-Card Force Mated
  • Jennings Talks About the Double Lift and Top Change
  • History
  • The Hit Minus One Double Turnover
  • The Covered Double Turnover
  • The Covered Triple Turnover
  • The Expedient Lift
  • The Dead Certain Double
  • The New Theory Getready
  • The Vernon Light Lift
  • The Dai Vernon Pushoff (Jennings Fingering)
  • The Larry Jennings Pushoff
  • The Stuart Gordon Lift (Jennings Finesse)
  • The Quick Tip Turnover (Covering Large Multiple Lifts)
  • Quick Tip Count Down
  • Center Double Lift
  • Jennings Turnover Switch
  • A Graceful Way of Holding a Double Card with the Left Hand
  • Uncommon Methods of Getting Ready for the Double Lift
  • First Method (End Over End Turn)
  • Second Method (Pivot and Duck)
  • Third Method (Outjogged Pivot and Duck)
  • Fourth Method (The Long Distance Double Lift Getready)
  • Vanish and Reappearance of a Card
  • Fifth Method (The Gordon Turnover and Isolated Reverse)
  • Unloading One Card from a Double Lift
  • First Method (Sideways Turnover)
  • Second Method: (End Over End Turnover)
  • Third Method: (The LJ Change)
  • Fourth Method (A Two-Card Change)
  • When the Double Card Leaves the Hands
  • First Method: Bounce Double
  • Second Method: The Free-Fall Double
  • New Dual Discovery
  • Third Method: Warp and Drop
  • A Simple, Yet Strong Prediction
  • Fourth Method: Marlos Two Card Throw (Jennings Finesse)
  • Ambitious Card Interlude
  • On Transpositions
  • The New Double Double
  • Vernon's Clean-Up Move
  • The Bastard Son of the King of Hearts
  • Everyman's Transposition
  • Circus Transposition
  • The Depth Illusion (Original Dai Vernon Get-Ready and Technique)
  • Deep Transposition
  • Deep Transposition II
  • Numerical Aces Plus One to Four
  • Return to 1002nd Aces
  • Version One
  • The Covered Double Turnover as an Add-On Move
  • Version Two
  • The Misdirective Outjog Switch
  • Version Three
  • Version Four
  • The Hofzinser/Leech Switch (with a Verdnase Break)
  • Slow-Motion Five-Card Ace Assembly
  • The Card that Changes in Front of their Eyes
  • Vernon's Depth Illusion
  • A Mysterious Visit
  • Larry's Pocket Twins
  • Four Aces and Four Selections
  • The Strange Case of the Unsinkable Ace
  • Version One (Ungimmicked)
  • Version Two (Gimmicked)
  • In Space
  • Version One (Ungimmicked)
  • Version Two (Gimmicked)
  • Remember and Forget-Me-Not
  • Triumphantly Turning Back Time
  • Ambitious Classic Revisited
  • Jennings Talks About Where to Look
  • (Tricks Which Rely Mainly On False Counting a Packet)
  • History
  • The All-Count Technique
  • The Elmsley Count
  • The Flushtration Count
  • The Hamman Two as Four Count
  • The Hamman Count
  • Finessed Hamman
  • With a Verdnase Break
  • The Simplest Twist
  • Twisting the Leader
  • Underground Oil and Queens
  • One-Hand Maestros Poker Demonstration
  • The Grismer Count
  • Eight Damned Queens
  • The Rhythm Count (With Four Cards)
  • The Eye Popper
  • Finesse for Adding a Card to the Face of a Packet
  • The Rhythm Count (With Five Cards)
  • The Final Reset
  • Secret Subtraction with a Verdnase Break
  • The Rhythm Count (With Six Cards)
  • Four Cards All Alike
  • Version One: LJ Multiple Display Sequence
  • Version Two
  • Version Three
  • Original Uni-Flection
  • Four Cards All Alike: Version Four
  • Four Cards All Alike: Version Five
  • Progressive Assembly for Magicians Only
  • Walton's Four-Card Brainwave: LJ Finesse
  • Knoxville Aces Rethought
  • Tilting Through Time
  • False Count As Add-On
  • Twisting the Aces
  • Jennings One-Hand Spread/Display
  • A Treatise on Bro. Hamman's The Magic Cards
  • Method One
  • Method Two
  • Method Three
  • Method Four
  • Method Five
  • The LJAC Magic Cards (Method Six)
  • The LJLF Magic Cards (Method Seven)
  • Jennings Multiple Display Sequence
  • O Henry Gets Jazzed
  • O.J. Aces
  • Wild Card Jennings Style
  • Look An Illusion!
  • Classic Handling
  • New Handling
  • Jennings Talks About Flourishes, and Patter
  • History
  • Repeat Indicator: First Exercise in Holding Multiple Breaks
  • The Double Slop Shuffle: Second Exercise in Holding Multiple Breaks
  • The Spectator Peek
  • Overhand Shuffle Techniques
  • New Third Finger Break
  • Magician and Spectator Cut to the Aces
  • Additional Overhand Shuffle Work with the Third Finger Break
  • Overhand Shuffle Jog (Jennings Finesse)
  • Jennings Makes Good
  • The Last Card
  • Erdnase False Overhand Shuffle (Jennings Finesse)
  • Shelley's Quadruple Coincidence (Mike Shelley; Jennings Finesse)
  • Gordon Bruce False Overhand Shuffle
  • Overhand Shuffle Speller
  • Free-Cut Poker Deal
  • LJ on Vernon's Weight Guesser
  • Subtractions
  • LJ Unloading Move
  • Elevated Rub A Dub
  • Unloading Technique from a Packet
  • Switches
  • New Grip Hofzinser/Leech Change
  • Version One: A Covered Switch
  • Version Two: A Covered Multiple Top Change
  • The Optical Toss and Two Applications
  • Optical Transposition
  • Red-Black Separation and Mate Location
  • The Silhouette Switch
  • Controls
  • New Peek Control
  • Discrepancy Switch
  • Bottom Placement
  • Four Cards All Alike: Version Six
  • The Alpha Control
  • Faceless Mystery Card
  • Version One
  • Version Two
  • Two Card Control with a Plunging Cut
  • Multi-Directional Simple Shift
  • The Atrocious Bottom Deal
  • Discrepant See?
  • Stabbed Coincidence
  • Simon's Business Card Prophesy Displacement (Jennings Finesse)
  • T.K. Change
  • T.K. No Turn
  • New Attempt at Thought-Card Trick
  • No-Gaff Handling of Don Englands Collectors
  • Double-Deal Drop Switch
  • Slip Cut Finesse
  • Technique One
  • Twin Peeks Control
  • Technique Two
  • Open Slip Cut Force
  • Two Optical False Cuts
  • The Lazy Mans False Cut
  • Wrist Turn False Cut
  • Frank Thompson's EZ Ace Cut
  • Your Palms Between
  • Method One (With Duplicate)
  • Method Two (Without Duplicate)
  • Jennings Talks About Intimate Close-Up Magic
  • History
  • Easy Intuition
  • Simplex Four-to-Seven Locator
  • Dissertation on an Old Trick
  • Version No.1
  • Version No.2
  • Version No.3
  • Version No.4
  • Version No.5
  • Version No.6
  • Smith's Myth Turns Over
  • Smith's Pocket Myth
  • Triple Discovery
  • Triumph for the Terrified
  • Two Knowns Equal an Unknown
  • Placement Cut with Verdnase Break
  • Lucky 32
  • Getting to Nine
  • The Mysterious Spelling Three
  • Number Transposition
  • The Relatively Unknown Location
  • Flush-ing the Relatively Unknown Location
  • Ace-ing the Relatively Unknown Location
  • Impossible Fore-Shadowed
  • Impossible
  • The Close-Up Illusion
  • Jennings Talks About Misdirection
  • History
  • The Proper Ways to Perform Dai Vernons Strip-Out Addition
  • Rapid Transit District (R.T.D.) Aces and Faster Than Light (F.T.L.) Aces
  • The Gentlemen Aces
  • Vernon Transfer Move (Jennings Finesse)
  • DeeVee Miracle
  • Verily Visiting
  • Two Trips to the Hotel
  • Version One
  • Version Two
  • LJ on O. Henry Aces
  • Additions
  • Braue Addition Plus
  • Beyond Braue
  • Stolen Braue
  • The D.C.D. Switch
  • The Nopen Prediction (No.1)
  • The Nopen Prediction (No.2)
  • Coincidentally D.C.D.
  • Diamond Cut Diamond
  • Diamond Cut, Plus Jokers
  • Diamond Cuts to Your Pocket
  • Not Biddle, But
  • The One at a Time Add-On
  • Optical Add-On
  • Slow-Motion Add-On
  • The Transfer Add-On
  • Slip Cover Add On
  • Meta-Ssembly
  • Take and Leave Switch
  • Olde Tyme Aces
  • Add-On Aces
  • Simple Seven-Card Assembly
  • Monarch's Quartette the Third
  • California Red Prediction
  • Mental Reverse
  • ATFUS with a Verdnase Break: Version Three
  • Multi-Faced Mystery
  • Ace-Faced Mystery
  • Simple Thought Card to Pocket
  • Card to Pocket Move
  • Audacious Collectors
  • Triple Cut Scatter Load
  • Cloudburst Selections

582 Pages | Oversided Hardcover | Acid Free Art Paper | Sewn Lay-Flat Binding


Customer reviews for Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy



While my collection of magic books will not fill a library, I've amassed a serious collection over the past thirty plus years. This new Larry Jennings book from Richard Kaufman is an exceptionally large tome, second in size to my Stanyon's Magic three volume edition.

While this is a large volume it's all quality material. As I perused thorough its pages, I found material I've never seen in other publications (i.e. Rescuing a Break, how to recover a pinky break you lost-ish). The effects and methods include detailed nuances of familiar sleights accompanied with an abundance of photographs.

One of the coolest things I discovered about this book in addition to the main Table of Content at the front of the book, at the beginning of each chapter there is a Table of Contents for that particular chapter. I thought is was exceptionally helpful idea given the size of this book.

If you already have The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings and/or Jennings '67, this is an excellent addition for serious card workers. Highly and enthusiastically recommended.



This massive huge tome is absolutely awesome and astounding: from the bounding to the layout to the incredibly wonderful and detailed contents on card magic. Anyone with real interest in magic should own a copy and anyone who professes himself/herself a card magician goes without saying. Basic, finessed card handling and techniques (and a number of effects that make use of them) are described in meticulous details, with a passion and love which is very difficult to express in a review. One particular mention to Vanishing Inc. for their wonderful and fast service. What can I add more? Do yourself a favour and run to buy a copy....from VI!



Look I like my card college books and they are excellent but I love this book. The explanations are really Clear and the tricks interspersed between sleights I much prefer over the card college ones. It's life time worth of knowledge in the book and it covers a lot of standard sleights but there are subtleties described that are worth their weight in gold. It's a pricy book but I would recommend this over royal road anytime. Highly recommend this.



Over the last 30 plus years I have amassed a pretty nice magic book library. This book is not the by any means the lowest priced (even adjusting for inflation).

It is, however, one of the nicest books I have ever had the pleasure of adding to my shelves. It is big, well made, and well illustrated. If you are a casual hobbyist and prefer learning new things from video clips, you may not see the value here. But you will be cheating yourself…

I have spent many hours going through this book since I received it and there is a lot of gold inside. We all have books on the shelf that we bought with huge anticipation, spent a few hours with, and then put away because most of the effects were impractical or didn’t fit our performance style. This is not one of those books. This is a reference of technique and effects to inspire anyone. I have been going back to it for a few hours every night since I received it, and I keep finding more great things to play with.

I never had a copy of ‘67, so I can’t comment on this as a follow up. After receiving this, I am intrigued to check that out as well.

To sum up, this is a pretty serious book with an abundance of professional content. In my opinion, it is worth every penny and probably more. In fact I suspect ten years from now people will be coughing up 3x for used copies on eBay like so many of the other classics on our shelves.

VI Monthly


I just opened the package and looked at my brand new copy of Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy and I am blown away. First of all, I knew it was big but I didn't realize what a hefty tome this would be... it's huge. It's also easily the most attractive book in my library. The half cloth / half glossy binding is beautiful.
As for the real reason I bought this book (the content), the amount of detail given to teaching even the most basic moves and the sheer amount of information, including history and philosophy is astounding. Some of us have been waiting a very long time for this book... and it was worth it. What a fantastic job by Richard Kaufman.
If you are a serious fan of card magic, treating yourself to Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy is a must.


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  • Claudio asks: Hi, in which way is the content of this book different than, say The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings?

    • 1. Andy answers: Completely different, I have both This book is a masterpiece do your self a favour and buy it!
    • 2. Gerhard answers: This book is brilliant. One of the best books on card magic published and sublimely comprehensive. Get this before it sells out!
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