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NeoMix - magic
NeoMix NeoMix NeoMix NeoMix NeoMix NeoMix

Jim Krenz won the coveted Fechter’s MVP award the year he debuted “NeoMix.” For those who don’t know, this means that Jim (and “NeoMix”) were voted by MVP by 300 of the top sleight-of-hand artists in the world. So what is “NeoMix”?

It’s a three-phase Oil and Water unlike any you have ever seen before. The first two phases are astonishing and clean. But it’s the third phase that will knock your audiences for a loop. After demonstrating how red and black cards separate by magic, you shake the packet of cards between your hands and reveal that ALL THE PIPS HAVE NOW MIXED ACROSS THE CARDS! You create, through magic, a packet of misprinted, bizarre, and visually arresting “impossible” cards that your spectators will never forget.

This is one of those tricks that can’t be done justice through description. Do yourself a favor and watch the trailer to the end…it fooled some of the top magicians in the world. Did it fool you?

"I have lots of methods for Oil and Water, but Jim's version, "NeoMix," achieved perfection!"Juan Tamariz

"For years Jim Krenz has been creating knockout climaxes for many of magic’s classic effects. “NeoMix” may be the most visual, most surprising, and yet most appropriate, ending for Oil and Water that one could imagine. No one sees this final “mix” coming, but everyone instantly recognizes how magical it is."Simon Aronson

"There is no effect that I have spent more time varying. Jim's variation is one that I would add to my repertoire."David Solomon

NeoMix has all the qualities that make a great packet trick: deceptive, engaging, and an extremely appealing off-beat ending.Simon Aronson

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NeoMix by Jim Krenz