No Man's Land

Book by TCC Presents and Kiyoshi Satoh
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No Man's Land

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Book by TCC Presents and Kiyoshi Satoh (59.95)

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No Man's Land - magic
No Man's Land No Man's Land No Man's Land No Man's Land No Man's Land No Man's Land No Man's Land No Man's Land

For the first time ever, you'll be treated to a collection of works that were unavailable to magicians outside of Japan for more than 40 years.

In this two volume set (both volumes sold separately), you'll get an exclusive opportunity to learn the magic of Japan's king of underground magicians, Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh. While Kiyoshi Satoh has created a staggering number of works, very few of them have ever been published. For the most part, the only way to learn his magic was solely through books in Japanese.

Now you can get a compilation of his work in English with No Man's Land by TCC , a truly remarkable two book set that comes with a special collection of accompanying videos to provide an improved learning experience.

Who is Kiyoshi Satoh
For most magicians, the legend of Kiyoshi Satoh is mostly word of mouth. These stories always feature words like "master" and "god-like." Simply put, Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh is a true legend in the underground magic scene.

When Kiyoshi Satoh finally released some of his work in Japan, it became an immediate sensation. His effects were innovative and impressive, and he gained a following of enthusiastic magicians. Everyone was stunned by his creativity and talent.

This the first time you'll ever get to read the magic of Kiyoshi Satoh in English. The No Man's Land series was edited by Houlin Li and translated by Peter Gao. Houlin Li learned of Mr. Satoh's magic when he was in Japan and was attracted by its charm. He gained special permission to publish Mr. Satoh's magic through long-term communication.

No Man's Land Vol. 1 Contents

Hardcover | 155 Pages | Full Color

  • Two core techniques
  • Two pure sleights of hand packet tricks
  • Seven packet tricks utilizing gaffed cards
  • All gaff cards included
  • An insightful interview
  • Performance videos of each routine (QR code enabled)

The performances of each effect is done by Chinese underground magician Peter Gao, who has added some of his own personal touches and subtleties to provide a more complete learning experience. Most of the routines in the book will use Mr. Kiyoshi Satoh's core technique: The Townsend Count. This is a surprising technique that holds a lot of power that is revealed in detail in the captivating interview.

Some of the amazing card magic effects in No Man's Land - Volume 1 include:

Stardust Collector
Four Queens on the table, the selection is on one side. The magician is still able to identify the audience's selection under this condition. The magician picks up four Queens and places them on the top of the deck one by one to show that there is nothing between them. Then, with the snap of their fingers, there are three other cards with the same index in between the four Queens. The only missing playing card is their selection.

Midnight Slow Motion
Four Queens change into blank cards one at a time. Not only the surfaces, but the backs also disappear. All the faces and backs unexpectedly become blank.

Black Poker
Four red and four black red-backed cards are interlaced, then divided into two equal packets. After a snap of fingers, all the black cards are gathered in one of the packets. When the audiences think the other packet is all the red cards, the faces turn into the four Aces. You then turn over the first packet, and show all the backs turned blue! This stunning routine ends with the backs of the Aces packet also turning blue, and the faces turning into the royal flush.

And much more...

No Man's Land Vol. 2 Contents

Hardcover | 159 pages | Full Color

  • Two core techniques
  • Two pure sleight of hand packet tricks
  • Seven packet tricks utilizing gaffed cards
  • All necessary gaff cards
  • An incredible interview
  • Performance videos of each routine (QR code enabled)

Like in "No Man's Land Vol. 1", many of the card magic tricks in this book rely on Kiyoshi Satoh's versatile Townsend Count. The performance videos are also done by Chinese underground magician Peter Gao, who occasionally adds his own touches for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Some of the amazing card magic effects in No Man's Land - Volume 2 include:

Hard Bop II
The transposition of four Kings and four indifferent cards with a surprise ending.

Hardcore Bop II
This is Houlin Li's touch on the final part of the Hard Bop II based on the original version of Mr. Satoh.

Twilight Back Off
The faces and backs of the cards appear on previously shown blank cards. In the end, everything goes back in time as the cards change back into blank cards!

Little Birdland
The magician deals three Jokers into a face-down row, left to right, above the tabled faces up Joker. They then take out four indifferent cards, put one of the indifferent cards face down on the face up Joker, pick up one of the Jokers from the row, and put it on the remaining three indifferent cards. After a snap, the Joker in the indifferent cards is exchanged with the indifferent card on the tabled face-up Joker!

The magician repeats it, the second Joker changes places with the indifferent card, and for the last time, the magician decided to show the audience something different.

The magician puts the last Joker on top of the three Jokers in front of them and shows the audience that there are four indifferent cards. After a snap of fingers, one of the Jokers changed places with one of the indifferent cards and then snapped once more; all four indifferent cards in the hand have become Jokers!

It seems that the indifferent cards in the hand had been exchanged with the Jokers on the table, but when the cards on the table turned over, you find that it's no longer four indifferent cards, but four blank face cards. A shocking ending.

All this and more!


Customer reviews for No Man's Land



First thing I noticed is, these books are nice, they are printed on thick card stock, they have a great finish. The photos are clear and the instructions are easy to understand. One thing I like is there are plenty of credit given, some pages has Red writing down at the bottom giving references to other books such as card college.. all I can say is theses two books will make a great addition to mine or anyone’s magic book collection, and for the price of the books they are well worth it.. highly recommend..



This is an excellent book though why only four stars?

The effects in this book are mostly all packet type effects and very excellent ones. The reason for my four star rating is this book is somewhat difficult to follow. As I read through the methodologies, I found myself needing to re-read the instructions to make sure I understood it. The original manuscripts this book is based upon was written in Japanese then translated in China to English. I watched a few YT reviews and one reviewer commented the translation may have been done by someone(s) who may not have been fluent with English syntax and grammar. I'm inclined to agree.

The format of the book is a little convoluted. There is an abundance of clear color photographs; however, sometimes they are a distraction. I read a column and when it came to an end, believing it continued at the bottom of the photo I started reading it. This was wrong, I instead needed to first read the left column then go to the column to its immediate right. Rather than one paragraph at the top of the photo then continue the instructions in one large paragraph at the bottom of the photo would've made more sense.

Another minor issue I had was with one of the effects, Stardust Collector. A double facer is required; however, it may not be the one described in the method. Although this is addressed in the directions, I thought it added to the confusion (just a little) of learning this effect.

I should clarify...while this book is mostly all packet effects with required gaffs provided in an envelop with your purchase, most of these effects do not require a gaff. However, gaff or no, all require intermediate to advanced sleight of hand.

An extreme plus for this book is at the beginning of each chapter is a QR code which takes you to VIMEO. Each QR takes you to a video performance (not explanation) of the chapter's effect. The videos are of excellent quality and they are all downloadable.

Despite the minor difficulties I encountered from reading this book, I am still happy with this purchase and it will be a nice addition to my magic library. I Highly recommend this book. However be prepared to spend a little more time trying to understand the methodologies.


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  • Fabio asks: Are gaffed cards included?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: All gaff cards included
  • William asks: Are the performances available in another media form or only via using the "QR" code system?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately it is only with the QR codes in the book.
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