Quantum Angel

Trick by Paul Harris
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Quantum Angel

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Trick by Paul Harris ($34.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Quantum Angel - magic
Quantum Angel Quantum Angel Quantum Angel Quantum Angel Quantum Angel Quantum Angel

A new Paul Harris release? Today is a good day! A printed angel visibly reaches into the card's "hyper-dimensional quantum zone" to pull out a tiny "angel" envelope. Sealed inside the envelope, written in ruby red ink on golden paper, is the spectator's secret name or word. 

If you can riffle cards, you're ready to QUANTUM!

  • No pre-setting the spectator's word. This is a self-contained real-time miracle.
  • Super easy. Nothing to palm, load, steal, switch or ditch.
  • Features a killer card prediction with gimmick built right into the unit.
  • Convenient self-contained small packet fits into your shirt pocket ... So no need to carry an extra deck.
  • Resets in seconds.
  • Your Quantum Angel can deliver birthday wishes, your phone number, corporate logo, thank you notes... even a tiny love letter.
Performed and Taught by Chris Turchi and Brandon Bader, based on Cardian Angel By Paul Harris and Mike Maxwell and inspired by Dan Harlan's CARD-TOON!

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Customer reviews for Quantum Angel



Quantum Angel is AWESOME and EASY, as promised -- I was able to amaze people the first day! :D Extra/spare materials provided are a definite added bonus. Given all the paid downloads I've been disappointed or frustrated by, I will definitely be back to you for more as I now trust you implicitly. Keep up the great work!



An extremely clever trick which is very easy to perform.
There is no need to buy refills or anything extra as you can supply your own.
Remarkable reveal where message can flip out.
Visually stunning effect and reveal.
Super sealed envelope reveal.
Different variations can be used and customised to your own effects or presentation style.

Video explanation could be improved a little



Quantum angel is a really cool trick, but... the only thing I think wasn't to good was the tutorial video. It was not structured very well and it jumped around a lot. Other than that, you get a great amount of gold paper in different sizes, a quality bank of cards printed on USPC card stock, two high quality envelopes, and high quality gimmicks. All you need to perform this that's not in the kit is a sharpie marker and a red bicycle deck of cards and a pair of pliers of scissors. In all, this is a great trick and I highly recommend it.

Quantum Angel by Paul Harris