Phoenix (Torn and Restored) by Sirus Magic

Trick by Sirus Magic and Premium Magic Store
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Phoenix (Torn and Restored) by Sirus Magic

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Trick by Sirus Magic and Premium Magic Store (From $33.00)

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Phoenix (Torn and Restored) by Sirus Magic - magic
Phoenix (Torn and Restored) by Sirus Magic Phoenix (Torn and Restored) by Sirus Magic Phoenix (Torn and Restored) by Sirus Magic

A torn and restored card in which you can let the spectator tear the card themselves. "Phoenix" by Sirus Magic and Premium Magic Store is an exciting new take on the classic TNR card magic effect.

The torn and restored card is one of the most popular card tricks in the world. There is just something so magical about seeing and object go from being destroyed to whole again. So many amazing versions have been released over the years too. However, for the most part, the magician has always done the tearing action. The pieces are usually torn into nice, very similar sized and shaped pieces before being brought together and restored.

"Phoenix" allows the spectators to shred and destroy the selection into what can be best described as "playing card confetti". Then, with a little help of some fire, you're able to instantly restore their card. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

This restored card will perfectly match the "receipt" you left with the spectator. A truly powerful moment.

Each "Phoenix" set includes pre-made gimmicks and "Dragon Tears" bottle to ensure you can start performing right away. Available in Red or Blue.

"Sirus surprised me with my own trick. An amazing presentation, but not for the fainted-hearted." Alexander de Cova


Customer reviews for Phoenix (Torn and Restored) by Sirus Magic



This effect is safe if...and only if, you take proper precautions and heed the warnings in the instructional video.


Because it involves While the actual fire in this effect is small remember, raging forest fires can and have been caused by a mere spark.

I first saw this effect performed in a YT video highlighting the dealer's room at a recent Blackpool Magic Convention. And me, being attracted to fire effects, was attracted to this one. This effect came with three sets of three cards and an IRL for the instructional video. For DIYers, more gimmicks can be easily made with supplies you may already have in your home office.

The video is well made; however, my it's also my first negative as it is not downloadable. My other negative is this effect needs some pre-preparation and does not reset quickly. Otherwise, recommended.



In short,
1. No matter how many disclaimers you place at the beginning of the video, this trick is dangerous.
2. The base method is very old
3. I think the set up is impractical and I’m being charitable
4. The “clean up” (and I mean that quite literally) is very impractical.
5. There are other tricks that use fire that are far more viable.
6. I find the presentation (especially dragon tears) highly contrived.

Other than that, the trick is great


Community questions about Phoenix (Torn and Restored) by Sirus Magic

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  • Oliver asks: Is the full deck gimmicked? Is a force card used?

    • 1. Fredrick answers: Based on my experience with Alexander De Cova's Flash Restoration which Phoenix is based on, it requires a special deck and gimmick. The force is clean and apparently fair.
    • 2. sirus answers: Hi. Sirus the creator here It is pefromed with a regular deck that you simply add gimmicks to the top of. And yes of course you will need to force a selection. Hope that helps. Please ask if you need to know more.
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  • Adam asks: What are "dragon tears" and where can refills be acquired?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I imagine it's this:
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