Presto Printo

Trick by Daryl
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Presto Printo

29.95 usd

Trick by Daryl (29.95)

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Presto Printo - magic
Presto Printo Presto Printo Presto Printo Presto Printo Presto Printo Presto Printo Presto Printo Presto Printo Presto Printo Presto Printo

Wildly visual. Impossibly magical. Daryl’s “Presto Printo” is finally available again for a new generation of magicians to enjoy.

“Presto Printo” is widely regarded as one of the most amazing versions of the Wild Card plot ever created. It’s got everything you could want in a great magic trick. It’s fun to watch, super visual and builds in excitement with each phase. It’s unlike anything your audiences will have ever seen before and is bound to leave a lasting impression.

And the best part? “Presto Printo” is super easy to perform. There’s NO sleight of hand required and you end totally clean. That’s right, the cards are 100% examinable.

After showing a bunch of blank playing cards, you demonstrate how you can use a spectator’s selected card to magically print the other cards. You print a card with a mirror image of the selection, another playing card that gets smudged because you forgot to let the ink dry, a version where the pips nearly fall off the card and so much more.

Each design is completely different. Every phase is more impossible, more visual and more magical.

Daryl’s “Presto Printo” was unavailable for many years. But now, it’s finally available again and you will want to carry this with you everywhere. While it might be a card trick at its core, the experience it offers is so much larger. You can see a full performance from Daryl himself in the videos above.

It’s a truly amazing magic trick that can work for any audience. There’s no wonder why, despite the fact Daryl has one of the most impressive catalogs in all of magic, “Presto Printo” continues to be one of his most beloved creations.

You’ll receive everything you need to perform, including specially-printed cards made with premium quality red Bicycle Playing Cards and online instructions featuring the main handling and many bonus ideas.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned performer, “Presto Printo” is perfect for any magician.

Note: The "Presto Printo" comes with Bicycle cards with the Maiden back design.


Customer reviews for Presto Printo



I love this trick. I essence it's a sort of wild card plot but very entertaining with some interesting surprises. There are a few moves to master but nothing super hard. The cards are well made and the tutorial is brilliantly explained. I really like the different variations of laying out the cards. The cards themselves are bicycle stock so its great quality. I can highly recommend this.



I like this trick and it is fun to perform, very recommended!



This is a different kind of card magic which draws your spectators in. It's not a pick a card trick, it's something different with a great hook and visuals. It's really easy to perform with little sleight of hand. But it makes you look like a master of card magic.



I have been looking for a great visual card routine to do on camera and Presto Printo delivered. I set up an over the shoulder shot and projected the video for the audience. Presto Printo has a great storyline to keep people's attention. Once the hook is set the excitement builds with each of the reveals. Even though I bought this to do on stage, I practiced it close up as it was designed. For those that will use it close ends clean and everything is examinable!!! The instruction video comes with several handlings that range from easy to difficult. Be sure to grab one of these before they quit making them!

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Are you a card guy who needs a routine with a little more levity? Perhaps you are performing for an audience that doesn't quite appreciate the statistically anomaly that just occurred when you dealt yourself another royal flush. Or, perhaps you just need some magical eye candy. Presto Printo takes card magic to another level. It not only seems impossible, it is startling and visually appealing as well. It is perfect for the performer who wants to add a little more whimsy to his card magic while still keeping with the card/sleight of hand theme. I don't do packet tricks. Well, correction. I do now, thanks to Presto Printo. It is fun and awesome.



Presto Printo is visually appealing and fun. I'm looking forward to presenting it to a birthday party for a couple of 8-year-olds at a show this weekend... I think young people especially will enjoy this illusion. The gimmicked cards are simple to use, and the instructions are easy to follow. Further, the instruction video gives some alternate handlings to get into the trick. That's valuable, because I actually prefer one of the "bonus" handlings to the primary one presented. There's also a segment of the trick that is forcing a card on a volunteer, and of course any force you like to use is appropriate, so long as you force the one-and-only card that these gimmicks are set to work with. Daryl gives some great ideas for "kickers," as well, so that anyone so inclined can truly personalize this mini-routine.
Highly recommended!


Community questions about Presto Printo

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  • Gregg asks: Looks similar to Dominique Duvivier's Printing.

    • 1. Jim answers: Daryl bought the rights to Printing, and then released his own routine with the cards.
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  • Glen asks: Are these sets available in the Phoenix brand? Red? Thanks....

    • 1. Jim answers: They are not. Sorry!
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  • Mark asks: Is the routine adaptable to do in the hands as in walkaround or does it need a table... or.... could a spectator hold out their hand as a table and just keep taking the next card of the pile in the spectators hand to perform the next phase and pass out each revelation to a spectator to examine as you go onto the next phase or am i talking a load of drivvle as this is covered in the instructions already ???

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not watched the instructions, but if you had a hand available for each of the reveals, they could be left on the hands of the audience as they're all clean (the cards, not the hands).
  • Jonathan Kaplan asks: Hi. Question: Do you need to buy Refills after a certain point? If so, are any refills sold at Vanishing Inc? Many Thanks. Jon Kaplan

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The cards don't wear out. No refills are available at the point.
  • THOMAS asks: Here is Daryl performing the routine: I miss of a kind!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Thanks for sharing!
  • Robert asks: Can they be reused? The question is not whether they can wear out.

    • 1. Jim answers: They will last as long as normal playing cards.
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  • Robert asks: Can the cards be used more than once to perform the Presto Printo trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes! You can use the same cards every time.
  • Mourad asks: when it gonna be availeble please

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We are currently working on getting an accurate ETA. Stay tuned!
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