Prohibition Monte

Trick by Alan Rorrison and The 1914
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Prohibition Monte

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Trick by Alan Rorrison and The 1914 (25.00)

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Prohibition Monte - magic
Prohibition Monte Prohibition Monte Prohibition Monte Prohibition Monte Prohibition Monte Prohibition Monte

A fusion of iconic magic plots with an impossible ending that is built for workers and will leave your audiences speechless.

"A winning combination of magic & monte!" R. Paul Wilson

Beloved magician, inventor and TV consultant Alan Rorrison has taken one of the most famous card scams, The Two Card Monte, and combined it with The Anniversary Waltz and Torn and Restored Card to making a mind-boggling prohibition-themed effect that you'll want to perform at every event.

Inspired by Alan's love for classic street cons and legal loopholes, Prohibition Monte offers the perfect blend of an intriguing story and powerful magic.

Prohibition Monte starts by explaining how during the prohibition era, back alley gambling games using poker-sized playing cards were illegal. So, in an effort to circumvent these laws, con artists would often rip cards in half and just use half-sized cards.

You then remove two different torn half cards, show them front and back, and invite the spectator to play the classic con game of "Follow the Queen". After showing them how it works and baffling them with your ability to make a Queen, which was fairly placed into your pocket, appear back in your hand, you allow them to up their chances by signing the face of each card.

After the cards are signed, you repeat the challenge. Despite how fair you make everything seem, the spectator will be unable to truly follow the location of each card—ultimately proving the power of this legendary scam.

For your grand finale, you place both half-card in their hands. They squeeze tight and open up their hands to see that the parts have fused together to create a one-of-a-kind full-size, mis-matched card card with THEIR signatures. An impossible object in their hands that they are sure to never forget or lose.

"Prohibition Monte" is easy to do and comes with everything you need to perform, including detailed instructions from Alan Rorrison. It takes up essentially ZERO pocket space as it can be stored easily in the credit card slot of any wallet. This means you can, and will, carry it with you everywhere.

In the elegant gold-foiled tuck box, you'll receive five durable and reusable gaffed cards, as well as 20 final-reveal souvenir cards. These gorgeous cards have been created by expert playing card designer Destino with a subtle distressed aesthetic to fit the nature of the routine. Manufactured on thicker and durable card stock, these special Bicycle playing cards can withstand countless performances.

The final souvenir cards are meant to be given away as a one-of-a-kind memento. However, "Prohibition Monte" is still very strong without signatures, meaning you can continue using any unsigned cards for limitless performances.

"A killer worker that takes up no pocket space and is great to have in your wallet at all times. Easy to do with a GREAT kicker ending - Get this now!" Chris Webb

"Damn! That's the best monte routine I've EVER seen!" Jacob Smith

Affordable refills now available

Note: The explanation video is viewable online. The creator has chosen to not allow downloads of it.


Customer reviews for Prohibition Monte



A card trick that fits in a wallet with a routine that engages our spectators (and an easy-to-remember sequence), and an ending that hits like a fist full of sponge baby bunnies (though, unlike those bunnies, the spectator can keep the finale)!

I have a 3-card monte trick that is magical and entertaining, yet, if I do not perform it for a while, I need to go back to the instructions to relearn the order of routine. I do not feel I will have the same issue of needing to refresh my memory of routine sequence with Prohibition Monte. Alan Rorrison is a pleasure to learn from.

This is one card trick that is now an EDC and extra giveaway cards do not take much room either, which for an amateur hobbyist is something to really appreciate too.



It's a real worker!

1. Easy to perform.
2. Not like a traditional monte routine. There is a kicker in the end. I think that kicker is worth the whole price.
3. Not an expensive product but the package is super nice!
4. Easy to carry. Don't have to take a deck of cards. Just 2 cards.
1. Not bicycle design. So somethings people don't get used to it.
2. There is a kind angle issue that needs to take care.

Overall 5/5 product!



A lovely Monte routine that you can either use the patter given or develop your own.

The moves are very achievable and if you have done Monte routines before you will be well on your way.

Physical product is well made and is excellent quality.


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  • Daniel asks: Can youo buy extra memento cards?

    • 1. Jim answers: Our supplier does not have any listed at this time. Sorry!
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  • Emmanuel asks: Would it be safe to assume there will be refills in the near future for those who have purchased this ?

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  • Jason asks: I know level of experience is subjective but would you recommend this for a beginner? Not wanting to ask a question that gives anything away so I understand if you can’t answer this next question. Does it require any advanced sleights?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is not a ton of sleight of hand involved and the gimmicks really do the work for you. This is good for a beginner with practice of course!
  • Daniel Jose asks: Is a regular matching card required? If so, which is the correct deck, since they are not bicycle cards? Thank you

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