Real Ace Cutting

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Real Ace Cutting

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Real Ace Cutting - magic

If you could genuinely locate the Aces from a shuffled deck of cards, what would it look like? In Benjamin Earl's hands, it looks exactly as it should: he takes the shuffled deck, apparently memorises the location of the Aces and then through multiple untrackable shuffles and cuts, is able to cut to all four Aces.

"Real Ace Cutting" is a reimagination of the classic Ace Cutting effect; at the core of Ben's routine is an extremely clever mix of psychology and sleight of hand which gives the impression that you really are cutting to the Aces. You don't actually do it for real, but your audience (including magicians) will swear that you do! With a running time of over two hours, this DVD will show you how to:

  • Find four Aces from a spectator-shuffled deck
  • Numerous new false shuffles
  • A dozen controls and control finesses
  • Single and multiple Ace-cutting sequences
  • A system to produce Aces that feels like the real thing

Real Ace Cutting is a new system--an outlook--on how to find four Aces from a shuffled deck. Ben realized that if you were to actually cut four Aces from a deck, it wouldn't look like a routine, "pat" with productions that seemed cozy and pre-planned. Instead, it would appear as if you were improvising, using every advantage, and dealing with whatever the order of the cards presented. This is, in fact, exactly what you will do with Real Ace Cutting.

Ben takes you through how to take any shuffled deck and locate the four Aces. He will share with you controls, dodges, and subtleties on how to maintain control over four Aces, and produce them in ways that seem completely fresh and organic.

When you master the contents of this revolutionary new collection, you'll never produce four Aces in the same way. Even when your audience views you doing this multiple times, it will always look different and feel quite different. But every time, it will feel real.

"Benjamin Earl is one of the best cardmen around today."Steve Forte
"Ben has cleared a path for all of us to follow." David Williamson
"Ben’s magic looks real. His movement is so fluid that everything feels effortless." David Blaine
“Ben is not only one of the finest technicians I have ever seen, but he also demonstrates a mastery of the psychology of magic. He brings a fresh, new approach desperately needed in magic. I’m astounded by his material.” Joshua Jay
“It would be hard not to state that Ben is one of the best in the world” Rune Klan
“Ben is the best I’ve seen” Asi Wind

Running time: 2 hours, 10 minutes


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  • 1.

    Dan asks: Hi, I'm a beginner magician and currently working my way through Royal road to card magic. So I know a few sleights/false shuffles so far. Is this trick able to be performed by newbie? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is not suitable for beginners. Please feel free to get in touch with us for recommendations of more suitable products.
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  • 2.

    James asks: Is there any overlap between the material of this video and Earl's book Less Is More?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Real Ace Cutting starts at the exact point Less is More ends.
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  • 3.

    Wen asks: Does he teach the ace cutting from his penn & teller: Fool Us performance? Also does he only teach face up ace cutting because I want to learn exactly what he did on the trailer.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: He does not teach the Fool Us effect, but he teaches how to do the Real Ace Cutting concept face-up, face-down and many other ways!
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Customer reviews for Real Ace Cutting



Knowing that he used this effect to fool Penn and Teller, you would know that the money you spend for this effect is worth it. Ever since I saw Ben fool them with this effect, I really wanted to learn it––and here it is now, readily available for the public. Buy this effect if you really want to learn the art of Real Ace Cutting ;)



A Must Have for any true card worker!! I have always wanted to do an ace cutting routine from a spectator Shuffle deck ... this is it. An in depth instruction on how to pull it off in the real world.
BUT, it is so much more. A toolbox of sleights, subtleties & the Psycology that can be used in enhancing any magic routines.
Thanks for sharing Ben,



I bought this as I was interested in locating aces from shuffled face down deck and then controlling them as I will. When I watched the instructions, the quality was what you would expect from Benjamin Earl. Really well taught material in well lit studio. Also the crediting is top notch.

However, I was little disappointed in the end. As I said, I bought this so I could learn more ways to locate cards from shuffled face down deck but in this video we didn't get that. Don't get me wrong, he will teach you a way to control the aces from shuffled deck. The technique however was not what I was looking for and there is only one way taught. Maybe I should have do more research about the product.

However, as said before, the quality and the content in this video is superb. You learn a lot of controls in your hands or in a table, a lot of revelations and so on. So I still recommend it to everybody who is seeking knowledge about this kind of material.



definitely not finding aces from a face down shuffled deck, which is what i was expecting. if you just want video instructions on what are in the books, this is it.

Real Ace Cutting by Benjamin Earl