Trick by Blake Vogt
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Trick by Blake Vogt (49.95)

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This is your SECRET weapon of MASS deception.

This is something you will save for that special moment - that pivotal instant when you need to BLOW THEM AWAY. Regeneration is your LAST resort to leave them speechless. An earth shattering effect from the working repertoire of Cyril Takayama, Justin Willman, Dan White, and now... your own.

The spectator selects a card and signs it on BOTH sides. The card remains in their hands the ENTIRE performance

The card can be signed on the front AND the back. The card is VISIBLY and AUDIBLY torn in the spectator's hands. You can even have the spectator tear it themselves. The card is then COMPLETELY restored. Once restored, the spectator can examine the card - and keep it forever.

Regeneration is NOT the best T&R effect we've seen this year. It's the best torn and restored card effect we've seen in the past DECADE.

Perform surrounded. The corner is truly TORN, and it is completely restored at the end. Created by Blake Vogt, this effect has been a closely guarded secret only practiced by a select few.

Regeneration contains everything you need to start performing right away. Blake covers several in-depth routines. Each gimmick is handcrafted by Jeremy Hanrahan with extreme precision. 15 complete, handcrafted gimmicks are included. 

The effect is almost entirely self working. Regeneration cards look and feel completely normal - even in the spectator's hands.


Customer reviews for Regeneration



The gimmicks are not re usable, fifteen routines, that is all you can do, or if you no, how to split cards, its possable to make your own gimmicks? Comes with a good clean video production, the tutorial is easy to follow, he starts by showing you how to make a practice only gimmick,, which is very easy to make, he explains the three layers within one playing card with the ones he makes, also he shows you how to incorporate the gimmick in easy deck set ups, teaching severall ways on how to handale the deck, and the outs too. This gimmick is very easy to handle. Disapointed, as it is Stream Video Only. It would of also been usefull if a pocket wallet was provided, to keep the gimmicks safe. What is Great about these gimmicks: No IT. No Magnets. No Thread. You Just get fifteen genuine well made gimmicks.



1. Simple, easy to handle and little to no clean up.
2. Well made (impressive actually) gimmicks (15)

1. There's a discrepancy with this effect with in that the 'restored card' only appears to be torn on one side. I've performed this effect 6 times now and everyone (everyone) has immediately picked up on this discrepancy. As cleverly constructed and deceptive as the gimmick is, it doesn't provide the most convincing finish the effect promises.

2. The 15 gimmicks won't last you long. They're not easy to come by in the UK, not cheap and certainly not easy to make. Vogt explains how the gimmicks are constructed (you're welcome to have a go) but even he makes it clear that these are expertly put together by a trusted card engineer.

So there we go.
Honest and constructive feedback from some who has actually bought and performed the effect. For me magic is in the details, but weigh up the pros and cons for yourself.


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  • Mason asks: Is the card a free choice?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: It's force card
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  • Skyler asks: Does the tutorial go through how to make more of the regen gimmicks ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You would have to get more gimmicks. Blake does not show how to make the gimmick.
  • Zach asks: Are refills available if I have purchased the product before?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We don’t stock refills at the moment
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